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Sunday 26th June, 2016
Naruto & Sasuke!

Welcome to the newest NARUTO fansite this side of the internet !
Only joking!! However there is a THUMPING good reason for allowing 2 Ninjas to run amok on Totallee.net! The WONDERFULLY TALENTED DI who most of you will recognise from the Ravelry group and who you should recognise from her wonderful YOUTUBE CHANNEL participated in the very FIRST Totallee.net CAL last year. Now, Di and I share VERY similar interests, so much so that it's quite scary...in an awesome way
We both have HUGE amounts of love for crochet, reading and K-Dramas. However, I will admit to not being privy to much anime and therefore I did have to make a quick trip to Wikipedialand and read up on Naruto
I won't embarrass myself by attempting to explain the anime/characters here but if you're not familiar with this series, that pretty much everyone loves around the entire planet then pop on over and read up on it. However, whether you know about it or not, your jaw is about to hit the floor ....

I'm having a really hard time getting past the epicness of this palette Di!!! FAR OUT every colour is so on point it's honestly AMAZING! Such an achievement to be able to bring all those subtle shades together
The eyes are freaking mesmerizing but it's the subtle blending of those greys on the headband and the shadows on the opposite collar that really bring the OOMPH and provide a deeper effect UGH I LOVE IT!!!!
Thank you for taking part Di !!! CONGRATULATIONS on finishing this gorgeous piece!!!

Lee xox

Wednesday 22nd June, 2016
Pills Pills Pills...

Hello gorgeous people! It's been a while!
Apologies for being M.I.A. but i've been having a wonderful time with a persistant infection for the past 4 (going on 5) weeks SUPER FUN TIMES!
I remember sharing the discovery the Docs made in relation to my kidney stones a while back but I can't remember just how much I have shared about my *overall* kidney journey
Basically, I have crap kidneys
Super quick condensed history:
Age 10: starting getting severe recurring urinary tract infections. Discovered I was experiencing kidney reflux
Age 11: more infections, imaging of scarring and damage to the kidney uncovered. Had major operation to re-implant both ureters to try to stop the reflux. Missed 6 months of school recovering.
Age 12: Went for follow-up tests. Discovered one side was STILL re-fluxing.
Age 13: Went in for another follow up to check on things. The side that WAS refluxing after the operation had now stopped and the OTHER side was now refluxing. Therefore, operation hadn't fixed the reflux, however I wasn't getting any infections!
Throughout my teens: Very tired all the time and a few infections here and there but nothing to get worried about...
2015: Recurring infections started up again. Hypertension. Overwhelming tiredness. Left flank pain. Got tests done, found lots of miniscule stones in both kidneys.
And for the past year i've been seeing dieticians, doctors, etc, trying to put a halt to these infections, flank pain, etc, by adjusting my diet, trying different remedies etc. to try and limit the pain.
Fast forward to right now and i'm almost into week 5 of being on antibiotics and am still experiencing terrible flank pain.
Now comes the BIG NEW DISCOVERY!!! Which is actually pretty crappy but my WORD does it EXPLAIN SO MUCH!!!

I have Medullary Spongy Kidney disease.
Not the prettiest thing in the world is it?!
So it turns out, this condition is quite rare and therefore not a whole heap is known about it which helps to explain why Doctors have been in the dark about finding solutions for me all this time!
The 'spongyness' occurs because little cysts form in the dilated tubules of the kidneys which then leads to kidney stone formation. Basically, everything beomes all blocked up
Sadly this is a congenital disorder and it certainly explains SO MUCH about everything my Grandpa went through over his life. It is just so frustrating that he isn't around to know what was plaguing him for so many years!
Anywayz, sadly there isn't anything they can do about it, as they don't know too much about it. However, I am now on the best possible diet I can be for keeping kidney-stone formation to a minimum and I just have to keep on top of my blood pressure etc. to make sure things are still functioning okay.
Sadly they believe the flank pain is referred pain from the left kidney which is a real bastard and is something i'll just have to put up with for the time being...
However this diagnosis certainly sheds light on a HECK of a lot of symptoms i've been experiencing particularly over the past year.
So.... that's the goss on everything that's been going on in Lee World, how ya'll doing?!?!
I'm super sorry for not updating, but honestly I haven't been in a very happy place and certainly haven't gotten any crocheting done
At least now with this diagnosis the frustration and stress over worrying what the hell has been going on has been abated! So now i'm free to think of other things !
I'm still not feeling 100% and am very tired (and probably will be till we can get a handle on this infection), so my apologies if updates are scarce. However! I have TWO WONDERFUL updates on some true MASTERPIECES that have been sent in by two incredible hooksters, so be on the lookout!!
Cheers for your patience guys! I felt the need to update you all properly on what has been going on. Very sucky time but with rays of light and answers poking through! Finally !
Here's hoping I can get back to the hook as soon as possible !!

Lee xox

Thursday 9th June, 2016
Patriotic Puffy Pressie!

Exciting day today!! After MONTHS of keeping this piece under wraps I FINALLY get to show you guys my lil' belated bobbly birthday pressie for Aly!!

From memory I think I started this one back in February. Either way, it was certainly one of my early attempts with the bobble stitch and I was so happy with the end result !!
MORE importantly, the birthday girl loved it!!!!

I found the chart on Pinterest (I don't want to imagine life before it, am I right ladies !?) and IMMEDIATELY got bowled over by the cuteness !
I was a little worried that i'd fluffed the blue! The chart had quite a light blue and the movie clips seemed to keep showing a darker blue so I went with one straight in between the two and Aly assured me I chose wisely Phew! I have next to no idea about anything superhero related so i'm glad the blue gamble paid off
Once again, Happy Birthday Aly!! So stoked you love him!!

Lee xox

Sunday 5th June, 2016
Rainy Sunday...

JUNE ALREADY! Time, man, you need to slow your arse down!
It is absolutely BUCKETING down here right now. I heard Mr. Weather dude talking about two lows, coming together and deciding to WREAK HAVOC along the east coast for the next few days so... YAY INDOORS STUFF
I have some incredible CAL progress pics to shove in front of your beautiful faces today, but FIRST!
Last night I released a cheeky picture of one of the panels featured in my upcoming DISNEY VILLAINESSES BOBBLE BLANKET! MWAHAHAHAH!....
It's really not 'Mwahahaha' worthy... to be honest it errs on the side of "Awwwwwwwwww!"

So there is a SLIGHT chance I overdid the cuteness and have displeased her majesty...
(But seriously, isn't she CUTE in bobble form )

There we go! I knew she'd come around to the idea! ( PHEW!)
This is panel #1 of a 6 panelled blanket of Disney villainesses that I have been bobbling!
I'm still editing the tutorials to go along with it, but I hope you all like the Queen of Hearts and are excited to see the whole project
In the meantime, we have some CAL updates that are truly ASTOUNDING!

The amazing VALERIE'S tribute to the Atomium is only 13 ROWS FROM COMPLETION!!!
It looks absolutely STUNNING!!!!
If you are yet to do an image search on this magnificient structure, please do and compare the beauty of it to the beauty displayed in this piece! UGH!! LOVE!!!
This piece is followed by the amazing JOYCE'S tribute to Mr. Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson of 1D
I haven't seen tats done in CBN before and they look flipping brilliant !!!
So much detail!! So effective really struggling not to lay on the peer pressure for you to get more done Joyce This is working up to be truly incredible
So how are we after looking at those two pieces?!?! Feeling totally inadequate like me?!? GREAT!
Only joking!!! These ladies are MASSIVE inspirations and I bloody LOVE sharing their work!!!
Tis now time for me to celebrate this cracking update with a cuppa!
I shall also be using this lazy rainy afternoon to dive into reading my pick for the #TomeTopple Read-a-thon!
The #TomeTopple read-a-thon runs for two weeks (starting 5th June) and gives you the chance to tackle one or more of those BIIIIIG books that we all have laying unread on our bookshelves
I have gone with a chunkster - 768 PAGES!

My God, what have I gotten myself in for?!?!?!
I have NEVER READ Grimm's Fairy Tales and have already been pre-warned to expect some really disturbing elements, so we'll see how it goes!
If you would like to know more about the read-a-thon and maybe even 'topple a tome' or several yourself during the month of June, check out the hashtag on twitter '#tometopple' where all the updates will be posted !

Lee xox