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Saturday 29th April, 2017
Fellowship of the crochet attempts...

Lee xox

Friday 28th April, 2017
Wheat Fields with cypresses

Getting my bag packed for my trip to Melbourne next week !!!!
I have managed to complicate matters slightly by having everything pretty much ready to go...only to be spoiled by going shopping today The bargains guys, oh so many pretty bargains
I finally found a gorgeous and SUPER COMFORTABLE pair of ankle boots that are definitely made for walking. My girl Nancy would be well proud
ANYWAYZ! Enough about Melbourne.... actually no, one last little thing about Melbourne.... and my whole reason for going...
Last night, I noticed that one of the top trending topics on Twitter was 'Van Gogh and the Seasons', as last night was opening night down at the National Gallery of Victoria and guys.... not sure if i've mentioned that I have quite the crush on "Wheat Fields with Cypresses" or not, but.... I have quite the crush on Wheat Fields and Cypresses. Thanks for clearing that up Lee
BUT LOOK WHAT IS GOING TO BE THERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm fine. Everything is fine. Totallee fine....
If you don't hear from me in a while, could you send word to the gallery to check to see if there is a woman who appears to be stuck in front of this painting and who looks as though she will be stuck there for all eternity !? Cause I may need to be physically removed....with a crowbar.... just saying.
I can't believe this piece has made the trip down under!!! EEEK!!!!
Apologies for the Vincent Van Fangirling, but honestly... OFF THE CHARTS ECSTATIC RIGHT NOW !!!
In LOTR crochet/book news.... there is much news
Stay tuned for a vlog update tomorrow !

Lee xox

Thursday 20th April, 2017
Vlog 2!!

Lee xox

Wednesday 19th April, 2017
Gogh-ing in style!

Look what arrived from New York City today!!!
The lovely lovely lovely Ashley from GoFollowRabbits has done it again! I ordered the bright pink DeLorean-filled skirt from her shop a number of years ago and have worn and adored it (almost to pieces!) So when I was mindlessly surfing my way through Van Gogh-related clothing on Etsy, man... I could NOT have clicked a mouse faster than when my eyes rested on this skirt !!
I LOVE a stack of Van Gogh's works, but there is definitely something a little extra special about 'Starry Night Over the Rhone' I just find it so calming and romantic and just plain gorgeous really
I cannot WAIT to wear it to the exhibition in Melbourne!!! Only 2-ish weeks away now!!!!!
I definitely need to style it up a little better! This was a very hasty HOLY-CRAP-ON-A-CRACKER-IT'S-ARRIVED!!-GRAB-THE-FREAKING-CAMERA!!!-NO-TIME-FOR-MAKE-UP type of situation but I couldn't wait to share!
If you've been looking for a SUPER comfy, well-made, geeky skirt, I can highly recommend checking out her store! I challenge you to not want to buy at least 5 on the spot !!

Lee xox

Tuesday 18th April, 2017
Self control? What self control?!

Lee xox

Sunday 16th April, 2017
Happy Easter!

Thanks to my kidney condition, I celebrated with ZERO chocolate again Which wasn't too tricky, as next month marks TWO YEARS since I last let a piece pass my lips
Can't remember if I've shared that before - but as you can guess, around Christmas time and especially Easter....ouuuuuuuuuuuu boy...it's tough. I'm not gonna lie. ESPECIALLY when I spot any M&M themed gift boxes.... the pain hits me RIGHT in my inner child let me tell you!
But! I'm not bitter at all!.... ....
I just please ask that those of you who are consuming copious amounts of the lovely velvety stuff this weekend, to perhaps have an extra bit for me It's a win-win! I get to live vicariously through your tastebuds and you get a sweet excuse to rip the dazzling foil from another egg-shaped piece of perfection !
Whinging and moping aside, I can tell you that chocolate deprivation at Easter is certainly conducive to getting jiggy with one's hook!
I got these two fluff balls to 75%!

JUST shy of Mr. White's lovely peepers but the scene has been set for their appearance in the next update !
I'm also really digging the balance of the reds and oranges that are now coming into play with those rocks on the left gaining some raw texture. A wonderful backdrop to really make those creams POP !

I've also managed to read up to chapter 10 of 'Fellowship of the Ring'
( See the progress that one can make when their access to chocolate has been denied on a weekend such as this?!?)
The great news is that I am really enjoying it! I did download the only 'audio' version of the story available from my library, however it turned out to be a recording of a BBC 'read-for-radio' performance. So it sped along VERY quickly as it really only focussed on presenting the characters dialogue and offered very little in the narration department. So whilst it did let me know more or less where the story is headed, it did skip over vital details and the general feel of the epic voyage. So I went back to reading the text and although it is slow-going, i'm really soaking it in and enjoying the experience
That Mr. Bombadil is certainly an enigma isn't he The lovely Di, whom i'm reading along with (and who has seen the movies) tells me that he only makes a tiny appearance in the film which seems odd as the ring appears not to affect him as it does everyone else!? Intriguing.... very intriguing...
I was also a tad cheeky and made a start on a book that I have been meaning to get into for over a year now. My beloved W. Somerset Maugham's "Of Human Bondage." The book many claim to be his 'magnum opus' aka. The book that has been staring me down and plaguing me with guilt every time I walk into my living room
I'm a tick over 100 pages in and oh my word....

He had my heartstrings tugged to near-fraying point by the end of the first page. He has such a brilliant and concise style that just packs SO MUCH PUNCH in so few pages his work never ceases to amaze my brain and my heart. So yeah, as far as chocolate goes, not so great... however! As far as my crocheting and reading life go CLOUD 9 BABY!
Lee xox

Wednesday 12th April, 2017
Making Strides!
80 rows to go!!!

Plus it has been a while since the last 'sock-clad feet' pic (at least they had the good grace to match this time )
Lee xox

Monday 10th April, 2017
"Either i'm dead right or i'm crazy!"

I FINALLY watched "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington" (1939) from start to finish last night BIG confetti moment for me as I've only ever seen snippets throughout the years on your run-of-the-mill 'Golden Era of Hollywood' retrospective telly specials. I've owned the DVD since late last year, but funnily enough, I haven't felt like watching a film about the blatant abuses of America's political system and the attempted slashing of the country's founding values and principals... I just had to turn the television on in real time for that ...
Not that I am fit to judge American politics! Australian politics, actually, as we all know, the current state of WORLD politics has gone bonkers
But all that aside, I finally popped it on and naturally, with Frank Capra at the helm and Jimmy there was no way I could ever not LOVE this film.

HOWEVER! The biggest and most pleasant of surprises came in the form of Clarissa Saunders aka. the STUNNING JEAN ARTHUR

Her character helps guide the naive Mr. Smith through the sludge-pit of corruption and dare I say it 'fake news' of Washington and encourages him to hold on to his steadfast ideals, dreams and hopes and is indeed instrumental in revealing the truth about his fellow senators. Ultimately she is the backbone of the entire film, but her presence on screen completely drowned everybody else out ! If you haven't guessed, I could fangirl about this character and Arthur's portrayal forever !!!
I am yet to see any of her other films ("You Can't Take It With You" has been RIDICULOUSLY HARD to track down locally, but I finally have it on order), but wow she has starred in a bunch I want to see! I've also since learned that she was one of the four finalists for the role of Scarlett O'Hara in GWTW !!
(Leigh will forever and always be my Scarlett, but I don't doubt for a second that Arthur would have smashed it!)

I am now contemplating setting up camp at my letterbox to await the arrival of the 'You Can't Take It With You' DVD in order to soak up more of that Capra, Stewart and Arthur magic !

Lee xox

Sunday 9th April, 2017
Warming Oranges

It's one of those gloomy, drizzly Sundays today, so I was feeling the need to take my arse back to bed with a massive cup of coffee and curl up with these big cats !
Those oranges guys. SO vibrant and SO warming !
I know this isn't a massive leap forward in terms of progress and really doesn't warrant a picture post, but i'm at that stage where i'm pretty much wetting myself with excitement/anticipation after completing a new row.... so just a head's up, i'm prolly going to get quite annoying with updates from here on in

Lee xox

Thursday 6th April, 2017
Knuts for these Knits!

The lovely JUDY has had those sticks of hers click-clackin' (technical term) away like CRAZY guys !!
As you can see she has now completed NINE panels!!! AMAZING JUDY!!! !!!!
EXTRA awesome as she is KNITTING these panels guys!!! So if you were ever curious to see how these work up in knit, Judy has you well and truly covered with these EXCELLENT examples !
I know it is a little tricky to see the finer details, as I have had to resize the picture to fit on my blog, but guys, the background on the Draco panel, is so fricken cool ! Totally worth the squinting-induced headache, so get up close and soak in those lovely green stripes
Judy is using a mix of patterns from both my Hogwarts Bunch Blanket and the superb graphs offered by Candace over @ Textile Transfigurations! Be sure to check out her page as she has LOADS more characters on offer than I do !
Thank you for the update Judy!! Looking "BLOODY BRILLIANT" thus far my fellow yarn friend !!

Lee xox

Wednesday 5th April, 2017
Larry Love!

Crochet artist extraordinaire JOYCE has completed her EPIC EPIC EPIC tribute to Harry and Louis (aka. 'Larry') from One Direction fame !!!
ISN'T. IT. OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joyce started this gorgeous piece waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in December of 2015 and participated in the 2016 Totallee CAL (and like a number of us, drifted into 2017 as well !)
I am a complete sucker for a STRIKING grey palette and a dazzling, bright background, so once Joyce got this piece up and running and the updates began trickling in, I was super pumped !
MATHS TIME: 310 stitches wide x 400 rows high = ....are you ready for this?!?!? Prepare yourselves..... 124,000 STITCHES!!!!!!!!!!
I've had a ball seeing the reaction to Joyce's piece online and LOVE the fact that people have picked up on the 'tension issue' in the middle of the piece and have since embraced it as an intended effect - as it makes their embrace seem EXTRA realistic, as if the guys are bringing the edges of the blanket in with their loving pull ! My emotions...seriously...
OUTSTANDING work once again Joyce!! You, your passion and your hook never cease to amaze us !!!

Lee xox

Tuesday 4th April, 2017
Hooked From A Book #3!
Still feeling under the weather but I was feeling a little chatty today so decided to brave the camera and share my thoughts on some recent reads

Hooked From A Book #1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ci7Ip_-BKjQ
Hooked From A Book #2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ld_k0aZcfK4
Lesley (WordsofaReader) - https://www.youtube.com/user/WordsofaReader
Amigurumi Heart Crochet Pattern - http://owlishly.typepad.com/owlishly/corazoncitos-amigurumi-hearts-pattern-free.html
Lee xox

Saturday 1st April, 2017
The Journey Begins!

Happy April guys !
I've been a bit scarce this week thanks to a pinched nerve in my neck ! The bloody thing has decided to seize up again, so I've been stretching and taking it easy. I also had a fun-filled trip to the Dentist that resulted in scoring a filling ! PLUS it's THAT time of the month! I CAN FEEL HOW JEALOUS YOU ARE RIGHT NOW!!!! !!!
Dear me...
So suffice it to say, I have felt better
The really cruddy thing is that the pinched nerve is DEFINITELY thanks to some of those big Neville-associated crochet sessions I put myself through to get him finished so I've stayed away from the hook and the hunching to try and repair the damage.
Instead, I've returned to my reading! Now... I was SUPPOSED to pop up 'Hooked from a book #3' along with the tutorial, but as you've prolly guessed, I stuffed up and made my HFAB piece into the piece I used for the tutorial
Clearly, I am not one for planning...
So, I think i'll put a hold on HFAB for now and let my neck/shoulder recover
I still want to preserve my thoughts on the books I have been reading though, so over this week i'll pop some thoughts up in the 'books' section, but in the meantime, I have a buddy read commencing today !
The lovely Di and I have decided to read The Lord of the Rings trilogy as neither of us have made it all the way through yet. I did make a start on Fellowship last year, but put it down to read The Hobbit and become familiar with the backstory before continuing. Sadly, The Hobbit and I didn't get on very well BUT I feel i'm in a much better place to understand what awaits me in the trilogy. I remember getting up to about page 80 before stopping and really was enjoying the read, so i'm stoked to reboot! Especially stoked to read along with Di !
If you'd like to read-along please feel free to join in! We'll be having a chat over on Twitter - @Totalleemac (me) + @disis19 (Di) - and will share our thoughts over on the Ravelry group too if you'd like to get in touch

Lee xox