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Wednesday 30th March, 2016
Reading Revisited!

Hello wonderful people! Today I come bearing... not a crochet update I know, I know...
I HAVE managed to work up another 2.5% on Micky's piece though! So expect an update over the next day or so
The thing is... when it comes to free time, my hook has been feeling a little neglected because I am ALL about the reading right now! Usually after finishing a book, i'm stoked to be able to take a time out, let the pages settle, let myself reflect and digest the story i've just read, etc.. but i've read SO many great books so far this year and have so many lined up, that as soon as I put one down, I pick up the next !!
So as a result, I feel I have a lot more to say/share about the books i've been reading and have decided to set up a second Youtube channel, totally devoted to BOOKS! !!
So I thought i'd kick things off with a tag video! Di, again, sorry it took 6 months to make!

Yay Autumn!!! Yay end-of-my-summer-cold-hence-my-face-going-red-after-sneezing-my-face-off-every-three-seconds-that-you-didn't-have-the-pleasure-of-seeing-because-I-edited-them-all-out-like-a-pro. However-the-remnants-remain-because-my-face-gets-redder-and-redder-so-by-the-end-of-filming-I-looked-like-a-friggin-lobster...
Lobster face aside, it was super fun to film again! If you would like to check out the channel and subscribe you can do so riiiiight over H E R E
I STILL plan on keeping my original channel! However from now on it will focus solely on crocheting themed vids! I know there has been diddly-squat going on there recently, but crochet vids take an age to film and an even LONGER time to edit! I do have a few on the go at the moment, but as I like to make the piece in order to demonstrate each step from start to finish, the vids do take an age it is literally the worst hobby to have and make tutorial vids about!
Anyone is free to do the Fall time cozy time book tag! So if you do want to answer the Q's, be sure to send me a link to your video! The more the merrier
Now time to shove my snoz back in my current read... excuse me

Lee xox

Saturday 26th March, 2016
Productive Day

Oh man, you ever had one of those nights where your brain just WILL NOT SWITCH OFF!!?!?!?@#@$!!!!
Well, that twas me last night... oh my god I haven't tossed and turned like that in yonkies...
Hence, for the last 40mins i've been staring at this...

I mean...how do they-?!...Wow.
Okay. I'm taking myself off to bed right now
Lee xox

Friday 25th March, 2016
Belgium Love

What a week...
I want to extend two HUGE HUGS to my Belgium home girls Valerie & Joyce
Naturally, the attack in Brussels came as a shock and my thoughts went straight to these two angels, their families, friends and loved ones Thank goodness you are both safe and well!!!
{{{ }}} My thoughts continue to flow to you both during this time
In CAL news, my goodness do we have a well-timed update!! What better way to celebrate the beautiful city of Brussels and its people by posting the gorgeous VALERIE'S 75% update pic!!

Since Valerie has spilled the beans over on the Rav forum, I feel i'm able to reveal the subject of her piece to everyone who may not be familiar with this particular structure Prepare to be AMAZED GUYS!!
May I introduce you all to the 'Atomium'!!!

Now this is obviously a shot of it during the daylight hours, but wait until you see what this baby looks like when it is all LIT UP at night!

I mean....seriously... if visiting this wonder hasn't shot to the top of your must-see-places bucket list then....we can't be friends.
J/K!! But how INSANELY BEAUTIFUL IS IT!!! You can even go INSIDE and eat dinner in one of the 'atoms'!!!
What a wonderful world....
So please do yourself a favour and type 'The Atomium' into a Google images search and just sit back and browse the many incredible pictures of this building If you don't get a serious case of wanderlust after flicking through those pics, a Doctor may be needed...just saying...
Valerie you are a true magician and crocheting genuis my friend
The way your palette highlights the reflections of those glistening atoms... Makes me happy sigh 5,000 times a minute!! SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!
I know i'm 25% too early on popping open the celebratory bubbly for this piece, but dang it, it's happening man!!!! Just unbelievable
I mean, how am I meant to tear my eyes away from this?!?! I swear I feel that if I were to reach out and touch this piece, I would expect to feel the slippery cool surface under my fingers...
After a couple of weeks from hell, I was able to pick up my hook and catch a few moments of zen time and get Micky's piece up to...

Very excited to get back to this one and complete mouth #1 and also cap off the shoulder of our mystery man !!
I'm getting all flappy-army about both CAL pieces now that we have some facial features on the go!! AGH!! Will continue to flip flop between the two of them and just hope my stashes last the distance
I'm stoked to report that both are on the improve!! Mum is home and although she is in quite a bit of discomfort with her drain that has to stay in for 2 weeks, she is feeling better and stronger every day !! And Miss Dee is also behaving herself!! I took her for follow-up scans with our vet during the week and she is now on the appropriate meds for her arthritis and is jumping around like a fricken puppy again
So here's to a very uneventful and peaceful Easter!!!

Lee xox

Sunday 20th March, 2016
Red lights, blue lights

Would you believe that I had to put in a call for my SECOND AMBULANCE OF THE WEEK @ 4am this past Friday morning?!?!
This has been one heck of a week in the stress department let me tell you
A couple of days after Mum was admitted, I noticed my baby girl started panting at weird times of the day. She also started taking herself off into rooms that she usually doesn't frequent and I also started to find her standing stock still in weird spots around the house and the backyard. Late Thursday night I heard her slip in the kitchen and me being Miss-Practical-Head thought 'silly bugger has run into the wall' and didn't think much of it, until at 3am she woke me up with her panting and groaning. I swear I have NEVER been so scared in my life. She wouldn't move, she was slumped on the floor. So I managed to phone the Pet Ambulance - THEY WERE AMAZING!!!!
I believe they are a husband and wife team, they operate 24/7 and they have actually TRICKED OUT a proper ex-ambulance to cater for dogs and cats. It was SO COOL!! Considering Dee weighs 30+ kilos and due to me pocessing next to no upper body strength (I often struggle in picking up a PENCIL), they were an absolute God-send
The emergency vet checked her out and it turns out that that little 'slip' in the kitchen was enough to bring on an accute episode of osteo-arthritis
She did her cruciate-ligament 3 years ago and unfortunately she was always going to be prone to developing arthritis. So she's on some meds to get her to Tuesday when i'll be taking her to her normal vet to get some scans done, so we can arrange a long-term plan to help her stay as painfree and happy as possible !
Far out it was terrifying though. I thought she was a goner. And on top of everything with Mum.... UGHH!!! NO MORE BAD STUFF RIGHT NOW PLEASE UNIVERSE!!!!! !!!
I do want to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone for their best wishes and love that they have sent my Mum's way!
She is still in hospital and is awaiting a transfer to a bigger hospital with a team who are able to perform her next procedure. Unfortunately the infected tear in her intestine has now formed an abcess, which needs to be drained. After that she will need to remain on antibiotics for at least another few days to make sure everything has cleared up and then we should be able to bring her home !!!
What a week!!!
Let us shed some much needed sunshine with some CAL updates eh?!?!

I GENUINELY dare you to find fault with this GORGEOUS action shot from the beautiful birthday girl JAN!!!
I will save you a stack of time and tell you right now that you won't!
Can we all take a moment to appreciate the Hello Kitty PJs (because let's be real, priorities.) Followed by the CUTEST lil' cupcake hat in the world!! FOLLOWED by the lush green border AKA the START of her MASSIVE CAL PIECE!! !!
Jan ALSO assures me that there are M&Ms just out of shot! PERFECTION!!!!
Happy belated birthday Jan!! Can't wait to see the next progress piccie !!
In between all the medical emergencies this week, I managed to get Valerie's piece up to 20%!

And the bestest part, is that with the introduction of that cute little nose, the subject of the piece has been well and truly revealed !!!

We've got some big cat love on the way!!!
I chose this image for a stack of reasons but one major attraction was the challenge of putting together an orange palette !
Valerie's work is always such an inspiration, ESPECIALLY as she is always trying out funky effects with her palettes and I wanted this piece to be super special so I thought i'd branch out of my comfort zone and try to blend the lovely autumnal colours that are found in this picture
So excited to get some more nose happening!!! Even more excited that I can now spam the crap out of my update posts with this dude!!!!

Lee xox

Tuesday 15th March, 2016
Day By Day

Hi guys. I just wanted to post a little update for those of you not on Facebook.
My Mum was rushed to hospital by ambulance on Friday morning after experiencing hours of severe pain in her stomach. Initially, the Doctors thought they would have to operate, but luckily they were able to stabilse and manage her pain long enough to take her bloods and do a few scans. It turns out that it was an accute case of diverticulitis, coupled with a nasty infection that had actually eaten through the intestine/colon wall.
(I probably should have warned you not to read this if you have just eaten or were thinking about it huh?!)
So Doctors have managed to keep her relatively pain free whilst they pump her full of antibiotics to clear the infection in order to let the tear heal naturally. So far that means no surgery will be needed!!
There was chatter today that she MAY be able to come home tomorrow my glass is half full!
Normal updates will resume when I can
Cheers guys and in the meantime, give the ones you love an extra squeeze

Lee xox

Thursday 10th March, 2016
Ministry of silly crochet!

G'Day folks! Apologies for not posting this week! It's been a hectic but awesome one thus far!
All starting last Saturday night with these 2 crazy buggers, John Cleese and Eric Idle
(Totally REAL photo of the three of us right there Pffft!)
I promise you, I have not laughed my arse off THAT HARD since.... I can't remember...
I actually came out of the theatre in a bit of a daze because I had neglected my water bottle and had spent 2+ hours constantly giggling, so I had an absolute STONKER of a headache !
I don't think I need to go into it again (because I think i've spoken (gushed) about my love for John Cleese numerous times), but to be MERE METRES from him and hear his distinctive voice and see him act out sketches in the flesh Oh my god, it was real cross-off-the-bucket-list type stuff for me guys!!!
And to get to SING "ALWAYS LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE" WITH MR ERIC IDLE... I mean, does it get any better?!?!
No. It does not!

Such a great night!!
You know what else is great?!?

The best news to accompany this update is the fact that we have had a CORRECT GUESS made over on the Ravelry forum as to the subject matter of this piece which is exciting but really encouraging, as it is at least looking a little like it's suppose to! Whey hey! Score!!
Yes, it is a BIG CAT of some description....... ...Aaaand i've just given it away...
I'm literally busting a gut to get to the next 5% increment, as I believe we shall have a cheeky lil nose appearing Agh!! I'm aiming to overload your cuteness levels guys!!! Does that make sense?! No...but who cares?!
I've also been a busy bee gathering my palette for my 'Amazing Phil' cushion aka. the companion to this fellow

I just need to nail the right shade of green (sounds painful..) and i'll be ready to make a start!
However! Without further ado! We must applaude you sexy CALsters and your progress!!!!

Ain't I a stinker?! Yes, unfortunately we shall have to wait to be AMAZED by the completed Dr. and Rose as Rachel is waiting to reveal her piece till after she has met with the actors themselves at a convention on April 2! I know I speak for us all when I say "HOW THE FRIG AM I SUPPOSED TO WAIT THAT LONG RACHEL!!??", but guys, the payoff. Think of the payoff. Seeing this piece in its completed GLORY along side David and Billie.... Aaaaah i'm getting smiley just thinking about it!
Another CALster who has made a tremendous leap in progress is JOYCE !!!

She has SMASHED her way through the half way point on LARRY!!! (Aka. Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson of 1D) !!
I think we can all agree on how OUTSTANDING and photo-realistic this greyscale palette is!!
I mean = Am I right?!?!?!
I am LOVING the introduction of the second background colour and can not WAIT to see more
I hope all the other CALsters are finding some seconds to make some progress on their pieces! Sadly life does get in the habit of getting in the way of crocheting but nonetheless! I hope to see some more progress pics soon!
Now time to set my hook to 20%! And awaaaaaaay we go!

Lee xox

Wednesday 2nd March, 2016
Happy Crochet Month!

(Yeah don't worry, I had no idea it existed before now either !)
I mean who needs a dedicated month when every day is spent with a hook in your hand at some point am I right ?!?
However! Any excuse to spread the love is A-Okay by me !!

Guys, QUEEN RACHEL has done it again!!! I can't take the speed of these updates guys!!! It's FLIPPING INCREDS!!!
Our fave Whovian has hit the 80% mark!!!!

Fricken incredible.... I just.....
I've got to admit that I don't think i'm emotionally and spiritually ready for the completed photo on this one because i'm already down to gasps and emoticons to try and express my inner freaking out at how fabulous this piece is, so if i'm not online for about a week after Rachel finishes this guys, you'll know that i'm face down on the floor somewhere just trying to get over it

This steamy tribute to Bladerunner has ALMOST hit the 50% mark! !!
Sadly Rae isn't completely digging the shades on this one so it has turned into a bit of a learning-curve piece (I feel you Rae, been there !!)
However the effect the venetians are having on her hair still looks FRICKEN FAB and i'm looking forward to watching this one grow and grow !!
Speaking of growing, i've gotten back into my CAL piece for the wonderful VALERIE !!

I've only just picked it up again and therefore it's not much of an update but I am deeply in with this picture and the palette so i'm hoping to hook my way to 15% in no time

Lee xox