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Mazeguy Smilies

Sunday 28th August, 2016

I was scrolling through the Tums today and JUST when I thought I couldn't possibly love Neil deGrasse Tyson more than I do now... he posts this response to 'SciencePorn's' attempt at being 'hilarious'...

For the record, Margaret Hamilton just celebrated her 80th birthday!!

And for the record, i'd much rather party down with Margaret and Tyson than 'SciencePorn' any day

Lee xox

Saturday 27th August, 2016

**COUGH** Yeah I think i'm the one who has ticked our friend off....
So after alluding to the possibility of a "HALFWAY PARTY! WOO!!" type scenario occuring today....
Yeah, i've got some disappointing news
I only got to 40%!

How MAJESTIC can you get eh?! Isn't he beautiful !!
I must admit though...tis a teeny bit of a shock when you're sat there, in your happy place, crocheting away and you look down only to be met with a STRIKING YELLOW EYE STARING RIGHT THROUGH YOUR SOUL
(Certainly a change from the Captain of the Enterprise i'll tell you that much!)
Also, in some llama-jumping-worthy news, this picture marks 100 rows done !!
You know what else this picture tells us?!?!
That there are 162 ROWS TO GO!!!!!!

Lee xox

Friday 26th August, 2016
New Beginnings!

My goodness, talk about planting new seeds aka. websites!! I've got them springing up all over the place!
For those not in the know already, I logged into my Facebook account as per this morning only to be met with a big fat DIVERSION telling me that I HAD to set up a 'business style page' as it appeared I was operating something akin to that on my 'personal page' and that apparently violates Facebook's rules...
Which is crazy because I have never used my FB page for business purposes... as always FB has their finger on the pulse ...
Anywayz, at first this 'move' alarmed me a little bit because I thought it was going to delete my personal profile, but then once the set-up occured I saw that no, in fact it was a completely separate page and my old one will still be left in tact Phew!
So actually, 12 hours on, i'm feeling pretty excited about having a dedicated Totallee.net Facebook page! (Even if I was forced into it)
God I handle unforseen change well don't I?!? Like a BOSS! !!
If you would like to check out the fancy pants OFFICIAL Totallee.net facebook page, feel free to pop over and like it right HERE!
BIG BIG BIG UPDATE coming tomorrow!!!
Get your stripes on people !! (well, at least HALF of them !!)

Lee xox

Thursday 25th August, 2016
Moving Day

So.... i'm moving... hosting plans!
A BIG 'thank you' to everyone who e-mailed/messaged/etc to let me know that you have been having trouble accessing this website!
I spent over an hour with a lovely customer service person who said that they were aware of some connectivity issues with a few of their services and they are working on it which is good to know. He also had a mild conniption when he logged into my account (to see if anything was wrong on my end) and saw that I hadn't upgraded my hosting plan since...well...EVER!
11 YEARS !!
I mean everything (up until recently) has been working right?! So why change it?!
Anywayz, long story short...I changed it
I am paying the exact same amount per month for this new hosting plan, but it comes with a super sexy panel for me to upgrade and operate everything from !
Which means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to you guys, but just know that it's pretty darn snazzy at my end !!
So far the move to the new 'host' has been smooth. However, over the coming days I will be moving things about (pages, images, etc.) so there could be some more glitches in store. If you see any OH-MY-FREAKING-GOD-LEE-WHAT-THE-HELL-IS-HAPPENING type issues, please shoot me an email to let me know as that would be a tremendous amount of help !!
I am FAR from an expert when it comes to coding - definitely more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants / press this button and see what happens kinda girl, so any help would be AWESOME !!
Hopefully everything will be running....or gliding along smoothly again soon!

Lee xox

Wednesday 24th August, 2016
Liberty Style

'Liberty Style' by Martin Wood
Frances Lincoln Limited, 2014
Book #32 of 2016 went from being a fab fantasy (which I am still yet to restart!) to a non-fiction title showcasing the history of one of Britain's most successful and influential players in bringing fashion, craftsmanship, design and taste to the world's stage.
Yeah! I bet you didn't see that coming! I certainly didn't !
Truth is, I requested this book aaaages ago at the library because I was on the hunt for some inspiration concerning a background for a possible portrait I have in mind. I was picturing an art nouveau inspired pattern and hence, did a search for 'art nouveau wallpaper patterns' in the library database and voila ! This book popped up.
So when I went to pick it up, it turned out to be MASSIVE and BRIMMING with glossy full page illustrations cheering! Just what I wanted!
HOWEVER it proved to be so much more than pretty pictures!!
Now I will be the first one to admit that I know very little when it comes to the great 'eras' in British architecture, fashion, style, etc...
I mean it's a good day if I get 'Georgian', 'Victorian' and 'Edwardian' in the right order
So it would be fair to say that I went into this one completely blind, but my goodness...
The story behind founder, Mr. Arthur Liberty, his store the 'East India House' and it's EXPANSION is one heck of an inspiring tale! Opened for business in May, 1875 on London's prestigious Regent Street, this shop transformed the lives of thousands!
I could literally harp on for pages about the vision and entrepreneurial spirit of Arthur Liberty, but suffice it to say, his passion for retail, customer EXPERIENCE and service and the love he had for discovering new designers, fabrics, art, the list goes on is just so heartwarming. I know I sound daft, but I started out in retail and over the last 15 years, by god has the QUALITY in every aspect of the shopping experience deteriorated! From the service, the presentation of goods, the quality of the goods, the attitude of staff and management...(get off your box Lee), so to read about a time and place that took great pride in the choosing of its goods, staff, style and craftsmanship...Ugh... guys it was simply lovely to read about
Quick summary - On the back of the industrialisation of Britain, Liberty embraced advancements in technology whilst still being committed to the ideals of the Arts & Crafts movement by seeking out new, exciting designers and craftsmen to design goods for the aspiring middle classes. Those who once couldn't afford high-end designer pieces, the likes offered by William Morris, could now own locally produced and internationally sourced fashionable ware without having to sell a kidney or two. After the second reform bill passed in 1867, the balance within British society was shifting from the aristocracy and gentry, over to the middle classes. Liberty saw the writing on the wall, saw that these folks were now able to buy their own homes and therefore would have the means to furnish them!
This book did what I LOVE all non-fction books to do and that is it made me HUNGRY to find out so much more about this time period, the designers of the day, the associated art movements, etc..
It well and truly wet my appetite to know more and I really love when that happens
Honest to goodness Liberty had a hand in EVERYTHING!!! Fine silks, soft furnishings, glassware, metalwork, wallpaper, fashion, textiles, ceramics, interior design, the list goes on and on and on and so does the list of their clientel! International Royalty, Russian Czars, to creating dresses specially designed for Joanna Lumley in the sixties
And here was me just expecting a quick flip through to grab a pattern or two!!
So as you can probably tell, this book surprised me and I learnt a HUGE amount!!
I guess the moral here is to pick up a book once in a while that you know NOTHING about! It may surprise you and open your mind
Arthur Liberty, I salute you and the countless others who brought style, art, design and true craftsmanship to the masses!

Lee xox

Tuesday 23rd August, 2016

Wakey wakey gorgeous !!
Due to my condition known as 'impulsive-starter-of-all-things-crocheted' syndrome, these striking, majestic creatures took a back seat there for a little while, but the hook got stuck back into them last night (ouuu that sounds painful...) and these gorgeous (I can't find another word for gorgeous...I have a thesaurus, I do know of other words, but honest to god they are JUST.SO.BEAUTIFUL!....well there we go...found another word lol)

I did change one of the lighter oranges about halfway up the snout and i'm really loving the results which is kinda hilarious as it was that darker burnt orange that was giving me anxiety about 20 rows ago however i'm super pleased with both shades now!
I am particularly STOKED about the shadow on that arm !! It's funny the things different people like and focus in on when it comes to pieces like these isn't it?! I'm sure no one else will be bothered about a creamy arm shadow, but that's where the party is for me right now !
The variation in the two cream tones i'm using is actually miniscule but the effect that they are creating is wonderful! I think because the darker cream has a slight shine to it, it just comes into it's own when the light hits it a certain way which I am digging alot
I am also LOVING this palette in general!!
I haven't really worked in oranges before and I dunno man, it's doing FAB things for my soul !
Although it's quite an autumnal palette, those oranges are giving me the warm spring-is-on-the-way fuzzies
Now just between you and me... I think we'll be seeing 40% on this one quite quickly because guess what?!?!...
I had a quick skim over the coming rows and we're going to be seeing an eye or two INSANELY soon-ish!!!!
I'm going to need to prepare for this.... once those eyes come in... my descriptive powers are going to go out the window guys...
Oh tigers.... why must you melt me

Lee xox

Monday 22nd August, 2016
Kanga Break!

UPDATE I got out of there with everything in tact. I mean there IS a 'fence' there but let's be real, it was only 3 bits of wire between me and them and it's coming up to Springtime down here.... and you know what that means...
So yeah I didn't wanna get any closer... I wussed out completely
Lee xox

Sunday 21st August, 2016

So I went to update the site last night and BOOM the server was down
I can only assume, as it was a Saturday night, that it had decided to head on out, knock back a few beers and proceed to pass out ...
However, we are back online this morning
Which is FAB news because I have a new friend to introduce to you!
(Although many of you have already met via and )

I decided to 'swag' him up and give him some squad shades because..
He gots da attitude
Plastic eyes are mega expensive where I live (no clue why?!)
I am too much of a stingy arse to pay for them
I managed to get the bulk of filming done yesterday so the vid for the creation of this little cutie should be up this week
Now bear in mind, it won't ACTUALLY be a 'tutorial' but more of a hommage to Squirtle and a bit of a feature for the brilliant FREE pattern that I used to make him! (All will make sense soon!)
Till then....#SquirtleSquadGoals people

Lee xox

Friday 19th August, 2016
Current View

Lee xox

Thursday 18th August, 2016

Grab your time-turners kids! It's time to head back HOME !!
Better yet! Go and grab yourself a pumpkin juice or a butterbeer, sit back and scrooooooll, because man have we been given an absolute treat today !!
I absolutely ADORE them!! Check it out guys!!

Thank you so so much for sending in pictures!!! Our favourite elf is currently on Shirley's hook guys!! + we have one other panel to come
I don't know about you guys, but i'm prepared to set up camp in front of my inbox to await the pictures Not even lying....
I await your electronic owl with nervous excitement Shirley !!!

Lee xox

Wednesday 17th August, 2016
Escape with Kvothe

This afternoon was made for reading. The weather outside is pure YUCK so tis time to curl up with a stack of pages
I thought I was all set because I had this one lined up from the library...

Sounds AMAZING right?!?
Yeah I thought so too, until I read the introduction and a bit of the first section...
First of all, what I have been really looking for is a good Jimmy Stewart biography, but sadly my library doesn't have one. However, upon a search of their database, this title came up and I thought "Great! A whole stack of Golden Guys to read about!" aka. I was mucho excited
Fast forward to 5 mins ago when I completed the intro and let me just say....

If you want an indepth discussion on the ins and outs (pun intended) on who was doing who and a running commentary from a wide array of sources regarding dick sizes in Hollywood, than this is the book for you!
Sadly, i'm a tad boring and was ACTUALLY looking for this book to give me an indepth look at the actors ENTIRE lives, rather than just a diary of their dick's escapades...
( I must admit, I did raise an eyebrow at a supposed Carole Lombard quote regarding Mr. Gable though... "If his cock was an inch shorter, he'd have been the Queen of Hollywood".... If that's true, I raise a glass to you Carole, because that's hilarious )
So as you can probably guess, this one went straight back to the library...
I have now decided to return to a fantasy novel I started earlier this year but for some reason got distracted from...

Note to self... buy a bookmark. A tissue Lee?!?! Really
I remember really enjoying this one, so I have no idea why it was sent to the backburner...
I'll be on it for a while! It's a monster at 662 pages, but i'm all set for a nice fantasy

Lee xox

Tuesday 16th August, 2016
Literary Funnies

As 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' now resides in my fave book of all time position, I gotta give major props to Facebook for brightening my day with this one

Lee xox

Monday 15th August, 2016
Crochet Catch Up #1!!!

Bella Coco Facebook Group

Lee xox

Sunday 14th August, 2016

STARTED: 3rd January, 2016
COMPLETED: 14th August, 2016
No. of Colours: 15
No. of Stitches: 43,470
Approximately 500,000,000 years ago, my gorgeous friend MICKY mailed me a box of goodies.
We ain't just talking tidbits here people we are talking a MAMMOTH box of AMAZINGNESS!!!
If you care to check out the INCREDIBLE gifts I received and hear the phrase "HOLY CRAP!!" repeated over and over again, feel free to check it out!

Ugh, I am one lucky ducky!
So, as a way to thank Micky for being so incredibly thoughtful and amazing and the best woman on the planet, I decided to have a cheeky play with a photo she shared with me of the day she met her husband, Mr. Patrick Stewart !!!
I took a ridiculous amount of time to get off my backside and thank you properly Micky, but I hope you love it!!!
Thank you so much for your love and support throughout the years!! Cannot WAIT to get myself over to the States and give you a massive hug!!
Man I am so going to miss working away on his lovely bald head I had some nice long stretches going on there
Will get to work backing it now and then WHOOSH! it will be flying on over to you!!!!
Cannot WAIT to see a happy snappy of you with it!!!
He'll be sitting there all smug, smack bang in the middle of two Mickys like....

Lee xox

Saturday 13th August, 2016
Give 'em the 'ol soft shoe!


Lee xox

Friday 12th August, 2016
Starry Starry Night

I know the 'galaxy' print has been around for a few years now (particulary on leggings/tights, which man, I ADORE the look of!), but last night I found myself scouring the web and looking at all the pretty watercolours out there !

My gosh they're mesmorising aren't they?! THEN I got completely transfixed on watching 'watercolour galaxy' tutorials on youtube

Lee xox

Thursday 11th August, 2016
1 DNF, 1 OMG

I think my library must have had a bright red ring around the 1st of August because a whole STACK of books that I have been in queues for for flipping AGES, all came in at once !
Which means that they are all due back at the same time...
Planned that well didn't I?!
"On The Other Side" - Carrie Hope Fletcher
The first book I picked up was Carrie's debut fictional book and sadly... I DNF'd it after 120 pages
Carrie is (among a whole STACK of things) a youtuber whom I have been watching for years now. I was a HUGE fan of the band McFly back in the day and Carrie is the lil sister of Tom and that is how I stumbled across her channel.
She is an absolute sweetheart, her zest for life is infectious and it has been wonderful to see her star rising and rising over the years So I was dead keen to pick up her first attempt at a fictional novel.
First and foremost Carrie is a singer/actress and has been in stage productions all her life, and as I started reading 'On The Other Side' I could see that love of storytelling shining through.
Allow me to give you a quick run down. At the start of the book we meet Evie as an 82yr old who has just died. She finds herself in front of the door to her own personal heaven but the door won't open. She learns that in order to pass through, your soul must be light enough (empty of secrets and unfinished business) to be allowed through. Upon reflection, Evie understands that she has 3 secrets weighing her down that she needs to right before she will be able to pass over to the other side. Great premise eh?!
However, 2 things came to my mind very quickly...
1) I'm a fossil. And..
2) I've got a sweet tooth but holy heck...
In regards to #1, I believe this book would be DEVOURED and is best suited to girls of maybe 14-17?! Although the main character of Evie Snow is (for the most part, of the part I read) said to be 27 years old, it reads as though she is about 15. Experiencing dating for the first time, her first job, her first, well, everything. Along with constantly battling her overbearing mother, it certainly transported me back to the mind of my teenage self. Sadly, I am FAR removed from those years and just couldn't reignite the 'ouuuu-they're-gonna-kiss' tingles. As I said, i'm a dried up, cranky old fossil
In regards to #2, boy oh boy was this sugary! I'm talking cavity-causing sweet. Which was okay to a point because after watching Carrie over the years, a massive part of her charm is her lovely warmth and sweet bubbly self, so I could forgive the appaulingly quaint character names like 'Evie Snow', 'Vincent Winters' & 'Jim Summer', however, I could feel my face scrunching itself into a damn good pug impression the further on I read.
Eventually I decided to give up on it. Especially once I found myself making a mental list for the cleaning supplies I had to pick up at the shops the next day. If that ain't a sign that you're not into a book, I don't know what is
So whilst I wasn't grabbed by her as an author, please do check out her Youtube Channel as I think she is an absolute spark of gorgeousness!

"In Order To Live - A North Korean Girl's Journey to Freedom' - Park Yeon-mi (Yeonmi Park)"
Read it. Go to the book store, the library, your digital bookstore of choice... Read it.
I started this book 2 days ago and last night I put the world on hold whilst I read to the end. I then preceeded to have a good cry and stay awake until 2am in complete awe at the strength, determination and un-breakable spirit of this MAGNIFICENT SURVIVOR and her story. Like most folks, I have heard stories of the oppression, starvation and utter hell that is placed on those poor souls who lived and are STILL living under the suffocating rule of the Kims, but my goodness...
Nothing prepares you for learning of the true horrors that such a regime puts its people through until you read a true, no holds barred account from a person who has lived through it.
The Quote from Yeon-mi on the blurb of her book sums up her story and her attitude perfectly.
"I am most grateful for two things: that I was born in North Korea, and that I escaped from North Korea."

The lengths that Yeonim and her family went to ensure their survival... I just... I am still left shaking my head in complete awe.
Yeonmi's voice is powerful, unrelenting, raw and one of the most compassionate I have ever read and along with Malala's story, hers will stay with me forever
Please pick it up guys. You will be left extremely humbled and so incredibly grateful for the life you have and for the life you don't have to live.

Lee xox

Wednesday 10th August, 2016
Movie Magic

It seems that everytime I turn the television on lately I am met with a constant barrage of hate, fear, negativity, sensationalism, despiar and general horribleness.
Sometimes it is nice to escape it and spend 4 minutes and 46 seconds watching the finest in the golden age bring love (both imaginary and real) to the screen
Take a few moments every day to turn down the volume on the hate and crank up the decibels on LOVE

Lee xox

Tuesday 9th August, 2016
"Make it glow!"

Yes Captain !
I got to work last night and bumped things up to 85%!

Hows about THAT for a glow Jean Luc?!?! Eh?!?!?! EH?!?!?! Yeah
There are now under 30 rows to go guys
Then comes the arduous task of hand sewing a backing piece onto this beast before then grabbing a magnifying glass, finding a comfy place to curl up and meticulously paw over it, in the hopes of removing as much dog/Lee hair as I can
I'm going to apologise now Micky because I will DEFINITELY miss some of the little buggers, but it's all love right?! Thankfully no blood or sweat went into the making of it, but yes, a HECK of a lot of and dog hair most certainly did
Right! Time to set phasers to 'finish'!!
Eeeeee last leg of the journey on this one guys!! Let's put the pedal to the metal and roll!!!!

Lee xox

Monday 8th August, 2016
Dawn.."Did you ever know that you're my heroooo!"

How?!?! How in the world am I supposed to absorb this MASTERPIECE and then pay it the respect that it deserves??!? ?!?!
I'm going to have to take a deep breath and tell a little story that is what I must do...
The dazzling, delightful, devastatingly talented DAWN began the Hogwarts Bunch back in AUGUST, 2015.
If Dawn's name sounds familiar it may be because we have been seeing panel after panel from this wonderful lady pop up every couple of months or so for the past year
I know that everytime I saw an email from dawn with a glorious paperclip attached that I was in for a treat !
Fast forward to June of this year and I received the pictures seen above....
My reaction was as follows...

Not only has Dawn produced OUTSTANDING panels guys, but she has popped the Hogwarts crest in the center!!! THIS IS A BIGGER DEAL THAN IT SEEMS!!! Because Lee is a complete dopey doorknob and made the crest pattern much larger than the potter panels thereby making it impossible to encorporate into a blanket easily with the characters faces.
Dawn has been super clever and has crocheted strips in the house colours to make up for the spaces created by the monster crest!!!
And guys!! Guys!! I haven't even gotten to the best part!! This magical masterpiece made with time, love, patience and skill was a gift!! ( hence why I couldn't say anything for the past 2 months. OMG you have no idea how hard it has been not to share this with you guys !!)
The birthday girl unwrapped it yesterday and freaking LOVED IT!!!! YAYAYAY!!!

I'm so stoked she loved it and hope she can find a place big enough to spread it out !!!
I shall now spend the rest of the day with an incredibly warm heart. Just Amazing!!

Lee xox

Sunday 7th August, 2016
You Must Remember this...podcast!

Boy oh boy do I have an absolute GEM of a podcast to share with you today!
I first heard about this podcast over on Meaghan's Youtube channel owlysbooksandmovies2 (pay her a visit and subscribe - she has EXCELLENT taste in EVERYTHING!) and my goodness... IT. IS. PHENOMENAL!
YOU MUST REMEMBER THIS is a podcast about "the secret and/or forgotten history of Hollywood's first century'" and it is WONDERFUL!!
So far I have listened to 5 episodes out of a STAGGERING 86 (and counting)
Karina Longworth is the creator, the writer, the editor, the narrator the EVERYTHING-ER behind this fabulous production and by god the amount of research that goes into each episode floors me !
Just in the first 5 episodes that I have listened to I have learnt the in's and outs of how Walt Disney kept his studio afloat, the doomed love affair between Kim Novak and Sammy Davis Jnr, Frank Sinatra singing about the planet Jupiter being fat (seriously!) and Bette Davis' early stand against segregation at the Hollywood Canteen during WW2! ALL THAT IN ONLY 5 EPISODES!!
Usually I find it so difficult to concentrate on 'audiobooks' whilst crocheting, but I think I have found the perfect companion in this podcast because I was dropping stitches left and right (poor Squirtle - he's doing okay now though! I got my shiz together and managed to work on him and listen at the same time! Just got to sew him together!) because the stories of these great stars are just so engaging
As stated above you can listen to the podcast (and pick and choose which episodes to listen to) free online over at You Must Remember This (archive) or alternatively it is available in the Itunes store !
Ugh, I love old Hollywood on screen but UGH! so enthralling to learn of so many juicy behind-the-scenes tidbits too!
Side note - I must give an extra salute to Karina for the brilliant episode notes over on the website that accompany each episode. Her sources are listed and she also provides a list of Amazon-linked books to check out if a particular actor/actress/studio/etc. strikes your fancy and you want to know more!
That is god awful news for my bank balance but tremendous news for my TBR (To Be Read) list !
If you do check this podcast out let me know! I would love to gush over it with you
I think the next episode i'll be diving into will be #7 The Many Loves of Howard Hughes (chapter one). Fascinating stuff!

Lee xox

Saturday 6th August, 2016
Gotta crochet them all!

I was about 12-13yrs old when Pokemon started airing on television in Australia and I was never the owner of a Gameboy, so I never really 'got into' Pokemon.
I fell head over heels in love with the overwhelming cuteness that is.... Squirtle
I have absolutely NO idea what his strengths or weakneses are. I have NO idea how he evolves. I have NO idea where he fits in terms of popularity, etc...
But I CAN tell you that he wins in the KAWAII stakes for me. Hands down!!! I HIM!!!
So much so that I bought nearly EVERYTHING that had his face on it back in the day. So you can imagine how hard it is to restrain myself now that a new wave of merch is hitting the stores thanks to the release of Pokemon Go
It took me a good 20mins to put down a $10 Squirtle mug and remove myself from a store the other day I'm 31yrs old!!!
I tell ya, the pull that this lil guy has on me is bordering on ridiculous
So you can imagine how loudly my heart sang when a lovely friend on Facebook LACEY of HOOKED ON CROCHET posted piccies of her latest creations, one of which was the cutest lil Squirtle amigurumi !!!
There was squealing guys....there was squealing...!!
So I did a quick search on Ravelry.com and found the cutest little free pattern!!!
Aaaand so far, so cute!!!

Side note - This pattern page has a link to THE BEST pictorial step-by-step guide to the stitches used that I have EVER SEEN !! So even if you don't give two squats about Squirtle, it is a WONDERFUL resource for learning/teaching the basic stitches in crochet and I can't recommend it highly enough !
Right! Time to get serious and give this guy a body !!

Lee xox

Friday 5th August, 2016
Eyebrows Engage!

We've got eyebrows and stars happening people!!
Digging those little balls of gas that are starting to appear No...no wrong gas.. starting to dig those INTERGALACTIC balls of gas that are starting to appear... Yes! That kind of gas!...
Just say 'STARS' next time you knob Lee
Eeee the rows are shrinking in size now aka. less colour changing is occuring with each row that passes so we're nearing the Speedy Gonzalez stage!!
Almost time to get your party clothes on Captain !!!!

Lee xox

Thursday 4th August, 2016
Random Oscar Appreciation Post

Lee xox

Wednesday 3rd August, 2016
July Reading Wrap-Up!

So... some of you may remember that in 2015 I took part in the POPSUGAR READING CHALLENGE (and failed miserably )
However, through participating in that challenge I discovered authors who have now become beloved faves , I tried books I never would have gone near previously, and most importantly it ignited my passion for reading !
It also lead me to have a go at making Booktube videos on Youtube, which introduced me to some truly amazing people!
Sadly, apart from one video, those vids kinda....stopped.
(Hence the reason for the lack of bobble tutorials and other crocheting-related vids!!)
I swear, everytime I come to edit a video I get the same thing - 'corrupt file'.....
So after having one of the best reading months on record, I thought I would re-ignite the 'books' section of this site and gush about my most recent reads (whilst I continue the never-ending search for some decent editing software!)
So for anyone interested, my July Reading Wrap-Up can now be found...


Lee xox