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Sunday 31st July, 2016
A wilde Compromise!

75%! Ladies, Gents and Starfleet Members!
Now that we have passed the peepers, the colour changes have dropped off quite dramatically which always makes me a very happy lady and makes my right wrist ecstatic with joy
I have also never realised just how much I appreciate Mr. Stewart's baldness Sir, you have done my pre-arthritic wrists an ENORMOUS favour and I thank you for it !!
I've also managed to strike a lovely balance between the hook and my current book on this lazy hazy Sunday

I'm continuing on with my self-imposed Wilde-a-thon binge reading with a collection gathered by none other than Mr. Stephen Fry!
It's a mix of Wilde's fairytales and short stories and so far it is A+++++++++!
His wit and moralistic style are all wrapped up in glorious writing that works SO SO WELL in conjuction with the typical fairytale structure I'm such a fan!
It's also fab to read a story and then go back and read Stephen's thoughts on it, because as always, Stephen has such a depth of knowledge, not only about Wilde, but about ABSOLUTELY. EVERYTHING. ON. THE. FRICKEN. PLANET. that you can't help but come away feeling enlightened and just that little bit smarter after considering his insights

Pure Gold Stephen
Lee xox

Saturday 30th July, 2016
Happee Birthday Harry!

Guys, sparklers and party whistles at the ready please!! As we are celebrating Mr. Potter's birthday a day early here on Totallee.net
All thanks to the gorgeous KARA who has sent in her gorgeous Harry panel!!
Kara will be turning Mr. Potter here into a cushion for her daughter which is flipping ACE, before then making another one to kickstart an entire blanket!!
Best news ever! Thank you so much for sending in a pic Kara We can't wait to watch your progress !!

I have been in a really weird tug-o-war with myself this past week! I have LOVED getting back into my crochet with gusto! The Captain now has eyes, however i'm about 5 rows off from hitting 75%, so i'll post a pic tomorrow. But everytime I am faced with some spare time lately I am drawn to reading instead of picking up the hook
Which is wonderful don't get me wrong, I mean check out my Goodreads counter!

The problem is that I have been reading some truly BRILLIANT books lately! I mean this past month alone has had 3 reads alone for me! Which includes a book that has gone STRAIGHT to my Faves of all time shelf...
For those playing along at home the faves shelf currently houses....

So upon reading the final page of Dorain Gray I was completely "I NEED EVERYTHING THIS MAN HAS EVER WRITTEN LIKE YESTERDAY!!!!"
So I may have gone out and splurged on his almost complete works the other day But see this is where the problem lies!! I really want to crochet, but I have all these books and authors that have sparked my brain recently that it's hard to choose which activity to fill my time with without feeling guilty over not progressing with the other !!!
"Lee, calm your tits and get yourself some audiobooks! Problem solved ya nutter!" - I hear ya! I just wish it were that easy !
For some strange reason, I get distracted whilst listening to audiobooks. Which sucks. It would solve all my problems! For some reason my brain just never wants to follow along and I end up thinking about what to defrost for dinner or I try to recall when I last put the car in for a service ..
By the time I steer my focus back on to the narrator, 23 'pages' have gone by and i've got to start the whole thing over
Dear oh dear....
Anywayz the point of this long ramble is to basically say that my concentration is all over the shop at the moment and I was just wondering if anyone else goes through phases like this?! Where you just can't concentrate on one thing at a time no matter how hard you try?! If i'm engaged in one activity it's like my brain just won't stop thinking of the activity i'm not doing!?
Ugghh...weird. Maybe I just need to drop both and take up jet skiing?!

Lee xox

Wednesday 27th July, 2016
Star Trekkin' to 70%!

To anyone who put down some hard earned coin in the belief that I was going to get a third update posted by Saturday.... I owe you a large apology !!!
However, if you've been following my lack of crocheting updates in 2016, you were probably extremely wise and kept your dollars safe and sound knowing that there was next to no chance that I would manage a third update
However! It is time to get your party hats on kiddies because check it out!!!!

The GORGEOUS MICKY is now present in all her dazzling glory!!! Aaagh looking STUNNING!!!
I'm so so happy with the shading and tones and the freaking halo effect!! Agh!! You're a shining star in real life and now you're a shining star forever in wool form my friend !!!
Now I need to crank out some peepers for our Captain !!

Yeah, i'm never going to be sorry for posting that...
Lee xox

Thursday 21st July, 2016
On a roll!!


Wha-what is this magic?!?!?
I told ya'll my hook mojo had made a comeback !!
I can not tell you how wonderful it has been being able to get back into it with vigour! My back is DEFINITELY on the improve and I have actually been experiencing pangs of "Agh I just wanna crochet" again!! (It's been a while! Thought those pangs were long gone there for a while thought i'd gone through some sort of crocheting menopause and that the thrill was dead and buried if you catch my drift? This is a weird tangent... watch me bring it back...)
(I totally brought it back.)
Now it's time to keep rockin' and give the Captain some eyeballs!! Which I am aiming to get to pronto!!
Maybe by Saturday ?!? Do you guys think Saturday is possible ?!?! That would mean 3 UPDATES IN ONE WEEK!! .....

Lee xox

Wednesday 20th July, 2016
Keep Calm and crochet on!!

So last night this happened....

and with 81 rows still left on Micky's piece, it's safe to say that I was crapping bricks there for a while guys...
But then I faced 'Mount Stash' this morning and had a dig around and WHOMP..THERE IT IS!!!

Man, seeing the end of a skein prematurely... worst feeling in the world, am I right ladies ?!?!?
So that major scare spurred me on to get my hook cranking and guys I am one row shy of finishing Micky's forehead!!!
Who's got their crocheting mojo back
Nevermind today! This is the forecast for the rest of the week !!

Lee xox

Tuesday 19th July, 2016

Man have I been partying up a storm these past few weeks!
Omg no. No I have not.
My back stretches are sloooooowly improving things, but one sneeze, cough and/or fart and i'm back to where I was before! Which really sucks because in the past 2 days i've bagged myself a cold so i'm sneezing and coughing and throwing my back out every few minutes
Honestly, right now 2016 has me feeling like that dude from the Simpsons who had been hiccupping for 45 years..

"*Hiccup* kill me..."*Hiccup* kill me..."
So sick of getting sick!! AGGH!!
Anywayz! In brighter news!
I have managed to blaze through a decent amount of rows to get the hint of a second nose in on my CAL piece for the lovely Micky!

I'm very nearly almost to the top of Micky's head too which means I have rows and rows of fast stretches of black ( dotted with a few surprises) to move things along a bit.
Speaking of moving things along, not just a bit, but A LOT, look who has made staggering progress !!!

I. Mean. My. Goodness.
That microphone is so 3D...I just wanna reach out my hand and grab it
The shading on it and the arms and the tats and....dude....just... I gotta dance it out....
Honestly, it's updates like this that make me think to hell with you back pain and to hell with you head cold, imma gonna get hooking
Then, sadly, I remember that I literally can't stand up without falling over and...

Lee xox

Friday 8th July, 2016
Sciatica Expelliarmus!

We have some glass raising and some cheering to do people!!
The wonderfully talented RAMONA has been doing a little crocheting of something a little bit FREAKING MAGICAL !!

The trio looking GORGEOUS as ever!!!
Absolutely rockin' that hook Ramona!!!
I feel we must "cheers our butterbeers" over this FABULOUS start to what will be a FABULOUS Potter blanket !! Cheers!
( Side note I tried to reply to your email but kept getting 'delivery failed' notices? But thank you SO much for sending in the pics for us to have a squiz at!! )

In Lee news, I have never related to a gif this much in my life
I'm happy to report that my sciatica has decided not only to flare up and cause me a world of pain every time I turn a quarter of a millimetre the wrong way, but it has also decided to make itself EXTREMELY comfortable and hang around for a while! Isn't that peachy!?
So unfortunately I can sit in a chair for the grand total of about 3 minutes before the searing pain of a thousand knives decides to desend onto my sciatic nerve and render my left leg lifeless... JEALOUS MUCH?
So my crocheting has hit a complete roadblock as has my ability to pack the dishwasher.... which I can deal with...
I've got some stretches to do which are an absolute joy...not painful at all... and hopefully they will start to improve things after a few days
Man, I tell ya, things are pretty crappy right now Sciatica, losing Dee, kidney disease...
I hope you're all having a better 2016!
I'm just sliding gracefully through mine...

Lee xox

Tuesday 5th July, 2016
Itty Bitty Baby POTTER!

Yes guys, the darker side of the Harry Potter universe has graced us with its deliciously evil presence !
The one, the only, the downright psychotic witch herself, Ms. BELLATRIX LESTRANGE is now a part of the Totallee.net pattern archive Mwahaha!!
I would like to extend an ENORMOUS "THANK YOU" to the wonderful SANNE for being so incredibly generous by sharing not only her FRICKEN AWESOME Bellatrix panel which is both PERFECT and SCARY AS CRAP, but ALSO for sending in her very own pattern to be hosted here on Totallee.net !!!
GROUP HUG AROUND SANNE GUYS!! because I know this pattern with be SUPER APPRECIATED by so many crocheting Potterheads !!!
Now, just a quick word of warning guys, if you are thinking of incorporating this panel into a blanket with the existing Potter panels hosted in the pattern archive, please be aware that you may have to make some adjustments
The original Potter panels are 100 stitches wide, whereas Bellatrix comes in at 115 stitches wide. So you may have to beef up the 100 wide panels with some extra border to make up for the difference
Or do what I plan to do and make Bellatrix on her own (I mean she deserves to be, let's be real right?) and have her as a seperate scatter cushion that you can pick up and hurl the next time that time of the month rolls around, or the electric bill appears in the mail...
Sanne, she's FRICKEN FANTASTIC and once again thank you so much for sharing the crocheted Potter love We are indeed a special breed

Lee xox

Friday 1st July, 2016
Rest in peace my princess!

Today I had to say goodbye to my beautiful, loving, gorgeous girl.
My best friend, my shadow, my constant companion.
I will love you and cherish our time together for now and always
May you rest in peace and love until we meet again
Lee xox