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Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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Tuesday 2nd February, 2016
Fab Feb!

FEBRUARY ALREADY!!!! WHAT!!??? I am not handling the blur that is time speeding away from us!!! 2016 SLOW YOUR ARSE DOWN MAN!!!
Good grief !!
Thankfully the new month also brings a swag of yummy updates to sink our teeth into !

The lovely Wanda has taken Mr. Weasley up to 70%! !!!
I LOVE seeing a bright yellow background on Ron! Gives me all those nostalgic feelings over my panel from all those years ago
Looking BRILLIANTLY BRIGHT thus far Wanda !!!
Guess what else guys... the Doctor is in!!!
ALMOST in !!

The lovely RACHEL has edged Rose and the Dr. up to 42%! which now gives us AN ENTIRE MOUTH!!!! !!!
Eeeee EYES are not far away folks!!!!!

The AMAZING MICKY has taken this ADORABLE pair (*gasp* spoiler!) to 35%!
I also feel a bit guilty in reporting that this piece is coming in at just under 5 FEET WIDE holy moly!! However, I don't feel too bad because look at how freaking BEAUTIFUL it is already!!!!
Beyond stunning as always Micky!!
Now for something a smidge different!
The lure of trying something new has been too strong these past few days, so I have had another crack at the popcorn/bobble/puff stitch!!

It doesn't half show that i'm a complete stranger when it comes to working with bobbins does it?!?!
As with the Harry panel, I am learning LOADS as I try out different colour-carrying methods and yarns with this piece
I'm certainly not 100% happy with it, but I will be continuing with it as I think with a bit of stretching etc, it shouldn't look too bad by the end !
As for what it is, you'll just have to wait and see !!

Lee xox

Sunday 31st January, 2016
Stormy Skies = Comfy Crochet Cave!

So I was all set to update you guys on some sweet CAL progress last night when WAM BAM THANK YOU MAAM a STACK of storms came rolling in one after another for over 5 HOURS!!!
I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I was!!!

However! It did give me a chance to whip through the last 100 or so pages of 'Ready Player One' !!
I MAY have already started to follow up tumblr posts concerning the movie release date etc...
UGH! Do I really want to fall into another fandom right now?!??
The answer is yes. I mean look at some of the conceptual art floating about!!

Here's to marking off the calendar in anticipation of a movie release date again!!! I don't think i've been in this territory since waiting for 'Deathly Hallows' !!
Let us freak out over some crazy talented crochet people !!!?

We have LIPS PEOPLE!!!!
RACHEL has hit 40%! and in so doing has given Rose some smackers and the Doctor a hint of a tie !!! Monumental progress on a piece so large!!!
I can't believe how far you have gotten in 4 weeks man !!!
BUGGER the countdown to 'Ready Player One', i'm all about the countdown to April when you get to show them this masterpiece !!!!
We also have a GINORMOUS update from crocheting royalty!! 20%!!!!

I'm telling you right now, in my 31 YEARS on this planet, I ain't NEVER seen shirt folds look as amazingly photorealistic as these ones We have a magician in our mists guys.... there is no other plausible explanation... JOYCE keep weilding that magic hook girl because my goodness... PURE AMAZINGNESS is all that it can produce!!!
And here comes me with a terribly meager update compared to these two amazing ladies !!
However I am a VERY happy chappy with how it is turning out thus far!!!
Valerie's CAL piece has hit 10%!

We are finally getting a peek at 'something' emerging on the right-hand side now!! Which is where i'll be focussing my attention over the next couple of updates Subtle hints aren't my strong point are they?!?!
As always guys, please feel free to send in any progress shots of your CAL pieces !!
I hope you're all enjoying working away on them and getting excited as you watch them come to life !!
I'll be switching back over to Micky's piece for the next 10% or so which should get me within 'flesh range' !!!
Now if I could just find my freaking hook.....

Lee xox

Friday 29th January, 2016
Reading Goals 2016!!

\\\\\\\ EDIT.
So after spending 10mins in the video further down in this post, discussing my reads for 2016... I decide to dive right in to a read-a-thon Nutter...

Lee xox

Wednesday 27th January, 2016
Paw-fect Progress!!

I must admit, this isn't MUCH of an update...
But with each row on this second CAL piece taking 1.5+ hours, I was getting a tad impatient and found myself casting wishful eyes over to my camera a little too often!!
Honestly, aside from that long stretch of cream in the middle, I think the longest stretch of a single colour either side of that would be about 6 STITCHES!! !!!

HOWEVER! I am getting so AMPED with the appearance thus far guys !!!!
I haven't spilled the beans on what it is yet, but I must admit, i'm so close to blurting it out, that you won't have to wait too long to be in the know !
Side note - is that?!?!...is that a cheeky PAW coming into the picture?!?!?

Lee xox

Monday 25th January, 2016
Thank you + Line Honors!!

Say hello to Ms. Taylor Swift brought to us by the magical crocheting hands of the fabulous CLAIRE!!!!
I am a HUGE fan of the effect the light is having on her gorgeous long hair!! Looks like it is GLISTENING !!
The bestest news guys is that we STILL have 3 more panels to come from the gorgeous Claire during this CAL !!
Everyone else's pieces were SO LARGE that Claire asked if it would be possible to make a 4-panelled blanket and I was totally down with it So we have 3 more panels to keep our eyes peeled for !!!
Congrats on #1 Claire!!! Super quick and super GORGE!!! !!!
We also have a BEAUTIFUL update from the BEAUTIFUL MICKY !!!
Very happy to hear you're being sensible Micky!! Staying rugged up and crocheting to keep warm !!!
Check this out guys!!! 25%!

Look at that clarity on the face coming through guys!!!! I do believe someone has NAILED HER PALETTE OF GREYS!!! !!
Looking wonderful so far my friend I raise my hook and flute of bubbles to your progress!!
Speaking of pieces to raise your bubbles to, they just keep coming!!
Check it out guys....

I'm always left sat here in my chair in absolute AWE after seeing one of Rachel's updates...
Fricken amazing!!! Not going to lie, I do get a little light-headed when I think about them all surrounding the piece as you meticulously switch between each one as you work your way along...
Just the care to detail here is mind-blowing guys
Congratulations on making it 1/3 of the way Rachel!! Such a big piece and looking excellent !!!!

Lastly, a lovely big THANK YOU for your birthday wishes via all the different channels!! Facebook, e-mail, ravelry, Twitter, etc..
I had a wonderful day and plan to rock the crap out of 31!!!
Till I get tired and need to lie down #GETTINGOLDLEELEE

Lee xox

Saturday 23rd January, 2016
Magical Muggles!!

A very big "THANK YOU!!!" to the lovely folks over @ TopCrochetPatterns.com for including the Potterpuffs in their '16 Magical HP Patterns for Muggles' round up!!!
So STOKED to have the Puffs included amongst such FAB pieces!! I still can't get past the cuteness of #2!! Dumbledore and Hedwig amigurumi !!!
If you would like a Harry, Ron or Snape puff of your very own, please feel free to check out the 'Patterns' page! The link is in the navigation along the top of this page !

In CAL news....

RAE has zooooooomed up to 40%! !!
We have almost hit ACTUAL facial features people!!!!
However just appreciate basking in the shadows of those venetians for just a while longer Such a cool effect to see in a crochet portrait !
Lee xox

Wednesday 20th January, 2016
Choo Choo!!

The TOTALLEE CAL TRAIN just keeps chug chugging along with FAB updates rolling in guys !!
We have a HUGE update from CLAIRE who has hit 67%!!

We have a gorgeous cascade of a mane happening with a sassy over-the-shoulder pose goin' on !!!
Looking STUNNING Claire and again, the background = HEAVEN
I bet that by the time I turn around you'll be finished!!! A+ my friend!!!
Hold on to your hats and your knickers kiddos!!!
We have another milestone to commemorate !!!

That's right!! RACHEL has hit the 30%! mark!!! WE HAVE NECK PEOPLE !!!!
For a piece SO HUGE you are setting an INCREDIBLE pace my friend!! Well done!!
SO impressed with how this one is working up !! Who knew you could fall in love with pin stripes so easily?!?!
I also get to get into the act today!!!
I finally had a bit of time up the old sleeve and managed to continue work on Micky's CAL piece and bumped it up to 10%!

We have a button people!!!! No idea what a dancing bird has to do with that! However, he's dancing and having a good time! So that's good enough for me!!

Lee xox

Monday 18th January, 2016
Landslide of updates!

The beautiful crocheter DAWN has done it again guys !!
Sending in a pic of her GORGE Hermione panel!!
I hereby confess my undying for that stunning shade of HOT PINK Dawn!!! It's bringing my soul happiness and makes Hermione POP like crazy!! Fabulous job my friend Many, many, many thanks for sending us in a snap shot !!!

Now I must kick things off here with a bit of an apology! My 'updates wrap up' has fallen a little behind! This weekend was a crazy one, so I have lagged in bringing all the MIND-BLOWING UPDATES that have been posted over the last few days!!
Are we all ready for a MEGA UPDATE?!?!?...
Do you think you're up for it?!?!?
Do you think YOU CAN HANDLE IT!!!?!?!???

LET'S DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CLAIRE has fricken SKYROCKETED to 49%! !!!
I do believe we are all being treated to a lovely elegant *shoulder* here if i'm not mistaken?!?!
Shut your pie hole Lee!!! No spoilers!!!

The insanely talented MICKY has worked her way up to 15%! and has given us a little slice of greyscale heaven right here !!
Your palette is doing its THANG my friend and it looks fan-fricken-tastic on every level thus far !!!

Me thinks the lovely Rose approves of this JAW-DROPPINGLY MASSIVE AMOUNT OF PROGRESS!!!! RACHEL has taken her piece up to 26%! and guys, guys, GUYS!!! We have the START of Rose's NECK!!!!
What is so gnarly about reaching the neck you may ask?!?!
The 'neck' my dear sexy people means that you have HIT SKIN which means WE ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH CLOSER TO FACES!!!!!
It always seems like FOR-EV-ER to work your way up to some flesh and then BAM once you get a hint of someone's neck, motivation kicks up 11 notches and you fly through!!!
AHH!! So pumped for the next update Rachel!! Killing it my friend !!!

SHARON and her gang of greys are in the house ya'll !!!
Can we take a sec to appreciate ALL THOSE LITTLE FLECKS OF ONE-STITCH GREYS in amongst that black patch!!! Sharon, you have the patience of a saint my friend!!
And now I kinda get the feeling that you want to kill me for making a pattern with so many single stitches in there
This palette is OUTSTANDING, but it is your TENSION that is giving me the tingles Sharon!! Okay, yes, I admit that sounds a little concerning and creepy, but I mean it in the best way possible !!! The piece is sitting super flat and just looks so perfect already I am surrounded with happiness right now!!!

We have ourselves a healthy dose of 'Larry' people !!
The lady's talents that are literally out-of-this-world JOYCE brings us an update with some EPIC SHIRT FOLDS APPEARING!!! !!!!
CLEARLY the greys are SO.DAMN.PERFECT. as these shirt folds REALLY look like a fricken photograph!!! #ActuallyAmazing but I need to CRUSH real hard on this bachground colour for one moment
Aside from the combination of black and pink, there is just SOMETHING so satisfyingly soothing about purple isn't there?! I'm guessing all the colour/mood studies out there have confirmed the positive effects that radiate from anything purple?!?! Knowing my luck it will say the exact opposite !
Long story short, dude this colour rocks !!!

We have a BEAUTIFUL 15% update from the BEAUTIFUL OSNAT!! PLUS a cheeky little second photo showing us her work space!!
What I wouldn't give to not be SO LAZY and get myself THIS organised !!! BIG fan of your set-up my friend!! Beats the crap out of my workspace !!
I would also like to put in a bid for your couch good gravy it looks so comfy!!
Now, we need to get serious and highlight the magnificence of this white border. Guys. Its fabulous. I know I don't need to point it out. Because it's beyond obvious to everybody. But. Damn. I am loving the heck out of it Osnat. O.M.G. .
We also have some lighter blues entering this picture now too!! AHH!!

Clear the decks people!!! Shatan is back behind the crochet wheel and is stepping on the gas!!!
VERY early days obviously, but already we have some lush browns and tans sneaking their way in !!
UGH!! I wish I could express how pumped I am at seeing this one progress!!!! It's going to be SO.FINE in a short amount of time!!!!

And THAT folks are all the updates that are fit to print!!
Please never let me go for an ENTIRE WEEKEND without updating because holy moly you guys are fricken PROLIFIC with those hooks of yours man !!!
Then for goodness sakes get them right back into those projects and keep at 'em !!!

Lee xox

Friday 15th January, 2016

Lee xox

Wednesday 13th January, 2016
Wounded Crochet Warrior!!

We have another ACTION SHOT just in guys!!

CLAIRE has just had surgery guys!! To remove those little buggers aka. wisdom teeth !!
HOWEVER! Our wounded crocheting warrior has battled on through the pain and has taken her CAL piece up to 23.5%!

BRAVO CLAIRE!!! You show that pain who's in charge girl !!
In all seriousness though!! Take it easy my friend!!! The piece is building up super nicely but MY GOODNESS get some zzz's !!!
Believe it or not, I was actually a dental nurse way back when so I know the horribleness that you're going through! Yes I only lasted 6 weeks and I never ever want to set foot in a Dentist's office ever again, but I can sympathise !!!
Feel better soon chickie!!!!

Lee xox

Tuesday 12th January, 2016
Jim, Joyce, Jan and Micky!!!

I have some TERRIFIC news people!!
Now you don't have to sit through the video update below!! The one with me acting like a giant ball of excitement/hot mess/on-the-verge-of-ugly-crying !!
The absolute angel that is JOYCE has provided some snaps of the piece she made for me!! YES~!!! If you haven't seen the unboxing below, this gorgeous lady took the time, effort and love to make me.....

Actually, you guys do need to speed through the video below because it shows off some other truly creative pieces that will drop your jaws!!
But back to Jimmy!! Check out the vital stats!!
140 stitches wide x 160 rows high
That is 22,400 single crochet stitches!!
1.5mm hook!! AMAZING!
Started: 1st December 2015
Completed: 28th December 2015!!!!
I am still flabbergasted that this was made for me I will ABSOLUTELY treasure it forever!!!

MAN have you guys been getting BIZAY!!!
The wonderful JAN is chilling in her happy place right now because look at what arrived guys!!!

THESE are the 50 shades of grey we dig ladies!! Amiright?!?!
And yes, I am more than a little elated that Jan has heeded the pattern instructions and has got herself a LARGE bag of M&Ms That is called WINNING AT LIFE Jan!!!!
Today we have ALSO been treated to a peak at the GORGEOUS MICKY's CAL piece!!!

10% ALREADY!!!!
I am super stoked for this piece as it depicts..... AGHH!!! I can't say as i've been told not to be a spoiler but guys, it's gonna be MAGNIFICENT!! !!!
I am also happy to bring an update to the table alongside these fabulous ladies today!!
I've managed to hit 5%! on my Valerie piece!!

Yup, still fairly TAME at this point!!!
Aaaaaaaaaand with that hint, I think that is my cue to skidaddle before I let the surprise out of the bag
Lee xox

Tuesday 12th January, 2016
Unboxing: Love from Belgium!!

JOYCE @ Maintje.deviantart.com
TESSA @ MiniSweetx
After I calmed the fudge down and READ the card, I realised that the HP pieces were actually MONOPOLY PLAYING PIECES!!! HOW COOL IS THAT!!! I BLOODY LOVE MONOPOLY!! I have been the boot for 20+ years, but I will DEFINITELY be changing things up from now on!!!
Girls, as you've seen, you blew me away with your thoughtfullness - i'm still recovering and will be until 2022, but honestly, you're amazing!! Thank you so much!!!
Lee xox

Monday 11th January, 2016
R.I.P. Starman

"There's a starman waiting in the sky,
He'd like to come and meet us
But he thinks he'd blow our minds
There's a starman waiting in the sky
Hes told us not to blow it
Cause he knows it's all worthwhile"

Rest in peace Starman. "Let the children boogie"
Lee xox

Monday 11th January, 2016
35 club!!!

RACHEL has hit 12.5% on Rose and The Doctor people!!!
Can we all take a moment to appreciate those stunning pin stripes that are now well and truly coming into play Along with the cute lil' pink flower on Rose's jacket!!!
I'm getting more and more hyped about this piece with every update Especially with the blue jacket as those colour choices were made by RACHEL and her pose, so as they work up i'm just totally digging it more and more !!!

Now, everyone have their passes ready to show because you are about to be granted access into a VERY exclusive club....
Yes! We're talking the 35% CLUB !!!
VALERIE'S piece @ 35%!

Aaaaand RAE'S piece @ 35%

You're making me bounce ladies!!! Making me bounce!!!
I will DEFINITELY be in the market for a new chair before this day is through guys because LOOK what I just picked up from the post office!!!!

Joyce is from BELGIUM GUYS!!!! She has spent major Euro's, major amounts of time and major amounts of consideration on sending me a gift FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FREAKING PLANET!!!!

Consider your address permanently seared onto my brain because this will NOT go un-answered Missy !!!
Of all the nights of the freaking week TONIGHT (like in 30mins) i'm heading out for dinner but as SOON as I get home, I will be sure to film the opening!!!
Lee xox

Friday 8th January, 2016
Onesie Action!!!

I hate to disappoint but sadly we can't all rock a vegetable themed one
However! Please prepare your peepers to be overdosed with cuteness!!!

Insert your [ "Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww's" ] right here !!
Cheers for being a sport Valerie!! IT!!!
VALERIE has an update for us too!!!

Looking SPECTACULAR my zebra friend !!!!
Now, I WAS totallee prepared to be as brave as you, HOWEVER! It is a zillion degrees here this afternoon, so by the time I got into my onesie and got around to having the shot taken, my face looked like a shiney Picasso painting !!
So i've compromised....

Say G'Day to saggy-bum-bones !!!
YES! I flaked!!! !!!
On the upside, I made a start on the adorable zebra's CAL piece!!

The colours have come out a liiiitle bit darker than I had intended, however I think it will still work out really well !

Right! Now that we have that warning out of the way You are all safe to check out a pro @ work !!

Even sporting a Dr. Who shirt!!! THIS is commitment to the cause people!!!
GREAT shot Rachel and a gorgeous smile to boot!!
If there are any other takers for the 'Onesie Challenge' out there?!?!? Get 'em out! Put 'em on! And let's see 'em!!!

Lee xox

Thursday 7th January, 2016
Strike a pose!!!

Check out our FABULOUS CALsters SHARON & JOYCE taking a second out of their crocheting time to take two AWESOME ACTION SHOTS!!

Sharon, just between you and I.... I wanna steal your recliner lounge mate - MAN DOES IT LOOK COMFY AS!! It looks like a puffy, comfy brown cloud 9 It must be an absolute dream to crochet... I was going to say on, but I think 'IN' sounds more appropriate! Man I'd collapse into it and never come out !!
Guys Sharon has also placed her numbered yarns in individual zip-lock bags!! BRILLIANT IDEA!!
Then we have the 'freshly-showered' JOYCE kicking back and chillin with her DAMN FINE PALETTE OF GREYS + the purple yarn we all want to hijack because it's so damn delicious !!
Hat's off to you FINE ladies for sending in your first action shots!! (Oh yes, there will be more!! )
I'm TOTALLEE up for a 'onsie' themed action shot next!
Because let's face it - 'Reclining Rebel Granny' doesn't really cut the mustard does it?!?!

Classy Lee, classy. I apologise, that should have come with a health warning... appauling Lee !!
Thankfully RACHEL has come to the rescue with a happy snap showing her piece @ 6.5%!!!

We have some funky pinstripes happening on the Doctor's coat and a lovely mix of blue shades detailing Rose's jacket Eeeee! So AMAZING already !!!
THANK YOU AGAIN SEXY LADIES FOR YOUR ACTION SHOTS!!! So cool to see everyone enjoying the journey !!

Lee xox

Wednesday 6th January, 2016
Move Over Marvel!!!

ATTENTION ALL SUPERHEROES!! Your superhero stances and poses are no longer required!!!
We've got ourselves our own SUPER HOOKSTERS 'hooking' us up with some killer ACTION SHOTS !!!
(Okay I feel like I might be over-hyping the 'action shot' trend we're starting here?!?!? Do you think?!?! Milking it just a tad?!?!)

Now THERE is a woman in her HAPPY PLACE right there!! Or my name isn't Edward G. Robinson !!

Okay my name isn't Edward G. Robinson, but I watched 'Key Largo' for the first time last night and how FANTASTIC is he!!!!
I know he played the run-of-the-mill gangster bad guy back in the GOLDEN DAYS of Hollywood but MAN!! Ouuu does he play a BRILLIANT despicable bugger or WHAT !!!
*Ahem* I appear to have gone off on quite the tangent...
Rae's beaming smile has got me beaming right back at the screen!! How awesome is this shot!! pattern, piece and SOME SERIOUSLY BEAUTIFULLY BRIGHT SPECS!! Nice and comfy and getting stuck in!! it!!!
We also have some updates that have come to hand on RACHEL'S Dr. Who masterpiece

Only 5 ROWS IN and already we're seeing some pinstripe & jacket action !!
The Wonderful SHARON has also made a start guys!!!

This palette is looking beautifully dreamy, so i'm hoping it works up to your liking Sharon !! I know it's been a bit of a nightmare to track down those greys!!
I've managed to get a smidgen further with piece number 1

I'm STILL not @ the 5% mark, but I got all jazzed when I saw more colours entering the scene and the lovely halo effect I was aiming to nail started to show up really well !!
I'm going to leave this piece now and make a start on VALERIE'S as I want to try and juggle my time between the two so I don't get guilty feels for neglecting one whilst prioritising another. How I can let fricken YARN dictate my life so much, I have no idea, but that's the way i'll be rolling
CALsters or anyone else out there who is crocheting a panel right now, please feel free to send in your ACTION SHOTS as it really does add to the 'We're all in this together' thang
I shall get one taken and will pop it up tomorrow Heaven help you all as a onesie will probably be involved....

Lee xox

Monday 4th January, 2016
Hooks are a crankin'!!!

This lil' lamb knows where it's at! Am I right?!
GUYS! These updates flowing in are fricken incredible !!!!
Look at us and our mad skillz hooking it up all over the world right now !!!

Gorgeous JOYCE has taken her MONSTER 300+ stitches across piece up one heck of a step with this progress pic !!!

Girl please tell me you're catching enough zzz's because those fingers must be at it 24/7 !!!!
And that background purple.... it's doing amazing things for my soul right now, I can't even tell you...
Looking FAN-ARSING-TASTIC thus far chickie!!!

Hold your horses kids because we have another update that is going to make your minds spin!!!
I'm telling you, give a CALster a pattern, a kickarse palette and a starting date and BAM! you get a CRAZY MASSIVE UPDATE within days!!!
Gorgeous VALERIE has taken her CAL piece to 20%!!

What the HECK have you ladies been drinking over there in Belgium because DANG I need to get me some of that!!!!
Absolutely STUNNING amount of work Valerie and the colours !!!
Should we contact the National Gallery over there now and give them time to arrange a wall for you or?!?!?
Just. Fricken. AWESOME !!!!

Guys!! That's not all!!!
Gorgeous RAE has taken her piece to a WHOPPING 30%!

I'm convinced Rae uses a wand instead of a crochet hook.... we're not dealing with a yarn muggle here folks....
Frigging NAILING IT my friend!!!! So close to some real face action now !!!
(I'm sorry, that emoticon really isn't appropriate. However his 'hyperthrust' does illustrate my feelings of excitement over your progress )
You've got me moonwalking ladies!! UNBELIEVABLE SNAPS!!!
Allow myself to introduce you to my CAL #1 @ a staggering... 2 rows

2 rows Lee?! ... I know I know!! But you've gotta start somewhere right?!
PLUS! I have an excuse! I went to the dentist today and we all know what a picnic in the park THAT is!!!
Luckily I got out of there with a clean and a free toothbrush and toothpaste but uugghhh I hate that chair man!!! !
We also got word on Ravelry that the gorgeous COOKIE has scored her colours and is now ready to start!!

Lee xox

Sunday 3rd January, 2016

Even though a handful of you have already made a start on your CAL pieces, TODAY marks the OFFICIAL beginning of the first Totallee CAL of 2016!!!
And good gravy have we kicked things off with a bang!!!
SHATAN has almost made it to 5% ALREADY on her gorgeous tribute to the short lived series Firefly

I HAD to include the second shot there because it appears the CAL has sparked a new trend - yes folks, we are all about THE LIVE ACTION SHOT this time around !! So CALsters if you can manage to get a happy snap of you working away on your piece and upload it to either the FACEBOOK GROUP or RAVELRY FORUM that would be WICKED as it would give us more of a sense of everyone working away on their pieces together !
PLUS we get to see you rock FREAKING FAB hoodies like Shatan AND we get to say hello to her gorgeous fluffball ZOE SO CUTE !!
RACHEL has also kicked things off on her tribute to Doctor #10 and the lovely Rose!! 3 ROWS IN ALREADY!!

The MASSIVELY EXCITING news surrounding this piece is that Rachel will be attending a convention in April and will hopefully get the opportunity to.... PRESENT THE PIECE TO DAVID AND BILLIE IN PERSON!!!! ACTUAL. REAL LIFE. THEY COULD NOT ONLY SEE IT BUT FREAKING HOLD IT GUYS!!!! I DON'T THINK YOU CAN TELL I'M EXCITED!!! HOW THE FRIG DO I MAKE THIS TEXT BIGGER!!? SERIOUSLY?!?!
My apologies...got away from myself a bit there...
CLAIRE has also been rocking out with her hook and has ALREADY HIT 11% GUYS!!! !!!

So much done already and yet so much left to do - Eh Claire?!?! You feelin me?!?! !!!
THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS for being so generous with the photos ALREADY!!! Major hugs to you guys!!!
I SO wish I could have joined these sexy CALsters in posting my first photo today but I did my 5 rows of border on my first pieces last night, was about to make a start on the very first ACTUAL row and BOOM discovered that I had not added the extra 10 border stitches to my foundation chain....
.... .....
So I got in a huff and threw it in the corner
Good news is that I have built a bridge, gotten over it and am ready to restart tonight !!!
In the meantime however I DID manage to finally film the final update in my Popsugar reading challenge adventure!

Here's to knocking over 52 books in 2016!!!
(If I get time between CAL pieces!!!)

Lee xox

Saturday 2nd January, 2016
T-Minus 12 and a bit hours!!

Welcome to 2016 Everyone !!
I hope you all had a ball ringing in the new year! I... personally... was whiling away the minutes on the Youtubez, waiting to go mental at 12 and then BAM looked at the clock and it read 12:11am...
Goodness me....
One party I AIN'T going to be late to is the CAL!!! Literally HOURS away from the offial starting time!! So pumped!! I'll be starting a smidge early because I have very little self control !!
However I did want to sneak one more update featuring these knuckleheads in before diving deep into CAL territory!

UGH! Why oh why did I have to re-start these guys so close to the CAL!! I'm gonna miss them !! I'll have to sneak a few rows in here and there I think
Okie dokie, time to check in on the sexy CALsters !!!
The beautiful RAE has bladerunnered (see what I did?!? Isn't a word Lee..) her way up to 27%!!!

The speed and awesomeness of these updates is so freaking exciting!!! However, I have had to step in with my Mum hat and practically order Rae's fingers to zone out and chill for a bit!! We don't want the possibility of burn out!!! Or irreparable arthritis!!!
But DAYUM this is looking SUPER INCREDS with every update!!!
Now for Pete's sake people KEEP your party hats on because look who has entered the CAL with a BANG!

The one and only VALERIE!!! Is ALREADY @ 10%!!!!
Looking FREAKING AMAZING already!!! I have the pattern saved on a USB stick, so don't have it at hand, but from memory this monster has 15 colours all up?!?! Man it's going to be and already is
I also really want to marry that beautiful bright shade of blue. Not even lying. It's beyond gorgeous
HEY!!! Where do you think you're going!?! We ain't finished yet!!!!

If THIS isn't the best way to organise one's palette whilst working then I don't know what the frig is!! Pure genius!!! SO ECSTATIC to watch this piece get underway Shatan!! I know you'll SMASH IT!!!
I do believe it is now time for me to back away from the computer and start CALING

Lee xox