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Tuesday 31st May, 2016
Big Birthday Bash!

37 again right???
After today I won't need to eat again until your next bday rocks around
Much love to the BESTEST DAD EVER

Lee xox

Friday 27th May, 2016
Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble!

Well, well, well... look who has decided to drop in....

The wicked witch of misery herself!
The magnificent Sanne has sent in this progress shot and quite frankly it scares the b-jeezuz out of me, but dear god it's shaping up to be a corker
And go grab your glad rags and dancing shoes guys because Sanne has kindly offered to send the pattern to me on completion of her piece to SHARE on Totallee.net...
Sanne, I speak for all when I declare you to be an EPIC HUMAN BEING and from one HP obsessed crocheting looney to another... much love man, much love
I tell you guys, you lot with your HP panels and your mega double-sided blankets and your killer new patterns.... you've stirred some HP crochet cravings...not gonna lie...
You know what else has got me all Potterfied again?! Today I found out the real first name of my Great Grandmother on my Mum's side... I only ever knew her by her nickname 'Heddy'.... guess what her real first name was...
HEDWIG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So now I have a deeper appreciation for our favourite magical mail carrier
I'm getting majorly side-tracked here...
SANNE!!! THANK YOU!! for sending in a snap of Lestrange at the halfway mark! Scary in the most stunning of ways

Can't WAIT to see the full extent/impact of this one

Lee xox

Wednesday 25th May, 2016
Time to go back home....again!

It's time to get reaquainted with our Potter family guys
Technically these pics weren't sent to me, but I MUST share them with you and provide appropriate linkage, so you can all IMMEDIATELY FOLLOW THE PROGRESS OF OUR FAVE CROCHET QUEEN JOYCE!!
I don't need to amp this up and to be honest words fail me, so just allow me to warn you that these pics will cause severe jaw-droppage, so for goodness sake be sure to pop a pillow on the floor beneath you before checking out the MOST EPIC HARRY POTTER BLANKET IN EXISTENCE!!!


I mean....... guys.... seriously....
A side of goodies + a side of sepia baddies =
BEYOND PHENOMENAL!!! Over 150,000 stitches!!!!!!!!!!!!

We raise our wands (HOOKS!) to you Joyce CONGRATULATIONS and by god...just ALL THE WORDS!!!! ALL THE WORDS, FEELS AND UGGGHH!!!!! YOU'RE AN INSPIRATION!!!
So much awesomeness... overwhelming man...
BUT WAIT!!!! THERE'S MORE!!!!!!!!!! !!!

The wonderful DAWN finished her FINAL PANEL!!! HEDWIG!
I the light blue background and the fluffy stars!!! Incredible job as always and the next picture we see from Dawn will be her COMPLETED BLANKET GUYS!!!
JOYCE and DAWN you guys have totallee made my week
SO much talent, SO much inspiration, SO much Hogwarts....

Lee xox

Monday 23rd May, 2016
It comes down to basic mathmatics

So it turns out that the success of filming the last half of my final villain bobble panel rests on the outcome of a simple mathmatical equation....
Allow me to show you an equation that IS IN NO WAY CONDUSIVE TO A SUCCESSFUL OUTCOME....
A lovely, quiet Sunday afternoon all set up in front of the camera, ready to crochet

PLUS back to back episodes of 'Family Ties' on in the background....


Suffice it to say I am currently taking a break from the piece. Couldn't even bring myself to pull out the 12 rows of misery yet because the pain is still fresh guys...*sigh*...
So when I can bring myself to look at it again without turning into Miss. Flaming angry hothead, I shall resume and hopefully have EVERYTHING one step closer to completion and sharing !! Mucho excited about this project!!
(May also need a quick BTTF binge to fill my current urge for some MJFox...)

Lee xox

Monday 16th May, 2016
Secret Stash Busting!!

So I spent this past weekend doing ABSOLUTELY NONE of the things I mentioned in my last post
E-mails, booktube filming... naaaaa mate. However I DID get a bunch of filming done in relation to...

Ouuuuu excited?!?!
Earlier this year I decided to make a concentrated effort in branching out with my crochet. I'm certainly not getting bored with portraits! They are my number one and by George have I got enough of them on the go and planned to tide me over until 3046...
But I just remember staring at my stash a few months ago and thinking that there were SO many colours that i'll probably never get to use when it comes to my portraits..
So I decided that i'd like to start trying my hook at some different kind of projects.
The first technique I decided to have a crack at was the 'bobble stitch', because it adds a level of cuteness to a project that causes me to clench my hands, close my eyes and squeal with absolute joy
After some not-so-successful attempts, everything came together for my pixel 'Danisnotonfire' piece

Nailed the stitch, nailed the colour-changing process, nailed the tension problems, cheerin' !
So that got the old noggin churning and the creativity flowing and I thought i'd have a crack at.. [ here comes the unveiling guys] A BOBBLE STITCH BLANKET!!!
Awesome no?!?
So for the past few months, in between working on my CAL pieces, i've been working away on this EPIC bobble stitch blanket! Not only have I been crocheting it, but i've been FILMING the entire process and have tried to cobble together a tutorial in the process
I decied to be very un-Lee-like and keep quiet about it just incase the patterns didn't work out, or my filming totally screwed up (I have severe priors when it comes to filming/editing not working for me, ya'll know that!), but everything is coming together so well that I thought i'd let you know that I am super close to lifting the curtain on this massive project !!
HINTS! I can tell you that there are SIX panels in the blanket. It is UBER colourful and the THEME is...

However, with bobbles, they turn from super scary to the squishest villains you've ever seen so I don't think they'd appreciate it, but I hope you guys do!!
The patterns will be made available and as I said a step-by-step tutorial from the first chain, to the last stitch will be going up as well so ANYONE can crochet along and have a go !
I still have a few backs to finish and some editing to take care of but it is all on the way!!!

Lee xox

Thursday 12th May, 2016
Captain. Sexy Stubble!!

Ugh! Very very happy to have reached this stage guys because things are about to rev up a gear as we prepare to enter the THE FINAL LAP
YES I still have 45% of the piece to go, YES that is a lot, HOWEVER a certain person's coat is ALMOST done and dusted and the gorgeous skin tones that make up the gorgeous Micky's face are almost at an end, which meeeeeeeeans that we're heading into the fast paced world of LOTS AND LOTS OF BLACK!!!
Which aside from pausing for the agonising wrist cramps, tends to move along quite quickly
I. Am. Utterly. squeeee-ing over this piece right now.
For some reason the way the shadows of our mystery man's neck have turned out are genuinely making me giddy Yup! I am THAT excited about it.
(Slightly sad and worrying but small things amuse...Lee's small brain )
I'm also excited to get to work on the background because obviously Micky knows which picture I have used, but the background has been the real surprise and I just bloody love it so I hope she will too and I can't wait to see her reactions as we climb on up!

Admin time!
Much apologies to those of you who have sent me e-mails over the last 10 days or so So sorry I haven't gotten back to you yet! I've been shaking off the last dregs of this blasted flu that won't bugger off !!! As SOON as you think you've beaten it, BAM the little cheeky sniffle starts up again and you feel like your head is imploding for the 400th time with yet another headache
Ugh...such a nightmare
However I should be able to get back to you all over the weekend !
Thanks also to the flu from hell, i'm MASSIVELY late in posting my APRIL READS WRAP UP video! Which sucks because I read SIX BOOKS in April and they were ALL FABULOUS and I really wanna gush about them, so hopefully I can get around to posting that this weekend too! Otherwise I'll just have to post my rambles in blog form...which isn't as exciting
*SHUDDER* Brrrr it's fricken freezing today man!! I hope you're all well and crocheting up a storm! I gotta go warm my footsies before they fall off. G'Day Winter!

Lee xox

Monday 2nd May, 2016

Ouuuuuuuuuuuuu happy days!!
So you know the Totallee.net CAL right?!?! You know how there are some EPICALLY, OUTRAGEOUSLY, TALENTED crocheting lovelies taking part right ?!?!
The wonderful SHARON is one such gorgeous hookster, who has now hit....

AGGHH!!!! SO EXCITED for this gorgeous piece as it depicts Sharon's BEAUTIFUL Grandmother which is just SO special!
Already it has that wonderful old black & white photo quality effect about it and THAT BROOCH has worked up a treat
The next 50% is going to be FANTASTIC to watch Sharon!! You're doing an absolutely BRILLIANT job !!!

I gotta thank Sharon for getting this 'HALFWAY' party started because girl, I'M RIGHT WITH YOU!!! !!!!

Hook clinkies Sharon!! My halfway sister !!!
We've got someone who has SMASHED through the FINISH LINE!!!

Old Sev' has never looked so dang AWESOME!!! FANTASTIC job as always my friend!!
Guys, Dawn is now ONE PANEL AWAY from completing her bunch and sewing them all together which is an absolutely MARVELOUS achievement!!!
Can't WAIT to see the final panel and blanket Dawn!! You've ACED these patterns !
Ah! So much awesomeness!! So many hooks a blazin'!!! Keep it up ladies!!!

Lee xox

Sunday 1st May, 2016
I'm quite fond of breathing

Things are FINALLY starting to chill down here! It's taken a while to shake the balmy temperatures, but winter woolies are going to be needed soon!! WOO!!!
MAJOR apologies for being M.I.A this past week - Flu finally tracked me down and crash tackled my arse!!! HOLY HELL this strain man!! Has been the worst in living memory ACK! !!
So i'm taking this small window of clarity that I have (aka. no headache and the ability to breathe through at LEAST one nostril) to update you guys on the magic that has been flowing into my inbox !!

The wonderful CASEY has been in touch to share her FIRST ATTEMPT at a piece with her SMASHING Union Jack swatch!!
Not only have you nailed the shades, but your tension is FAN-FRICKEN-TASTIC!!! ACED IT!! !!
I'm stoked to report that Casey will now be moving on to some HP panels, so dude, that is cause for confetti all round
Looking forward to following your progress !!

Guys!!!! We've got a new Hermione on the block!!!
The lovely ROSE has brought this GORGEOUS piece to life with a wonderfully scrummy palette of greys and a lovely purple background...I just... just gimmie a minute here..
You know what else is super impressive and AH-MAZE-ING about this panel?!?
I swear, you guys are killin' me... i'm SO CLOSE to feeling the need to bring out the picture of my first attempt with all it's massive-arse bobbles all over the place and wonkydonk tension and it's general hot-mess-ness, but I shall spare your eyeballs and just say that you guys are BEYOND FAB
Rose has ALSO shared a pic of her next project which will be an original creation!!

Consider me keen as mustard to watch this one come to life Rose !!

We also have some 'Larry' love in the house from the crocheting master JOYCE !!!
Bloody hell this piece is ENORMOUS!!! SO AWESOME !!!!
3 background colours have now graced us with their presence and we are ever closer to getting to some faces!! A face?!? Man who knows! That's all part of the surprise !
Looking WONDERFUL so far Joyce !!!!

Well lookie here! Look who else has an update to share!
Yes, in amongst the sneezing, coughing and general haze of yuckiness I managed to get some rows done and bump my piece for the lovely MICKY up to 45%!
I can't remember if I have actually said that the gorgeous Micky herself is the lovely lady featured in this piece However! You shall have to wait to discover who is standing beside her Ouuuu I love me some intrigue!!
So how flipping great were those updates!!! I should be off the air more often!!!
No Lee. No. Terrible idea.
MASSIVE love to you guys for sending in your pics of progress!!
So much talent, so much awesomeness, yay crochet!!

Lee xox