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Mazeguy Smilies

Tuesday 27th September, 2016
Toooooooooo beautiful!

First of all, this guy on the left is the proud recipient of my 'Most Accurate Representation Of My Spring Allergies/Hayfever' award!
Seriously, I feel ya pain buddy, I have gone through SO MANY ANTIHISTAMINES and we're only 27 DAYS IN! !
I love flowers!! It's such a shame that they don't love me back!!
ANYWHO! Flowers aside, tigers!!!
I'm still a tick under 55%, so really, this piece doesn't deserve a snapshot update yet, but it has been a REALLY long time since I can remember being so excited about a piece that I actually rush to hold it up to the mirror to check the progress of each and every row !!
I think it's just the huge impact of those stripes man!
Each row brings the start of a new one or brings an entirely new colour into an otherwise dark or light patch and it's just changing SO much SO quickly !
I'm also super close to introducing tiger #2's face!!!!
Eeeeeeeee restless, impatient crochet nerves are setting in!!!

Lee xox

Monday 26th September, 2016
Book #33 & #34

Everything I Need To Know I Learned From A Little Golden Book by Diane Muldrow
Golden Books, 2013
This was a complete nostalgia trip for me A pleasant flip through some of the most heart-warming gorgeously drawn illustrations that took me right back to being a little girl and rummaging my way through my collection of Little Golden Books to try and settle on one for my Dad to read to me
Although this is titled to appeal to adults as a cutesy fun way to look at life's many lessons through the teachings offered by the many stories told under the Golden Books banner, it really isn't. It's really just a collection of one-liners taken from 20-30 Golden Books with their accompanying illustrations. No life lessons to be learnt here. Just a wonderful hour of flipping through and appreciating the wonderful talented artists sourced by this wonderful line of books.

*sigh* man these illustrations hit me right in the childhood. Just gorgeous. Especially the books illustrated by Richard Scarry. Perfection

'The Priory' by Dorothy Whipple
Persephone Books, 2003 (first published 1939)
This was my first tipple into reading some 'Whipple' and apart from suffering from a strange obssession and affection for her surname, I have been left a bit perplexed but in a good way !
In the simplest terms, 'The Priory' is a book about a house and the people within it. At the start of the novel, everything is centered around Major Marwood, his eccentric, artistic sister Victoria, his two girls, Penelope and Christine and his new wife Anthea. It also shines light on the lives of the servants, their interactions, situations and little dramas. At first the story seemed to be quite day-to-day, no real drama, no real direction...a little bit dull but I was puzzled because everytime I put the book down, I found myself longing to get back and find out more and more about this seemingy unassuming cast of characters.
Upon reflection, the best way to sum up the writing, story and feel of this book is to say that it was very subtle, very unassuming, but within its simple sentences, simple descriptions, simple day-to-day focus lies quite a complex and intriguing representation of human nature, relationships and an importrant look at the importance of roots, the sense of 'home' and of second chances. This book certainly isn't for everyone. The 'events' within it don't cause splashes, just little ripples. Again I have to return to the word 'subtle' because the thoughts and actions of these characters are just that. However I have found that in the end this book packed quite the punch.
I think the brilliance of Dorothy Whipple's writing lies in its subtlety and it's ability to give you pause for thought. I saw so many facets of myself within quite a few of these characters and therefore had moments that hit quite close to home. So although the 500+ pages will not be to everyone's taste, if you appreciate fine writing, a historical backdrop of a crumbling priory in country England with a cast of interesting 1930's characters than I would give it a go

Lee xox

Sunday 25th September, 2016
Reading Positions

As any fellow readers will know....when it comes to trying to find a comfortable reading position.....the struggle....is real
I'm properly excited for my next animation!! Some WONDERFUL booktubers from around the world have voiced lines for it!!! The other amazing part, is that it will be a Harry Potter themed vid! So so so keen to get started!

I'm also keen to try and knock over 'The Priory' by Dorothy Whipple this afternoon. It's getting quite juicy now that i'm a tick over the 300 page mark and I must say I am looking forward to seeing how quite a few little scenarios unfold
Then of course I have a couple of BIG CATS to get my hook stuck back into !!
You gotta love creative and indulgent weekends!!!

Lee xox

Wednesday 21st September, 2016
"Cruella DeVil...Cruella DeVil.."

So...funny story...my Disney Villainesses Bobble Blanket got destroyed. How ironic eh?!
Trouble is I can't blame a scissor-wielding, maniacal tyrant from a Disney film.... cause t'was me
After discovering that 98% of my tutorial vids corrupted, I decided that I would take apart the blanket and just re-shoot me making the Ursula panel and everything would be hunky-dory
Trouble is, I decided to start disassembling the blanket WHILST I was still feeling mildly MIFFED about the video fluffing up....
So I pretty much ruined all of my panels...
SO! As you can see from the picture above, featuring the devilish Cruella, I have re-started them all from scratch
In maybe-hopefully-sort-of-let's--everything news, it looks as though I MAY be able to save the Queen of Heart's panel. The main panel came out relatively unscathed, but her edges came out looking a little worse for wear But she should be okay to re-use!
To refresh your memories, here is what she looked like in happier times...when she was yet to be joined to her fellow evil sisters

*COUGH* I learnt the hard way
On the upside, our delightfully, bobbly villainesses are on the way !! Stay tuned !

Lee xox

Tuesday 20th September, 2016
September Stack!

Don't cha just love it when a whole STACK of books you requested weeks ago (that you completely forgot about) all come in for you at once !
I am cheating a little bit - I have had that top book 'The Priory' by Dorothy Whipple a little while. About 100 pages in so far and really enjoying it. Short straight-to-the-point-proper-no-fooling sentences, light on the plot so far, but something is brewing and completely character focussed and driven
The rest of the stack =
'The Closed Door And Other Stories' by Dorothy Whipple. I'm really enjoying 'The Priory' so far, so figured i'd request this collection of her short stories to prolong the party
'Brideshead Revisited' by Evelyn Waugh. This one I requested as it is one of my favourite booktuber's fave books! Lesley of WORDS OF A READER is a FABULOUS book reviewer. She reads a wonderful, wide array of genres, authors, etc. and her passion for reading is truly infectious. If you are a keen reader or you're thinking of upping your reading but are not really sure where to start - head on over to Lesley and click on ANY of her videos, becuase I GUARANTEE you'll hear her speak about a book that will tickle your fancy!
'The October Country' by Ray Bradbury. These next two titles are also courtesy of a Lesley review She actually read 'Fahrenheit 451' and her review sounded so intriguing that I went to reserve it straight away, however it appears to be quite popular because i'm still 5 or 6 people away from getting my grabbers on it! So I queued up these two titles while I was at it. Really looking forward to diving in
'The Martian Chronicles' by Ray Bradbury
'Van Gogh' by Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith. Probably don't need to say too much about this one after my post a couple of days ago I thought i'd brush up (swear to god that wasn't an intentional pun)(but i'm loving it) on Van Gogh's background and after checking out biographies on Goodreads.com I saw that this one was one of the best I actually started reading it ON THE WAY back to the car after checking out it Nearly got skittled in the car park, so...so far so good!
I know that I will be renewing these a couple of times in order to make my way through them but i'm pretty pumped to get going !
Please feel free to let me know of any books you've enjoyed recently! I'm always up for adding books to my library queue! Even if they do all come in at once... I suppose picking them up counts towards an upper body work out?!? UGH, wish there was a better way...

Lee xox

Monday 19th September, 2016

It is only now that i've reached the top of Mr. Orange's head, that I come to realise just how many stripes are on these fellows
My god they are just BEAUTIFUL aren't they?!

This guy has his priorites sorted
Certainly a lot calmer than I was the other day...
For the gorgeous people who aren't on FACEBOOK (all the action happened on Tumblr, but I went nuts on FB), *cough* I, may have, lost my shiz a little bit the other day
WHY? Because this happened....

RED HEART YARNS (YUP! THAT 'RED HEART YARNS' !!!) REBLOGGED the last progress shot of this piece on their TUMBLR!!
As you can imagine, I TOOK IT REALLY WELL

Red Heart..... WOW.. HOW COOL IS THAT!!!
A MASSIVE crocheting highlight for sure!! Also a wonderful motivation booster (not that I needed it, i'm thoroughly enjoying working on this one)!
I do have a busy week this week, so sorry sleep, you're going to have to move over to next week to give me a few extra hours with my stripey pals

Lee xox

Friday 16th September, 2016
"Flaming Flowers that brightly blaze..."

I have just secured tickets to "the biggest exhibition of Vincent Van Gogh's work ever held in Australia."

So Mum and I shall be jetting off to Melbourne in the first week of May to get our Vincent on !
I cannot BEGIN to tell you the effect his work has on me
Lil' secret - I even have a Van Gogh inspired crochet piece in my 207 year long To-Be-Crocheted queue
This exhibition will feature works that capture the 4 seasons - so we're talking A LOT of wheat fields and trees people

I have NEVER seen a Van Gogh in real life. So the fact that I can stare at his work in magazines, in books or online and get emotionally and spiritually lost for god knows how many hours at a time is pretty darn cool. Frig knows what i'm going to experience when i'm standing face to face with his brushstrokes !!!
How the heck am I supposed to keep a lid on this till MAY?!?!?!
I shall chill out to my Charlie's version of 'Vincent (Starry Starry Night)' and turn my hyperness down to a sustainable level

Lee xox

Thursday 15th September, 2016
Forty-five *High Five*

45%! Almost half way !!!!!!!

Lee xox

Wednesday 14th September, 2016

Lee xox

Monday 12th September, 2016
Bouncing Back!

I managed to track down the two colours that were almost running on empty !!
I also managed to get them for half price
I also figured that whilst I was at it, I had better go for the SUPER MEGA CRAZY STUPID FUN SIZE option to be sure I don't run low again and cause another round of unneccessary heart palpatations !!

God bless you Red Heart Yarns this girl ain't running out anytime soon !
I'm hoping to get some rows in tomorrow, but sadly i've been experiencing a few kidney related problems these past few weeks
I mean apparently my blood pressure has decided that it is perfectly acceptable for it to hover around the 150ish over 120ish mark... which if you ask me is a little rude!
So next week it looks as though I will be heading in for another MRI style test and will most probably be up for another 24 hour blood pressure monitoring test Ugh... that is the crappiest test! We all know how fun a blood pressure cuff is when it strangles the life out of your arm - but having it go off every 30mins over a 24 hour period... Uuuuggghhhh......
Anywayz! Hopefully we can figure out a new plan that will result in me being able to stay awake and pain free long enough to give this beautiful orange fluff ball another gorgeous eye !

Lee xox

Sunday 11th September, 2016
"Bringing Sexy [String Art] Back!"

Lee xox

Friday 9th September, 2016
o_O Eegads! Cardboard!

So I have a slight case of cardboard happening...

However as if by magic, I later heard an ad on the radio announcing that my TWO favourite yarn hangouts are having massive stocktake sales this weekend

Lee xox

Thursday 8th September, 2016
Trekking the universe for 50 years!

A MASSIVE "Thank you!" to the wonderful ASIMINA for featuring SPOCK in her latest 'Patterns of a Theme' series over on UBERDENTRAUM.COM !
With 2016 marking the 50th ANNIVERSARY of all things TREK, it is a wonderful honour to be featured among these other designers !
Thank you also for the lovely comments Asimina !!
I adore the Spock and Kirk panels and I still have Uhura's project bag, complete with pattern and palette, tucked away in my yarn room!! I should have got my hook into gear sooner to mark this importrant year with another salute aka. panel honoring this magnificent institution !
I guess there are 3 and a half months of the year left though eh?!

Lee xox

Tuesday 6th September, 2016
Edie & Grays have landed!

So hands up who remembers my blog post from August 2015?!?! Anyone?!?!
My gosh....guys?...C'mon...surely you've all committed it to memory and celebrate it with balloons and party poppers every anniversary ?!
I am shocked and appauled !
ANYWAYZ back in August last year, I got carried away and STUPIDLY IMPULSIVE (doesn't sound like me at all does it?) and bought the product in the pic at the top of the post there. An 'Intuos Wacom' drawing tablet, which came with an animation program, 'Anime Studio' and a drawing program, 'Clip Studio Paint" (formerly Manga Studio 5). It was after watching a stack of animations on Youtube, namely DOMICS (the guy is beyond ACE) that I thought "Ou! That looks fun to try!"
From this point on, it's very importrant to bear in mind that I have ZERO TALENT IN THE DRAWING DEPARTMENT My stickmen are indecipherable....seriously, you'd have a VERY hard time trying to pick out a head, let alone 2 arms and 2 legs!!
So naturally, animation seemed like a totallee appropriate new creative outlet for me to try....
ANYWAYZ, it was around this time that I also got heavily into watching BOOKTUBE vids!
So a few months ago, I decided to blow the dust off my drawing tablet, and have a crack at combining the two!
Today is the day I finished my FIRST EVER ANIMATION!!!!
I'm so excited with how it turned out !! Espcially as I really had NO IDEA WHAT I WAS FRICKEN DOING! !

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I can't wait to go on more adventures with these two !! (Side note - Edie sounds a tad familiar doesn't she ?!?!)
(Just a quick head's up for those of you who aren't familiar with the 'booktube community' on youtube.. essentially, it is a great place to upload videos related to books. What you've been reading, what you plan to read, new books you've acquired... the 'Booktube Newbie Tag' has become THE tag for newcomers to do as a way of introducing themselves to the community )
I tell you what, frame by frame animation....ain't a speedy process ! I wonder what it is with me and choosing reeeeeeally time consuming hobbies?!?!
I have so many ideas for book-related animations that I would need 73 lifetimes to make them all come true, but with number one out of the way, I feel so much more motivated to learn more techniques and strive to get better at it !
So please feel free to let me know how crap it is! (). Also feel free to subscribe to the CHANNEL (it's separate to my 'Totallee.net' channel) if you'd like to see what these two (and others) get up to in future animations!

Lee xox

Monday 5th September, 2016

G'Day gorgeous pals and gals !
Just wanted to let you know that I have been having a few issues in making the BIG SWITCH between hosting plans for this website, hence the sudden lack of updating!
So dissapoitning, I was on such a roll there eh?!!
The hook hasn't stopped so get ready for regular programming to resume soon !

Lee xox