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Monday 31st October, 2016
Sp00ky Scary Skeletons!

*exhales now that I can FINALLY share my latest piece!!
I cannot tell you how excited I am about this new challenge/project/whatchamacallit !
And believe you me, when I say i'm excited about it, dude.... I started the piece on the 22nd October and finished it 30th October!!! 100 x 109 in 8 DAYS!!! !!!
I know most of you won't really care too much about the book-related Lee waffling, but that is totally cool because you can just fas forward to the end of these monthly videos to check out what you really came for - some crocheted portraiture !!
All bases are covered
Slightly freaky timing, uploading this on 31st October, when it has absolutely nothing to do with spookyness. But who cares !!

Lee xox

Thursday 27th October, 2016
Reversible?!? Heck yeah!!!

A question that I have received many, many maaaaaaaaaaaaany times over the years has been...
"Are these pieces reversible?!?"
My usual answer is a flat outright NO.
That is, until today my friends
Technically, these portraits CAN be made to be reversible, but the sheer number of tie-off's/colour changes and the thought of sewing/weaving each and every one of them in has always scared the crap out of me so I have always told people to forgo such an arduous task and back their pieces.
Well guess what guys, we have a LEGENDARY HOOKSTER CROCHETING AMONG US!!!
You may recall a Potter panel posted on the 8th October by the gorgeous GAYE
If you don't, have no fear, I got cha back, cause here it is again

Now, brace yourselves...
Here is the SAME piece WITH ALL THE ENDS WEAVED IN!!! !!!!

If you have ever tried this form of crochet, YOU KNOW the almighty amount of patience and determination it would take to accomplish this!!
Wowwie wow wow....seriously in awe Gaye!! You possess the patience of a saint my friend!!! SO SO SO IMPRESSED !!!
I WISH I could say that you have inspired me to see to weaving in my ends on future pieces but alas.... hell to the no I'll continue to be more than happy taking the cheaters way out ha!
However I shall CONTINUE to be majorly impressed by you because my word....just brilliant !!
Now, I must apologise for things being a little quiet this week, but let me tell you I have been crocheting like a fricken SPEED DEMON these past few days because guess what....
I won't say too much here, because i'm literally going to be revealing all in a few days time with a vlog (yay! You get to see my ugly moosh again you lucky buggers !!) but suffice it to say this 'project' will definitely involve you seeing a CRAPTON more crochet coming off my hook!! (And that can only be a good thing right??! !?!)
Agghh! I'm all pumped!! I desperately want to show you what i've been working on but nope nope nope!!! It's gotta wait !!!

Lee xox

Monday 24th October, 2016
"You're a [crochet] wizard [Gaye] !

Guys, time to RAISE YOUR GOBLETS again to the magically talented GAYE, who has just completed her SECOND potter panel!! Give it up for Rubeus ya'll !!
Absolutely SPIFFING job Gaye!!!
The best news is that (from memory) Hagrid had the MOST colour changes of the 9 original panels, so you are well and truly past the most time consuming part That's gotta put a massive smile on the dial eh ?!
Cannot WAIT to see who's next in your line up!!! I me some awesome Potter panels!!!

In Lee news, I have been working around the clock on a little project, that I have also been filming!!!
I don't wanna say too much, because we all know my luck when it comes to filming and editing... it tends to be as successful as deep frying water
However, it should be ready to unveil (if all goes well ) by the end of this week
In ovaries-busting news, I may or may not have been re-watching the first trailer for Lee Min Ho's new drama 'Legend of the Blue Sea' 50 BILLION KAJILLION TIMES it looks SO FREAKING GOOD ALREADY!!!
Can you tell it has peaked my interest EVER SO SLIGHTLY?!?!?!?
I HAVE MISSED MY KOREAN DRAMAS!! MORE IMPORTANTLY I HAVE MISSED STARING AT HIS GORGEOUS FACE!!! This is his first drama in 3 LONG YEARS and even then, 'The Heirs' was bloody terrible IMO
And although he looks waaaaaaaaaaay too thin in this short snippet for my liking... I am eagerly counting down the hours till November 16

Lee xox

Friday 21st October, 2016
Hogwarts Homeboys & girls where you @?!

I LOVE the vibrant POPPING background colours, I LOVE the big, black boldness of those border lines and I LOVE the addition of Prof. Mcgonagall & Dobby !!!
Absolutely AMAZING job Shirley CONGRATULATIONS !!!!

My stripey pals have hit 60%!!!
The lighting on this shot is awful bleh! Fortunately it blends a lot better in real life!
I'm getting all giddy now that I am literally just a couple of rows away from getting to Mr. White tiger's nose !!!
I'm also ready to get my orange game on because holy fairy cakes have I got a BULK of orange body coming my way !!!
I swear this piece has turned me into the BIGGEST tiger fangirl Naaaaawwwwwww!!

Lee xox

Sunday 16th October, 2016
Larry Luv!

Look who has hit a WHOPPING 60% on her Totallee.net CAL piece !!!!
(Actually, she posted this pic in the Totallee.net Forum on Ravelry.com a number of days ago, but slacko here forgot to update everyone here !)
Of course it comes from the hook of the UBER-TALENTED JOYCE
The 60% mark has brought us Harry's second arm AND the end of that gorgeous yellow stripe now we just sit back and wait for the magic of a cheeky face to appear !!!
I know I sound like a broken record with every post featuring Joyce's work, but seriously take a moment or 70 to appreciate the realism on show here people that is the work of an UBER talented artist with an EXCELLENT eye for palette picking!
I swear I get chills (of the good variety) every time I see that tattoo'd arm! SO FREAKISHLY REAL MAN!!!
OUTSTANDING work as per JOYCE !!!!

Lee xox

Friday 14th October, 2016
Love from South Carolina!

Shatan's Doctor Who Faces Block a Month CAL 2016 Facebook Group
Lee xox

Saturday 8th October, 2016
Potter Perfect & palpitations!

Gorgeous greys, Gryffindor red and a realistic stare that pierces right through you, Gaye... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10/10 from all judges!!! FREAKING FABULOUS!!!! !!!!
Thank you so much for sending in a picture!!! I LOVE seeing folks have a go at these patterns!! Makes my week !!
...and my goodness did I need an upper like this after the past 24 hours...
My poor left arm has been strapped into THIS THING!!

I have never wanted to smash a machine with a hammer more in my life....
Frigging 24hour blood pressure monitor.... which strangled the crap out of my arm EVERY half an hour
The good news is that of the readings I was awake for, they did appear to be normal-ish... however there were a few that were a bit too 'sky-rocket-y' for my liking however i'll stop letting my brain run away with ideas and wait and see what the urologist thinks. This test was a part of a few i've been having recently as part of a 'fact finding' mission. We're trying to figure out how my kidneys are doing and to see why my BP has been on a bit of a rollercoaster for the past 6 months.
I can't tell you how great it is to be free of that squeezing cuff I nearly hugged the poor dude at the clinic when he took it off this morning
Anywho! With that contraption gone and the use of my arm restored, I can return to the hook !!!

Lee xox

Wednesday 5th October, 2016
Hooray! Ear Fluff!

We are gathered here today, to celebrate reaching 55%! AND to applaud the introduction of some FuNkY ear fluff !!!

I just realised that to most, it prolly only looks like a blob on the top right-hand side of his beautiful beaming face, but trust me, THAT'S SOME SERIOUSLY EXCITING AND GORGEOUS EAR FLUFFYNESS COMING ON THROUGH!!

I may also be getting a little excited for my 'pose-next-to-finished-piece' photo by checking out "tiger themed" threads on Polyvore and Pinterest
If only I had the figure for THIS!!!! Fierce or what !!!!

Okay, so it's a PASS on the super tiny booty shorts, but THAT shirt and the bling!! THE BLING!! UGH!!
Lee xox

Tuesday 4th October, 2016
Welcome to my Ohana 'lil guy

Because sometimes you just buy things that make you smile

Lee xox

Monday 3rd October, 2016
Gleeking out with the hook out!

///////////// EDIT - Update in the books section! \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

If there's one thing I more than seeing folks have a go at one of my patterns, it is when they have a go at creating their own !!! Not only has the wonderfully talented ROSE had a go at making her own pattern, she's ABSOLUTELY ACED IT AND HAS BROUGHT MR. DARREN CRISS TO LIFE BABY !!!

Confession time. I missed the boat on Glee and ALSO (heavens knows how) managed to avoid constant and repeated attempts made by friends to make me sit still long enough to watch 'A Very Potter Musical'....
I'm not proud. Clearly, i've missed the boat, the train, the hovercraft and the Millenium Falcon on these phenomena, but I swear to goodness Rose it has nothing to do with this lovely lad !!
I really really adore the shot you've chosen We all love a damn good side profile and man do his features fit the bill !!
Guys, in even more stonkingly brilliant news, after completing the Hermione panel and now Mr. Criss, Rose is almost done with her THIRD PIECE !!!!
Looking forward to seeing the magical piece Rose!!!
( Psssst! Rose! Side note - When I was looking for where I had saved your pictures on my computer, I couldn't find them... took me a while to realise that the two 'black and white photos' that I kept going past WEREN'T photographs, but where in fact your project pics REALISM ACHIEVEMENT = UNLOCKED!!! )
( Psssst! Rose! Side note - I apologise for the awful, dreadful, shameful title of this post. My goodness.... back to title school Lee.. )

Lee xox