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Sunday 28th February, 2016
Sunday Funday

I have FINALLY managed to pull my finger out (or hook in this case) and make some decent progress on Micky's piece !
I cracked 30%!

Sadly that is a completely accurate representation of the wild party going on in my head right now !!
Because as you all know (because I won't shut up about it), I have been having nightmares about how that maroon/red was going to blend with my brown flesh tones and now with this photo, UGH! I AM SO IN LOVE WITH IT!!! !!!
No more stressing!! I promise!!!
Now with everything blending wonderfully on Micky's piece, i'm going to take a break and whip back to Valerie's So there may be minor palette stressing to come over that one. Just a head's up !
Speaking of the gorgeous VALERIE, look who posted an update and therefore made my freaking day!!!

Valerie has hit half way people !!!! I swear once you guys get to see the original picture, you're going to freak, because this representation is beyond OUTSTANDING
YOU ARE SMASHING IT WITH THESE COLOURS MY FRIEND!!! Simply astounding! So many colour changes!! So awesome!!
We also have a MASSIVE milestone to celebrate in the RACHEL department guys

Rachel has completed work on the lovely ROSE !!!!
Bloody brilliant!!! The Doctor is looking mighty fine thus far too I might add !!
FAB UPDATES LADIES! I do believe we deserve to wind down with a cuppa ! Cheers!

Lee xox

Tuesday 23rd February, 2016
Crochet Crossovers

It is a rare day in which I can post a mash-up photo of two fandoms coming together so i'm going for it guys and gals
I COULD have gone for a straight 'Goblet of Fire' reference but no...that picture is too cool for school guys
I can post such a picture today because we have a Harry and a Tennant to feast our eyes on!!!
The wonderful ANGIE has sent in a snap of her Hazza P and he looks FLIPPING AMAZING!!!! !!!

MAGICAL job Angie!!! Thank you so much for sending in a pic!!
Now for the other half of our mash-up equation for the day !!!

RACHEL has hit a whopping 66%! guys!!!! !!!!
We have a gorgeous pink headband coming through and Rachel is almost finished with Rose completely!!!! So excited and yet I SO DON'T WANT THESE UPDATES TO EVER END!!!!!
However, I am more than ready to lock eyes with Mr. Tennant, because let's face it ladies, we'd all be happy to stare at him till the cows come home...
Am I right ??!!

Lee xox

Sunday 21st February, 2016
Crochet & Chill

I set aside a lovely block of time yesterday afternoon to whack the 'ol headphones on, drown out the world and crochet to my heart's content Sigh, it was so lovely
I think popping the Ipod on shuffle and crocheting along to the soundtrack of your life has got to be one of my fave things to do Always feel a sense of zen afterwards!
Best news is that my tunes and I made it to 20%!

We FINALLY have some neck shadow!!! It's been CLOTHING CENTRAL up until now, so i'm stoked I get to start introducing some more shades to this piece now Actually, the VERY next row calls for some chin colours! So I am really tempted to sneak in another 5% on this piece before scooting back over to Valerie's piece as i'm keen to see how these flesh tones are going to play together
I have certainly deviated a little from my colour key so i'm a tad nervy, but hopefully everything comes up Milhouse!

Lee xox

Saturday 20th February, 2016
Possum Cartwheels

Apologies for my patchy appearances online this week! All of a sudden these weird connection issues started popping up and then I lost my connection ALL TOGETHER!! DUN DUN DUN! !
I got a hold of the phone company and they said they would send someone out within the week, which we all know is phone company speak for bewteen now and Christmas 2054..
However! Yay phone company because the dude rocked up yesterday afternoon! A FRIDAY AFTERNOON!!! MIRACLES HAPPEN PEOPLE!!!!
He had a look about and would you like to see the culprits behind my dodgy connection problemos?!?!....

NO!!! NO 'Awww!' These furry little buggers have been doing cartwheels and fricken 'circus du soleil' all over my phone cable which caused it to HANG BY A THREAD and eventually snap!
Bloody possums!!!!
So Mr. Phone company man did his thang and replaced the cable and now
everything is hunky dory
Now we can put all that marsupial madness behind us and move on to the UPDATES!!
They have certainly been mounting up because you guys have been as productive as... well I was going to say 'possums', but that is causing my blood pressure to rise a little bit, so i'll refrain from using that comparison *cough*

First we have a couple of Potter panels to gush over !!!
The beautiful WANDA has sent in her completed Ron panel which needs to come with a viewer warning because man that yellow is BRIGHT AND OH SO FABULOUS!!! Activate your shades guys!!!
Also, please take a closer look and get ready to faint because this was Wanda's FIRST EVER GO AT THE CBN TECHNIQUE!!!!
FLIPPING AMAZING WORK WANDA!!! Welcome to the family my friend you are a NATURAL!! !!
As you can see, Wanda is not taking a moment to stop (also a sure sign that you are one of us Wanda) because she has already hit 20%! on her Harry panel!!!
Looking brilliant already matie !! Thank you for sharing your progress!! Can't wait to continue on your Potter journey with you !!

Now it is time to get all caught up with some EXCITING & OUTSTANDING CAL UPDATES!!!!
You guys have been smashing it!!! (Of course you have, you're all fricken amazing)

First up, we have, a MAMMOTH update from the gorgeous OSNAT!!!
That my friends is what 30%! looks like!! I dont think i'm giving anything away now by saying that Osnat has chosen an absolutely breathtaking LANDSCAPE photo for her CAL piece and the calm beauty of her blue palette is mixing together absolutely perfectly
The overall effect will obviously come into play the more the piece grows but i'm so happy that those early palette struggles were a necessary evil because my goodness it was worth getting the right palette together !
Coming along BEAUTIFULLY Osnat!!!! !!!!

Okay. This size comparison shot has got to be. One. Of. My. Most. Favourite. Updates. Pics. Of. ALL. TIME!!
The RIDICULOUSLY TALENTED RACHEL has taken her MASSIVE piece up to 60%! !!!
As update pics come in, it is SO EASY to forget just how large some of these pieces work up to be !!
SO ECSTATIC FOR YOU RACHEL This piece has been a complete JOY to watch!! April is JUST around the corner guys and I implore you all to get your good vibes going now so that we can ensure that Billie and David get to see this MASTERPIECE in person!!!

The lovely CLAIRE has taken her 2nd CAL piece up to 25%! guys !!!
As I mentioned before, Claire chose a few smaller panels to make up her CAL which equals the size of most other participants CAL's and my god Claire you're knocking it outta the park already girl !!
How fitting to be working on this particular piece during the same week that the Princess of the Universe wins the Grammy for album of the year !!!!
Looking ACE already my friend !!!!

We have also been blessed with a GLORIOUS update from the GLORIOUS MICKY!!!
40%! and looking STUNNING !!
Not sure if anyone has guessed who this lovely lady is yet, however I am guessing many lightbulbs will start to PING as soon as her hubby breaks on through ! BIT OF A HUNKY SPUNK IS ON THE WAY IN THIS ONE GUYS!!! !!!
So in love with these greys Micky! Spot on as always my angel !!!

Lee xox

Friday 12th February, 2016
Storms be trolling me!

Apologies for the lack of updates amigos but MAN have we had a barrage of crazy-arse thunerstorms recently!!! Usually it wouldn't matter, but I prefer using my PC to do blog updates and with a lack of a surge protector on this particular machine, I didn't wanna risk the whole getting-fried thing
However! Mr. Sunshine has finally burst his way through and the threat of ZAPPAGE has buggered off
Thank goodness because how FRICKEN AMAZING has today been !!
We have GOT to start with this guy !!

Yup! A truly horrific photo of me with Alby there, just chillin' a few years ago...
I can call him Alby by the way...we're great friends, it's no biggie..
But GUESS WHAT IS A MASSIVE BIGGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I woke up to the announcement that scientists have CONFIRMED that they have detected gravitational waves and therefore have proved Einstein's theory of General Relativity for CERTAIN !!!
'Ripples in the fabric of space and time produced by violent events' !!!

With the detection of these waves we could potentially see further back into space than EVER BEFORE!! Even back to the BIG BANG SO AMAZING!!! Just WISH Alby was still around to witness this moment!!!
THEN if that wasn't enough, we had some more world-shatteringly amazing news!!!

I see that some fans are bummed that it is apparently being released in script format as opposed to novel, but guys!!! WHO CARES HOW IT'S DRESSED?!?!? I'm just fricken ZAZZED we are going to be able to catch-up with our fave characters !!!
Time to set the time-turner for July 31!!!

THEN IF THAT WASN'T AWESOME ENOUGH!! (I better calm down, i'm going to break something internally in a minute ) WE HAVE SOME JAW-DROPPING UPDATES FROM SOME ANGELIC CALSTERS!!!

I mean for goodness sake!!! This emotional rollercoaster is only climbing higher and higher today!!
RACHEL has taken Rose and the Doctor to 53% and I mean !!!

Hat's off to you my friend!! Honestly, with my pixel Dan, i've had the smallest taste of what working with bobbins is like and it just deepens my admiration for your patience and skill Mind-blowing.
You know what else is mind-blowing?!? Even with the stupid time-restraints being imposed by college life, CLAIRE has managed to steal some time to get her second CAL portrait up to 12%! !!!

I mean, yay school and future and career and success and all those things (lol), but LOOKING AMAZING ALREADY MATIE!!!
(Thank god i'm not a motivational speaker or a teacher eh?! Of course school definitely comes first!! With crochet at a close second )

You don't think we're done do you?!?! NO-SIR-EE-BOB!!!
The wonderful DAWN has made our favourite free elf, with a brilliant twist
Check this out!!!

Dawn has ingeniously used textured yarn to create a 3D sparkle effect coming right out of Dobby's magical fingers !!!
A true spark of genius there Dawn!! it!!!
Sadly i've had to take down the Dobby pattern for a few minor adjustments, as Dawn stumbled across a few errors, but please check back soon if you would like to have a go at crocheting your very own finger-snapping elf !!
Unfortunately I don't have too much in the ways of CAL updates to show you as I have been participating in the Rainbowthon read-a-thon over on Booktube this week. Which actually isn't going so well I finished 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' which was very trippy however it did help enormously that Disney didn't muck about with the film adaptation too much because I could visualise the movie as I read which was really enjoyable and brought back some great memories of the film. However, (dun, dun , DUN!) I then went on to 'Through the Looking Glass'....
Because clearly I was in dire need of some to understand what the frig was going on !!
Sadly I had to give up halfway through....
Man, that was a hell of a tangent wasn't it?!?!
I really only wanted to say that because of reading, i've only gotten Micky's piece to 13%!

Little more collar!! I should have time to work up some more rows this weekend and give you a healthier sized update early next week!

Lee xox

Monday 8th February, 2016
Couple of Crocheting CALsters!

The wonderful RACHEL has edged up to 45%! guys !!!
The flesh tones are mixing together beautifully and we are SO CLOSE to seeing Rose's lovely eyes !
Can't wait for the next update Rachel!! The eyes are where the magic truly happens !!
Speaking of magic guys...

Can we all take a moment to appreciate the gorgeous SHARON who has hit 25%! and raise the roof because she has done it in 40 degree weather !!!
Western Australia has had a staggeringly hot summer that is set to continue for a while yet so Sharon...for you my love...

Keep yourself parked under that AC Sharon and think cool thoughts my friend!! Your CAL is looking BANG ON with some fabulous texture and depth coming through surrounding that hand that is neatly tucked away there
Absolutely nailing it ladies!!!

Lee xox

Sunday 7th February, 2016
Bobbles Abound!

FINISHED my crocheted pixel version of 'Danisnotonfire' (Youtuber) !!
This was way too much fun to work on ! I how the little llama hat came out in pixel form!! Something about the bobbly texture of this stitch just lends itself to pixel graphs and AMPS the cuteness factor up to DANGEROUS LEVELS!!!
Now to work up a back piece and turn him into a cushion !
Then before returning to the CAL I must make up a pixel 'Amazing Phil' cushion to join him because honestly...

Lee xox

Friday 5th February, 2016
Bobbles & Books!

Appropriate GIF to reflect my feelings toward pixels right there ! I feel you Dan
I'm SO CHUFFED with how this is turning out !! I have nooooooooooo idea how to back it yet... ..however I have to finish off his llama hat before worrying about cushion conversions !!
I cannot BEGIN to tell you how inspiring it has been to try something new and to see yourself getting better with each row
For anyone interested in learning more about the bobble stitch, I have some links to some SUPER HELPFUL video tuts and blogs that helped me to learn this fun yet addictive stitch!!
Shatan's Shenanigans - Shatan is the FABULOUS woman who introduced me to this technique through sharing her incredible Harry Potter inspired bobble blanket !! Oh my gosh it's truly GORGEOUS and all you're going to want to do is smoosh the screen when you see it, but honestly it's one of the cutest projects i've ever laid eyes on ! If you are on RAVELRY.COM then you MUST pay her PROJECT PAGE a visit!! Also check out her Dr. Who CAL on Facebook !!
Crafty Ridge Harry Potter CAL is the home of the HP panels Shatan used in her blanket and there are links to great video tutorials as well as a really helpful run-down on how to turn your piece into a cushion! Take note Lee!! !!
Repeat Crafter Me okay this page and it's video tuts is where it's @ guys It wasn't until I got my peepers on to this page that the technique TRULY began to sink in!! I HIGHLY recommend setting yourself up with hook in hand and crocheting along to the video tutorials because that cemented it for me There were countless presses of the pause and replay buttons however it is REALLY easy to see where your hook is meant to go! She also has THE BEST and clearest video when it comes to 'colour changes' and 'how to carry your yarn'!
Bella Coco However! If you are someone that prefers being talked through a new method, I really found this video tutorial from Bella Coco super helpful!

So although this technique may seem daunting at first, it is SO MUCH FUN once you get the hang of it and the cute bobble texture it creates is just so fun to squish and ahhhh too too cute!
In other news, I have been reading like a crazy person.
2016 must be the year of devoting time to multiple hobbies for me! Especially when it comes to reading because I seem to be smashing my way through the pages these past few weeks !!
So far I have read 4 BOOKS already this year!!

Which i've all liked! BONUS!
I've just realised I haven't done a proper 'wrap-up' vid on these yet.. I think I might wait till the end of February and do a 'Summer Reading Wrap-up' and do some quick-fire mini reviews about my thoughts and feelings! Because I am set to have one hell of a reading month this Feb!
As mentioned over on my Youtube channel I will be participating in the Rainbowthon 2.0 read-a-thon from 7th to 14th Feb PLUS I am buddy reading the Narnia Chronicles with my gorgeous gal Di who also has a youtube channel that you should CHECK OUT AND SUBSCRIBE TO ASAP!

They are FLUFFIN' HUGE MAN!!! 600+ PAGES EACH! Total chunksters!!! How in the world am I going to read my way through them in two weeks!?!
So it appears that my spare time in February will be me drowning in a pile of yarn and books....
Hands up if you can think of WORSE things?!?!

Lee xox

Tuesday 2nd February, 2016
Fab Feb!

FEBRUARY ALREADY!!!! WHAT!!??? I am not handling the blur that is time speeding away from us!!! 2016 SLOW YOUR ARSE DOWN MAN!!!
Good grief !!
Thankfully the new month also brings a swag of yummy updates to sink our teeth into !

The lovely Wanda has taken Mr. Weasley up to 70%! !!!
I LOVE seeing a bright yellow background on Ron! Gives me all those nostalgic feelings over my panel from all those years ago
Looking BRILLIANTLY BRIGHT thus far Wanda !!!
Guess what else guys... the Doctor is in!!!
ALMOST in !!

The lovely RACHEL has edged Rose and the Dr. up to 42%! which now gives us AN ENTIRE MOUTH!!!! !!!
Eeeee EYES are not far away folks!!!!!

The AMAZING MICKY has taken this ADORABLE pair (*gasp* spoiler!) to 35%!
I also feel a bit guilty in reporting that this piece is coming in at just under 5 FEET WIDE holy moly!! However, I don't feel too bad because look at how freaking BEAUTIFUL it is already!!!!
Beyond stunning as always Micky!!
Now for something a smidge different!
The lure of trying something new has been too strong these past few days, so I have had another crack at the popcorn/bobble/puff stitch!!

It doesn't half show that i'm a complete stranger when it comes to working with bobbins does it?!?!
As with the Harry panel, I am learning LOADS as I try out different colour-carrying methods and yarns with this piece
I'm certainly not 100% happy with it, but I will be continuing with it as I think with a bit of stretching etc, it shouldn't look too bad by the end !
As for what it is, you'll just have to wait and see !!

Lee xox