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Tuesday 17th January, 2017
"Up in the air I fly..."

Time to get my butt in a plane and scoot across the ocean !!!
I'm off on a little 2 week holiday to recharge the batteries and recharge my life and i'm SO EXCITED !!!!
I kinda forgot to mention that I had a trip booked - but to be honest I booked it aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages ago and really only started getting excited about it 3 days ago it snuck up on me!!
When I did finally notice the date on the calendar I realised that I had better get a move on and try and finish the Princess Leia piece to leave you guys with a new pattern, but alas! My wrists gave out and I was fast running out of time to pack my bag
However, I did manage to get to 80%!

As you can see, not long to go now!!! So I will be diving straight back in to completing our rebel princess as soon as I get home. Not even lol'ing. I'm not taking a crochet hook with me. I won't be in the company of yarn for 2 weeks. OMG GUYS WHAT HAVE I DONE!!???!!
It'll be fine, i'll be fine, we're aaaalllllll fine
So please look after yourselves, take care and crochet up a storm!! I shall catch you in 2 weeks !
Psssst, check out my bag tags! Aren't they the greatest?!?! Although... Red is clearly being his usual cheeky self...

Lee xox

Saturday 14th January, 2017
Shining Eyes

EDIT\\\\\\\\\\\ Update in 'BOOKS' \\\\\\\\\\\\


Our rebel princess is now a mere 20-something rows away from completion
I'm hoping to knock it over within the next day or so, in order to post the pattern for you guys ASAP
The love circulating the planet in relation to this wonderful woman and her equally beautiful mother has been an incredibly bittersweet phenomenon to watch unfold, but my word, the outpourings of creativity and artistic expressions of gratitude that I see day after day on sites like Tumblr, etc.... are just so moving
Their sudden departures felt so incredibly unfair and wrong and unjust, but the light they have left behind is undeniable and unbreakable

Lee xox

Wednesday 11th January, 2017
Heroine @ Halfway!!


Lee xox

Saturday 7th January, 2017

Lee xox

Friday 6th January, 2017
New Hosting Plan Activated!!

Got some excellent news guys!!
After spending about an hour on the phone today, I have FINALLY shifted everything Totallee.net over to my new hosting plan!!!
"That's great Lee...."
Yeah I know, it doesn't sound thrilling, but trust me!! It is!!!
I have been waiting for my old, slow and tired hosting plan to get close to expiry, so I could swap EVERYTHING over to this new, faster, SEXIER hosting plan (oh yeah, hosting plans can be sexy ) and now that the final shift has happened, I can add new pattern pages, update my gallery, sort out some dead links, etc and generally spiff this place up a bit!! Well, A LOT!!!
I've had to hold off on adding any new pages, so I didn't have to then move THEM over with my original files, but the skies are clear and we're ready to fly people !!
I have no idea if that made sense at all, but yay party time !!!

Lee xox

Tuesday 3rd January, 2017

Managed to edge a little further today to get us to 25%! + a bottom lip !

I've had to take my time to adjust a few colours here and there as I cobbled this pattern together so quickly that a few mistakes made their way through However, things should be a-okay when I pop it up for you guys !
Today's #BrilliantPhotoADay snap challenge was 'book spines'!

So I randomly grabbed a few faves/pretty ones from my shelves
That Barnes & Noble edition of 'The Arabian Nights' was actually a Chrissy gift and my goodness it is STUNNING!!! It sort of falls into the category 'too beautiful to read', but I do think i'll manage
Lee xox

Monday 2nd January, 2017
HAPPY 2017!!!!!!

20%! (ish)

Side note - Look what I just stumbled across....

Is there is anything left on earth that hasn't been Hello Kitty'd?!?!?!
If there is, i'm sure it'll be rectified in minutes... HK....you're a legend
Today's #BrilliantPhotoADay snap's theme was 'Inside Your Closet'

Turns out I own a bucketload of black...
...and have a thing for gaudy animal print winter jimjam bottoms
Thankfully my tees are picking up the slack when it comes to bright colours but my goodness.... I need to branch out a little !!!

Lee xox

Sunday 1st January, 2017
HAPPY 2017!!!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!! !!!!
We're now about 13 hours into 2017 down here in Aus and I am stoked to report that so far, so good !
I've been a bit all over the place during the last week of 2016, mainly due to the ridiculous heatwave we've had going on...
So that has prevented me from firing up the computer and posting some 'end of year' type entries
I will get around to that, however today I wanted to unveil a new challenge i'll be participating in during 2017..
BUT FIRST we need to welcome in the new year with some.....KNITTING!?

HOW COOL IS THIS!!! The wonderful JUDY has had a go at the Hagrid panel...IN KNIT !!!
So so cool to see him in a different stitch!! EXCELLENT JOB JUDY!!! !!!
Giddy about who will be next off the sticks Judy !!

Allow me to introduce you to the #BrilliantPhotoADay challenge put forth by the gorgeous Kate, from Scathingly-Brilliant !!
I have been visiting Kate's blog for... man I don't even know, but it has been YEARS!!! !
She is an absolute sweetheart and I urge you to head on over to her blog but also to her online store, because she is super talented and amazing !!
Gushing aside, I thought this sounded like a super fun way to capture a moment of each day for 2017 (January's challenges have been posted, with future months to be revealed as we go) and will serve as a quirky, cool way to look back on the year and also maybe learn a little somethin' somethin' about myself along the way!
DAY 1 'First selfie of the year' (this one comes with a health warning people... it ain't pretty!

What a STUNNER EH?!?!?!?!
This flattering shot is one I like to call 'YAY-New-Year-weight-loss-goals-oh-my-god-I-hate-my-freaking-treadmill-with-a-passion'
So, as you can see, things can only improve from here on in !
Over the next day or so I will have time to work on this blog and will probably make a designated page for this challenge and my photos, but until then i'll continue to scare the crap out of you all with them on here
If you would like to join in the challenge, please feel free to add me on TWITTER, I would love to join you on this happy snaps challenge!
Now, we can't let the first entry of 2017 go by without some crochet goodness to warm our souls can we!?!?

The fiery rebel princess has just hit 10%!
I don't think i've ever attempted to blend a yellow/orange/red palette before but it's working ya'll !!!
I hope you all had/have a wonderful New Year !!
Thank you so much for stopping by and being a part of this joint over 2016 !!

Here's to some wonderful adventures in 2017!!!!!!!!

Lee xox