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Wednesday 28th June, 2017
Fun in the Sun!

Just a head's up that I will be away (in dribs and drabs) over the coming week. I've had a recent influx of e-mails lately, so if you don't hear from me over the next few days, please know that I will get back to you! It just may take a few days for me to reply
Thank you for your comments and msgs re. my last vid. Not the greatest update in the world However, I can tell you that I decided to go ahead with the purple ! It's actually a really lovely violet with a vibrant pink hue to it, so I haven't ended up looking like a vampire Bonus!!
Before I skidaddle, I just wanted to recommend a youtube channel that I have been loving recently! Roshelle over @ 'Queen's Yarn Boutique is an absolute joy to watch
She posts weekly catch-up vids and they are so lovely and relaxing to watch
I LOVE her passion and I swear she has such an amazing ability to spot and buy the most colourful and prettiest yarns UGH! Would LOVE to go yarn shopping with her for the day! So definitely drop by her channel and join me in drooling over her stash!
Have a lovely weekend!!

Lee xox

Saturday 24th June, 2017
One 'Hook' to rule them all #6!

Lee xox

Wednesday 21st June, 2017
Get a move on Hobbitses!

Since Monday, I got through another two chapters of Two Towers and you know how I was saying that things had really sped up! Well, they had, but then over these last two chapters....
Ohhhhhhhhh boy, Tolkien, enough with the topography man !!!
I really enjoyed the first book as I found a nice balance between the world building, plot and dialogue, but ouuuuuuuuu i'm definitely on and off with this one ! Which is a big big shame as I LOVED the film!
However! I shall forge ahead! 70ish pages to go then I shall let ya'll see where i've managed to get our little crocheted hobbit up to !!
If ONLY speeding up the tail-end of this book was this easy!!

Lee xox

Monday 19th June, 2017
Tangled yarn & Hobbit lips!

This weekend heralded the beginning of the "For-Pete's-sake-Lee-get-off-your-arse-and-tidy-that-fricken-yarn-room-before-you're-unable-to-get-through-the-door" clean-up! This picture shows a tiiiiiiiiiiiiny smidgen of the MASSIVE job I have ahead of me, but man.... even the little mess it highlights is enough to give me the cold sweats
A word of advice guys, DON'T LET YOUR STASH GET OUT OF CONTROL!!
Clearly, I have let my stash rule the roost and am now paying for it... don't be like me !!!
It actually hasn't been too bad. I've found a lot of stuff hidden under yarn mountains that I had forgotten about! So actually, it's been like a mini Christmas !
Tidying aside, I have managed to get myself up to chapter 2 in book IV of The Two Towers !

I must admit, up until about chapter 10, my motivation and interest was starting to wane a little. I didn't really feel like picking it up and was a little ho hum about it, but after hitting chapter 10, "The Voice of Saruman," Ouuuuuuuuuuuu it's picked RIGHT up again !!
LOADS of differences to be found between it and the film now which has me very intrigued and keen to read on
It also got my hook excited, check it out, LIPS!!! !!

(Side note, I don't even know what this emoticon is??! Or what the little flakes are?! But he looks to be having a good time, so WOO!)
My heart did stop a little after taking this shot, because I thought, oh crap, where's the ring?!?! But I think it's still visible! There is a little glint on a roundish object clutched in his fingers there. Right?!? RIGHT?!?! I'm starting to sound like Gollum !
Otherwise it just looks like he's about to unbutton his shirt ... which is not what I was going for
But who cares, we all know that small details will become insignificant as soon as we get some eyes !
Now it's time for me to go back to winning @ procrastinating and get a few more chapters read! I'm really enjoying my game of 'Spot the film/book differences'! The dreaded room of yarn mess can wait !

Lee xox

Thursday 15th June, 2017
Paul Signac appreciation post
I'm having one of those "I-wish-I-could-paint-like-Paul-Signac" kinda days

Utterly beautiful
His work has such a calming affect on me I'm not sure if it's due to his lovely, misty pastel palettes, his choice of serene locations or the pointillist style he uses and helped to create and perfect with Seurat, but whatever it is, it makes my heart smile
It's really nice to surround yourself with the work of artists who speak to your soul

Lee xox

Wednesday 14th June, 2017
Return of the King!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it was freaking brilliant!
I was going to wait till I had finished reading book two, before watching film 3, but it was due back at the library today so.... whaddaya gonna do !
I'm actually really pleased I did watch it, as it has spurred me on to get back into the book! Not gonna lie, I was getting a little bored with book two and actually went off and read two other books to try and break things up a bit. Now i'm excited to see what Peter Jackson kept in and omitted. The motivation to get back into it has returned!!
Time to TAKE DOWN those last 500+ pages!!

Thanks to force of habit, I had to crochet whilst watching and I actually managed to crochet a few rows during those tense/epic battle scenes and nudged Mr. Baggins over the 50% threshold !

We have the beginnings of hobbit hair !!
Lee xox

Saturday 10th June, 2017
Dived right in (...finally!)

It is a momentous day ladies and gents !
I finally took one small step (stumbled more like...) onto INSTAGRAM I know! ABOUT FRIGGING TIME! I think i've got the hang of it, but please bear with me as I get used to posting/commenting/etc..
If you'd like to find me, i'm over @ totalleecrochet
Now time to make sure i've posted everything correctly.... it should be fine...i'm sure it's fine...

Lee xox

Wednesday 8th June, 2017
Chinny chin chin!

Well... his second chin if i'm honest !
But you won't find any chin-shaming here my friend ! As I am currently the not-so-proud owner of four myself
Super pumped to be done with his cloak! As it is made up of lots and lots of single colour stitches, giving it that roughed up texture vibe. The background coming in now is WAY more interesting and bright !
As exciting as it's getting, I still can't wait to get to his eyes !!!
As we all know that is indeed where all the magic happens and i'm struggling to think of anyone who has BIGGER and more EXPRESSIVE eyes than Mr. Elijah Wood, so i'm an extra 500% excited for this particular set of yarny-peepers !

Lee xox

Tuesday 6th June, 2017
Vlog time!

Vlog #1 - Watch here
Vlog #2 - Watch here
Vlog #3 - Watch here
Vlog #4 - Watch here
Lee xox

Sunday 4th June, 2017
Knitting needles or wands @ work?!

Honestly there are some blog posts that I have a really hard time in starting... because all i'm really capable of, is just staring at the screen in awe for approximately 5 hours...
For any frequent visitors out there, the EPIC JOURNEY the EPICALLY TALENTED JUDY has been on will of course not be new to you. However, for any of you who are new to the blog (Howdy !) Judy has been on a mission to KNIT, not crochet, but KNIT herself a 12 PANEL HOGWARTS BUNCH BLANKET and as you can see from the picture above.... I just.... !!!!!
I highly urge you to have a REALLY GOOD LOOK at the PHENOMENAL AMOUNT OF WORK that has gone into this truly stunning piece !!
Judy is entering this work of absolute ART in both her county and state fairs and my god Judy, if I get word of you being awarded anything less than blue first ribbons or 24c gold trophies, I will be making my way to the judges table and.... well I don't want to incriminate myself, but a severe talking to followed by the threat of a severe egging will be taking place! (Of the judges, not the piece!!)
MIND-BLOWINGLY SUPERB JUDY!! Congratulations on such a major accomplishment and for sticking to it right to the very end !! I have been amazed with each and every progress update and am just so honored to have contributed in a small way to a wonderful, wonderful piece !!
I wish you all the very best at the fairs!! I would love to hear about the reaction and love this piece is bound to get in bucketloads!! Please be in touch !!
Congratulations once again!! Go get those firsts !!!!

Lee xox

Saturday 3rd June, 2017
The Two Towers
50 (almost) %!

I'm not sure which cliffhanger is worse to be honest... posting a progress pic at 50% JUST when we're about to get to his little hobbit face, or finally getting around to watching The Two Towers last night and going all day with THAT cliffhanger on my mind !
As previously stated, I am reading the series for the first time with my lovely friend Di, who has already seen the films, but hasn't read the books yet. 1st June (our scheduled start date for reading book #2) came, I read the first chapter, great. Last night came, there was BUGGER ALL on telly, so I decided to throw my 'read the book before watching the film' idea in the trash and FINALLY watched Two Towers.
Guys..... why did it take me this long?!? Just appalling behaviour on my part
I FRICKEN loved it!
The opening sweeping shot of the snow-capped mountains of the South Island (Ugh made me miss NZ so much )
The bants between Gimli and Legolas
I fricken LOVE Treebeard! "We have agreed.....you are not orcs"
My butt went completely numb as I didn't move for the duration of the entire thing! Just. So. GOOD!!!
I'm better prepared for Return of the King tonight. Comfy arse cushion =
However, there were a few events that left me scratching my noodle...
Gandalf. Oh hang on - SPOILERS AHEAD!!! I probably don't need to type that as I believe i'm the only breathing organism that hasn't seen LOTR, but just incase i'm not and you don't want to know my thoughts, please feel free to click away
Where was I?!? GANDALF! Now he's Gandalf the White.... how/why has that happened?!? Was it through his epic slaying of the Balrog?!? Or was it his willingness to sacrifice himself for the others that allowed him to ascend in rank?! Did he replace Saruman in that position?! If so, why is Saruman still walking around in white?! Am I over-analysing the b-jeezuz out of all this and should I just chill and watch everything unfold on film and in print before going on a rant ?!
Also, i'm guessing that i'll be getting a heck of a lot more backstory in the book as to the clan we meet in Rohan?!They popped up and I thought, who the heck are you guys?!
Granted, their place in the story was explained by the end of the film, but I am looking forward to learning more about them and ESPECIALLY more about that snake Grima!
Blurgh did they do a fab make-up job on him! Gave me the willies !
Apologies for my babbling but ugh! So good!
And i'm sorry but how friggin bad-arse is Legolas' shield surfing?!

Those are the kind of heroic actions this girl can get behind!!
So. In summary. I kinda enjoyed it
Will try and get some Frodo chin updates on our screens soon, along with a vlog! Until then, i'm heading straight back into Middle Earth to see this thing through with the gang

Lee xox