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Friday 24th February, 2017
Ahhhhh Chu!

Hello there Piglets! Normally I would apologise, but this week I have consumed so much honey that it really is quite an appropriate greeting. My shirts are also starting to creep up into 'midriff territory' like our loveable Pooh Bear thanks to me not being able to exercise...well actually stand upright for longer than 5 seconds for most of the past week
Yes, I was struck down by my annual summer cold this week !
Uggggggghhh so many boxes of tissues guys.... I hope you have shares in them....you'd have made a small fortune off of me this week I assure you. However, the worst part of the cold, the scratchy, red, raging sore throat was brought down super quickly thanks to you lovely lot recommending me the honey/lemon/ginger tea remedy over on Facebook
Doom and gloom aside, I am feeling much better today and therefore can once again be productive with the hook this weekend !!
Exciting week is on the way!! 'Hooked From A Book #3' + a tutorial on how to hook up the piece featured in HFAB !
2 videos in one week!!???

Lee xox

Sunday 19th February, 2017
Second Sniffer Spotted!

Somebody is getting all preened and proper for her grand entrance !
This is also the first snap I've taken since substituting the lightest yellow with a new brand. Thank the stars it appears to be settling in nicely phew!
It'll take a few more rows just to make sure it's not too light, but the early signs are good !!
I also have a new orange that will be substituting the one I have been using entering the mix shortly...
Which is noticeably darker... note to self* Always buy WAY more yarn than you think you will need! Hopefully it'll be okay. Truth be known, it's actually closer to the colour I would have wanted to use in the first place (always the way isn't it!) - but still a bit nervous about introducing it in amongst the shades already present...
Ahhhhh the perils of crochet...

I'm also happy to report that filming has been going great guns this week!!
'Hooked From a Book #3!' AND (you aren't even ready for this...) filming has recommenced on the long-awaited DISNEY VILLAINESSES BOBBLE BLANKET!!! !!!!!!!!!
Yes, after the complete DISASTER that was the first blanket , I have finally worked through the anger, grief and fear of effing it up again and am back to slowly bringing it together !!
I ALSO woke up at 3AM this morning with a BURST of inspiration for another project to film for the Youtubez! Feelin the inspo guys!! Feeling the inspo!!!

Lee xox

Tuesday 14th February, 2017
Happy Lovey-Dovey Day!!


Lee xox

Monday 13th February, 2017
Outta Bed You Lazy Head

"Wakey Wakey!"
So after giving my wrist a well deserved rest in the wake of finishing our gorgeous rebel princes (thank you so much for your lovely comments !) I decided to blow the dust off my CAL piece for the gorgeous Valerie

And I tell you what, as soon as I had plonked my arse in bed, spread out all my yarn, unfurled the piece and was ready to rock, I turned on the telly and I kid you not, there...loomed... a HUGE tiger! Prowling right towards me
Turns out I had caught the last 15mins of a David Attenborough special featuring our majestic friends !!
So if THAT wasn't a big enough sign from the universe to tell me that I was on the right track I don't know what is!!
I am LOVING the intensity of those orange shades and I can't flipping wait to give our snowy friend a lovely pink nose !

In more crocheting news, the colours have been selected for HOOKED FROM A BOOK #3!!

I've decided I had better aim to make this a bimonthly project (meaning every 2 months, not twice a month!) as I've got so many other projects I need to finish Plus it gives me a wider pool of possible books to choose my inspired piece from Bonus!
I'm super pumped for this one because:
I have been wanting to make it forever and a day...
It's super adorable...
and I have been filming a tutorial to go along with it !
Recently my youtube channel cracked 200 SUBS which is bonkers and kinda reminded me that I need to get a move on and pop something up there! A lot of new folks have requested a video showing them how to START a piece - especially one that incorporates a border. This vid has got cha covered guys
It will be uploaded the day after I post 'Hooked From a Book #3' around the beginning of March
In the meantime, if you would like to learn the basic stitch and technique used for these pieces, please feel free to head over to the 'Pattern Archive' (found in the navigation bar at the top of this page) and check out the Union Jack Swatch
It is a small, 3 coloured piece that will let you know very quickly if you have the patience for this form of crochet whilst being a lovely economical way to hone your skills before embarking on a larger piece
Hello to all the lovely new people who have popped by btw!! Always stoked to see more and more people ready to get their hooks stuck into something new !

Lee xox

Thursday 9th February, 2017
"We were born to love one another..."

The STAGGERINGLY TALENTED VERONIKA has not only had a go at my Davy, Mike, Micky and Peter panels (patterns available in the archive )...
Not only that!!! When I first saw this absolute masterpiece I... well if i'm totally honest I may have yelled a few expletives at the screen in awe.. but then!! I thought to myself - "Man there is something SO satisfying about that orange.."

She has only gone and taken inspiration from the END CREDITS AKA. Where I fricken sourced the pics from!!!
Veronika, your genes are clearly choc full of absolute AWESOMENESS !! THIS IS JUST. PLAIN. BRILLIANT!!! !!!!
Guys, be sure to check out Veronika aka. 'marilynmortician' 's work on her Ravelry page right here!!!, trust me you will not be disappointed!! OUTSTANDING PROJECTS TO THE LEFT AND RIGHT!!!
I am now going to crank the volume on my Monkees playlist and smile my face off for the rest of the day !!

Lee xox

Wednesday 8th February, 2017
A Lovely Magical Surprise!

Lee xox

Tuesday 7th February, 2017
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

After owning the book AND the Disney adaptation for well over 10 years, i'm happy to report that I FINALLY got around to reading 20,000 Leagues whilst on holiday in New Zealand and FINALLY (since last night) have watched the film !
I am even happier to announce that I really enjoyed both

A quick non-spoiler synopsis:
"In 1866 newspapers across the planet are full of stories about a terrifying creature haunting the world's oceans. Professor Pierre Aronnax, along with his servant Conseil and the master harpooner Ned Land, join the global hunt for the monster. They discover that the beast is actually the Nautilus, a futuristic submarine designed by the mysterious Captain Nemo. Captured and imprisoned aboard the Nautilus, the Professor and his companions begin an extraordinary journey... one that reveals the deepest secrets of both the world's oceans and the terrifying Captain Nemo."
Credit: Goodreads.

I have read Jules Verne's 'Around the World in 80 Days' and 'Journey to the Centre of the Earth' so I knew that I was about to be hit with a healthy dose of science and adventure, but WHOA! this one packed an almighty punch in both camps
Sadly I found that it did lean a little too heavily towards the 'science' side of things and therefore I found a number of passages quite dense and dry ( there are only so many latin names and descriptions of a mollusc I can handle), but MAN the ADVENTURE more than made up for it !!!
As soon as you wade through the passages focussed on good ol' Professor. Aronnax's detailed scientific findings, you get to dive in to the juicy stuff (aka. the action and the characters).
Just realised I wrote 'wade through' and 'dive'.... clearly this story has made an impact !
Captain. Nemo..... was one of the most captivating and fascinating characters I've read for a long time. I thought James Mason's portrayal of him in the Disney adaptation was spot on brilliant!!!!
For the record i'd also like to state that I would be more than happy to live out my days listening to James Mason speak Not quite on the level of Morgan Freeman, but I wouldn't say no absolutely gorgeous voice.
I was also beyond ecstatic to see that they cast Kirk Douglas in the role of Ned Land

A highly inaccurate gif, as Verne's Ned Land could not be further from a 'song and dance' type of guy, but I can certainly see why Disney changed up the character to fit their style and I loved it
Sadly I get the feeling that this 1954 picture won't get a chance to surface and see the light of day on our screens anytime soon. ('Surface'... Lee, one more deep sea pun and you're out the door mate). There are a number of scenes that would be highly contentious in today's world - if you've read/seen the story, you'll know about the marine life that becomes dinner and the run-in they have with a group of 'savages', just to name a couple...
Whilst I was pleased to see that the film included some major plot points, I was beyond annoyed at the ending
I guess that is the real risk you run when you read the book first...
I'll zip my lip as I don't want to ruin it for anyone wishing to read/see it, but the ending in the book = 10/10 would read again and again!
I have also been really enjoying nerding out and reading up on the themes and subtexts that Verne wove throughout this particular book. It is certainly jam-packed with political observations, historical references and a great love of French explorers and trailblazers
Whilst the text would not be everyone's cup of tea, I highly recommend giving the Disney adaptation a watch!
I mean it has James Mason battling a giant squid!! What the frig else does one need?!?!

Lee xox

Monday 6th February, 2017
E = MCVincent

You know those moments you sometimes have online where you are scrolling/browsing mindlessly through sites like Tumblr, Pinterest, etc... and all of a sudden you find yourself stopping and screaming "HOLD THE FREAKING PHONE!!!!!!" ... because you've just seen something that you swear on your life has been brought into existence JUST for you?!?!? It just seems to be SO TAILOR MADE for you that you just can't believe your luck?!?!?
Cause I just had one of those moments baby!!!

Lee xox

Sunday 5th February, 2017

The lovely JUDY has done it again guys !! She has whipped up another Hogwarts bunch panel in KNIT which looks FAB-EWE-LOUS!!!!!
(I'm truly sorry Judy that was a terrible pun.... i'll show myself out )
10/10 JUDY!! She looks WONDERFUL!!! I'm especially stoked with your tension it's hard enough to keep yourself on the straight and narrow with the hook, but as someone who struggles with the sticks, hat's off to you Judy!! You've got some mad skillz m'lady!!!
I'm a bit like Cary when it comes to the sticks..... the struggle is real....

Lee xox

Friday 3rd February, 2017

Started: 29th December, 2016
Completed: 2nd February, 2017
No. of Stitches: 13,464
My small tribute to the vibrant, beautiful, inspiring, kick-arse woman who epitomised, strength, courage and honesty, Carrie Fisher
December.... sucked.
Like the rest of the world I was shocked and incredibly saddened at the passing of this wonderful dynamic, no BS lady. The grief continued as the following day we lost her brighter-than-bright spark of a mother Debbie I decided to turn to the hook because I know that every time I look at this portrait, it will bring me nothing but feelings of strength, determination and fond memories of a woman who battled every day of her life, and in my eyes, won
You were, are and will always be an inspiration Carrie May the force be with you rebel princess

If you would like to crochet your very own Princess Leia... YOU CAN!!!! !!!
She is the FIRST free pattern of 2017 and I know that there are a few people eagerly waiting with their hooks at the ready to get their REBEL ON!!!
So get stuck in sexy hooksters!!!!
I would LOVE to see pics if you decide to give her a go so be sure to shoot them my way to share

Lee xox

Wednesday 1st February, 2017
Home Sweet Home

Hello Hello!!!!
I am back from my little sojourn across the ditch to the beautiful, dazzling, gorgeous country that is my home away from home, NEW ZEALAND !!!
Gandalf and half a kiwi fruit... i'm totally nailing the patriotic emoji representation there huh ?!
I literally landed last night and already, I gotta say... I am missing the place terribly
I mean when you are treated to a vista like this every day for 2 weeks, who can blame me?!?!

Oh boy guys, it was absolutely gorgeous! I have come home feeling relaxed, invigorated, refreshed and ready to rock 'n' roll

And what better way to kick things off than with a killer NEW FREE PATTERN !!!
( or if we are being totally honest, a pattern that I have been so slack in putting up that it has actually been ready to pop up since JUNE 2016!! ....)

Now you may notice the little twitter handle on the picture of this STUNNING panel and that is because this piece was brought to life by the SUPER TALENTED AND SUPER GORGEOUS DI!!!
As I mentioned above, Di completed this piece all the way back in June of last year and it was actually her Totallee CAL piece for 2015 !!
I did show it off back in June, but seriously, Di, it's BRILLIANT and we are super thankful that you have decided to let this pattern be shared in the archive for all LEGEND!!!
( again, i'm so sorry it took so long to get up!!)
Di...is my hobby twin we share a love of crochet, reading, K-dramas and a deep rooted and appreciation of the Backstreet Boys! She is an absolute ROCKSTAR in my book, so be sure to head on over and check out her adventures on her blog Disis19Hearts.Blogspot.com!!

Soooo sooo stoked to be back and ready to boogie guys!!! I'm ready to get that hook back in my grasping fingers and get to work!!
Swing by this way again tomorrow and I do believe you may come face to face with a kick-arse rebel princess
But first! I need to face my fears and unpack.... dear god wish me luck as I sort through this HOT MESS !!

Lee xox