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Bookworm. Pop culture addict. M&ms are as important as oxygen. Einstein hit the nail on the head with "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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Mazeguy Smilies

Sunday 27th November, 2016
Nervous times!

Lee xox

Friday 25th November, 2016
Pounds of pattern!!

So I have QUITE a task ahead of me over the next 5 DAYS
I was trying to think of a creative way, aside from using %'s, of conveying just how many rows I have to plough through to finish my piece for November....
So that right there... 204gms is the weight of the pattern pages I have YET to crochet!! Weighs a fricken ton!!
Although it is a scary amount of pages, those with super keen peepers may be able to see that one page = 2 rows. So yeah, it's a heck of a stack, but not too bad really
I also don't mind in the SLIGHTEST, because I can not tell you how truly enjoyable and utterly THRILLING it has been to work on!!!
AGGH! So annoying that I can't spill the beans, because honestly, I think this is my favourite palette to date. I can't WAIT to show you what it is!!!!
In TOTALLY un-related news...
Guys.... I can now channel a famous mouse with the newest addition to my wardrobe

So technically, Minnie has a red dress with white polka dots, but i'm still gonna go ahead and call this my Minnie dress
It's so cute!! The skirt has netting and is super twirly, the waist is in the right spot and sucks me right in without any 'spillage' (ladies, ya'll know what i'm getting it... the wobbly bits have got to go somewhere right?! - but I swear it just disappears in this!! Pure MAGIC !)
And UGH it's just GORGEOUS!
Not entirely sure why i've suddenly reverted to wanting to be all girly and twirly, but i'm loving it !!

Lee xox

Thursday 24th November, 2016
Snape is in The Netherlands!!

Say hello to our newest potions Professor!!!
FABULOUS work Wendy !!!! Also, I have to take a moment to say that those flowery Crocs are TOO CUTE!!! !!!
Beyond happy to hear that Wendy is moving swiftly on to another panel!!! Looking forward to seeing your blanket grow Wendy !!

Lee xox

Monday 21st November, 2016
Clutter Creep o_0!

I went to grab a ball of black this morning after running out and was confronted by this....

It has been A LOT worse in the past but I swear I didn't think it was too bad until I literally had to squeeze my way through chairs and boxes and yarn balls and random crap to get to my shelves.
Spring has sprung, so I guess it is time to have a spruce up but by god I don't wanna
Anyone else got an aversion to cleaning up yarn clutter?!?
Man it's just so IRKSOME! Especially when you carefully wind a ball, place it gently on the shelf and watch in horror as it comes tumbling down, dragging the rest of your stash with it in an avalanche of yarn bedlam!!!
Ugh. I've just gotta bite the bullet and get in there and do it....
In brighter news!!
I am so FREAKING EXCITED to show you guys what i've been hooking!!!!
I've just reached that MAGICAL milestone in a piece when you know that your palette is going to work out !! SO SATISFYING!!!
...that is until you remember that you have a yarn room to clean....*sigh*

Lee xox

Saturday 19th November, 2016

Credit: Katie Watersell

Replace the cats with labradors and this is a portrait of 'Lee Heaven' !!
Simply stunning
I have some wonderful news to share I have cracked the magical 25% mark on November's 'Hooked from a Book' piece !!
It is working up BEAUTIFULLY!!! Unfortunately we have hit a few details that will probably tip off a few of you (because you're a super, sexy, savvy bunch ), so in order to save the surprise and create an atmosphere of intrigue (god i'm full of it aren't I ) i'm going to hold off till the reveal!
Which will be up in 11 or so days anywayz! Crikey! I'd better get a move on with it!
I've also been a tad slow on the reading front...
I put that down to having one GINORMOUS book-hangover courtesy of the Jimmy biography which I finished earlier this week...
*SPOILER-ALERT*... I cried my eyes out for a good half an hour after reading the final page
I put that down to the fact that this month I have been binge-watching any of his films I can get my hands on and so when you team getting to really know him on screen with reading about how truly remarkable he was as a man away from it, reading those pages that summarised the end of his life, just WHACKED the wind out of me
so this was me at 1:30am when I finished it...
Then team THAT with finding a beautiful fan-made music vid, made with the scenes from 1936's 'Next Time We Love', which he starred in with the true love of his life Margaret Sullavan and....
.... ugh, guys.... EMOTIONAL!

Yeah so I think i'm responsible for 600 of it's 623 views to date
I hope you're all happily hooking away! I've had a BUNCH of e-mails recently from a whole new wave of people wanting to try this form of crochet for the first time recently, which makes me giddy!!
Once I work through my stash a little more, I am planning to go shopping and try to put together some palettes in various colours (e.g. greys, blues, browns, etc) and INCLUDE brands!! Because I have SUCKED at doing that for you guys!!
So hopefully a video like that may help a few of you out there struggling with tracking down some viable palettes
Lee xox

Wednesday 16th November, 2016
Can't keep November in the dark...


Lee xox

Monday 14th November, 2016
These boots are made for...crocheting!

Just a bit of brain candy for you today!
Aren't they GORGEOUS?!?!?
More on the 'lace' side of the ledger than the 'crochet' side but UGH So pretty!!
Side note, I find myself in a bit of a pickle !
I am having a freaking BALL on my piece for November (which you got a sneaky peak at a few days ago ), but here's the thing......
By leaving the 'reveal' to the end of each month... well sir... it means I can't really update this here place too often does it??!?
[Side side note - I just finished watching 'The Cheyenne Social Club', a Jimmy Stewart cowboy flick, so you'll have to excuse my turn of phrase here today maam ]
Does that happen to you?!?! You finish watching a movie and you end up speaking with the character's accents?!?! Just me?!?!
ANYWAYZ! This is my round about way of asking if you guys would like to see updates of the piece by way of pictures on this here blog (omg i'm sorry, I would stop if I could ), or are you all happy with things being a little hush hush around here till the end of the month?!?!
Time for me to hitch up my horse and go and try to return to the real world and get my normal accent back...

Usually I criticize lists like these for including terms that we really don't use... I think i'm guilty of all of these
Lee xox

Friday 11th November, 2016
Hepburn, Grant & Stewart = Magic

As a result of not being able to bear any more news and a recent obsession with the lovely Jimmy Stewart (i'm 30 pages off wrapping up his biography Shatan! Most enjoyable !! A thousand thank you's!!! Am now more besotted with him than EVER), I FINALLY got around to watching 'The Philadelphia Story'!!
I tell you it was EXACTLY what the Doctor should have ordered had I have gone to him for a pick me up. Did that sentence even make sense
Ah who cares! I haven't laughed out loud thanks to a movie for a looooooooooong time and yup! It was down to my man of the hour !
How the hell Cary Grant kept a straight face i'll never know

Oh man, they REALLY don't make em like that nowadays...
I've since learned that the hiccups and Cary's "excuse me" were all adlibs, which just makes this scene even more fantastic !
And Katharine Hepburn.... I swear to god, what a cast!!!

A new favourite of mine for sure! I'm going to be re-watching it again tonight because apart from not having actors like that these days, they sure as hell don't have scripts that are THAT witty, fast-paced and clever! So many cracking lines to add to my arsenal of quips !!
Just wish to god these two had made another film together Just so in sync, don't cha think!

Lee xox

Thursday 10th November, 2016
Nobody Told Me....

Well.... that was a crazy 48 hours.....
I think the scope of my emotional range has been well and truly exercised and tested.....
However! We've all been through the wringer in one way or another over these past couple of days, so i'm going to leave all that STUFF aside for the moment to make way for some pleasantness and to reveal that November's piece has hit...

Yeah I know, it's a blobby, weird mess of not much right now!
However, in times of .....strange, my hands automatically go for the hook
(...and the camera as it turns out !)
Don't forget to take time out for you. Don't forget to express yourself and your feelings creatively. Lastly, and most importantly, don't forget to smile and laugh

Lee xox

Monday 7th November, 2016
Hermione off the Hook!!

I do believe there has been a wonderful increase in Potter panels of late!!
Always a joyful occasion to show off ANOTHER BRILLIANT piece created by a BRILLIANT Hookster !!!
Ladies and gentlewizards, feast your eyes on this gorgeous Hermione panel made by the GORGEOUS WANDA!!!!!
Congrats on a STELLAR JOB Wanda !!!
(I hope you don't mind, I did brighten your picture slightly, to show off those awesome greys )
Thank you for sharing your work with us!! I've been told that Mr. Potter is on his way next guys !!
Looking forward to seeing him Wanda !!

I had an excellent time playing with my stash this morning !
As the first week of November has already whizzed by, I felt the urge to get my 'Hooked from a Book' pattern and palette sorted so I can dive right in So guess what, I did just that !!
The pattern for this month is 200 x 125 and features 15 glorious colours !!

Ouuuuuuu I do love me a new, colourful palette to work with!!! Any guesses?!?! ( bit early Lee, hold your horses man )
I thought I had better get a wriggle on as this piece is twice as wide as Jimmy and I really didn't want to be squishing so much crochet into an eight day time frame again
I also ran out of one of my yellows for my beautiful tigers piece whilst working on it last night, so that sparked even more excitement to get moving on this piece till I can get to the shops and re-stock !
It's full steam ahead for this lil hookster at the moment let me tell you !!

Lee xox

Saturday 5th November, 2016
Time to get tangled!

The wrists have stopped 'clicking', the shoulder has stopped seizing, the bum has de-numbed and the fingers are feeling F-I-N-E !!
I do believe it is time to start crocheting again !!!
I just need to make sure I reset the brain to work from the tigers palette and not the Jimmy palette

Lee xox

Thursday 3rd November, 2016
House Pride!

So now that Spring has sprung and the sun has decided to finally make an appearance that will last longer than 5mins this week (it has been windy and rainy for weeks!), i've had to rush to get some much needed outdoor home improvement done! Today's task, oiling the front deck!
Man how I WISH decking oil came in 'hundreds and thousands' colours, but sadly...just clear
But apart from every single one of my leg muscles seizing, cramping and feeling like they are simultaneously on fire and about to explode from unrelenting tension...I feel I did a cracking job for a newbie
Now just the back deck to go!!! ....
So yeah... no crocheting for me in the first week of November
However rain is forecast this weekend so... !!
Man, what is it with me and starting blog posts with a rant about the weather?!?
Time to move on to the crochet !!!

Check out this BRILLIANT, SHIMMERY, SHINY CREST from the uber talented BRANDY!!!!
She spents 7 MONTHS on making it ABSOLUTELY PERFECT but also made tweaks to the original pattern to well and truly make it a piece of her own !!
Beyond stunning Brandy!!! I the amount of clarity and definition you've managed to give to each of the animals and the entire crest is just popping right off that black background UGH HEAVEN!!!!
A true feat of magic from the hook of a truly talented lady!!!

Lee xox

Tuesday 1st November, 2016
Pinch and a punch, first of the month!

Welcome to windy November people !
Like the rest of the planet the weather is being completely loopy! We're now officially a month away from summer and it's STILL chilly and windy as heck
I'm not complaining! We're having an extended season of gorgeous blossoms blowing about the city which is lovely I'm just mentally preparing myself because I feel the sun is going to get ancy and say 'screw this!' and all of a sudden it'll ramp up to 40 degree days again !
I'm onto you climate....always watching.....
ANYWAYZ!! Weather rant over!
Thank you so much to everyone who has watched, commented and liked my latest video/project/crocheted portrait!
I'm stoked to see that you think it's a fun idea!! I'm literally speed reading to whiz through Jimmy's biography in order to make a start on November's books, in order to get inspired to start my piece for this month!
For those folks who haven't watched the video posted below, i've decided to marry my two loves at the moment, reading + crochet, and do monthly wrap-up's of what I have read (and some waffly thoughts on said books ), WITH footage of me crocheting a piece INSPIRED by something I have read that month
For instance, this month I *cough* am still reading, 'Jimmy Stewart - A Biography' by Marc Eliot and this happened!

James Steart
Started: 22nd October, 2016
Completed: 30th October, 2016
No. of stitches: 10,900
8 DAYS!!! WOO!!! I do believe someone has their 'crojo' back
So with this lil' challenge/project, which i'm calling 'Hooked from a Book' (catchy no?! ) you can expect a new video and therefore a NEW piece at the end of every month !

Thank frig Snape approves, because guess what... I CERTAINLY APPROVE OF HIM! CHECK IT OUT GUYS! !!

This is the PERFECT Snape panel sent in by the magically talented SHA!!!
Not only is it flipping PERFECT, but guys...guys....guys... IT IS HER FIRST ATTEMPT AT A CROCHETED PORTRAIT!!!
Knocked it out of the friggin park Sha!!!!! AMAZING WORK!!
Thank you so much for sending in a pic to share with us LOVE IT!!!
I'm always down for spreading a bit of Snape sass

Lee xox