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Wednesday 31st May, 2017
Scared Potter? You Wish!

Exciting update time!! (A little late in coming, sorry Joyce!! Frigging dodgy internet connection! Grr!)
The fantastically talented JOYCE has done it again guys! Giving us a glimpse of her prowess with the hook, with this snap of her latest piece, Mr. Potter !
Who is ready to be stretched and backed in order to join her first ever crochet panel on her dining room wall !!

I hope for the sake of your meal times, that this doesn't create TOO much tension in the room Joyce If they start misbehaving, for the love of Dobby, be sure to separate them!

Man I love a Joyce update! If you're not following the work being produced via this gorgeous lady's hook, you're missing out folks!!
Lee xox

Saturday 27th May, 2017
Frodo @ 40!

Guess who got their internet speed back!!! WHEY HEY!!!!
So I thought i'd celebrate with a snap shot of young Mr. Baggins @ 40% ! Not the best lighting in the world, but certainly gives you an idea of where we're at
I'm about to start reading 'The Two Towers' and have the film at hand ready to read and watch the story unfold in tandem like I did with 'Fellowship'
After I get a little ways in on both and make some more progress with the hook i'll post another lil' vid with some thoughts
Now it's time to download and install a week's worth of updates!!

Lee xox

Friday 26th May, 2017
Still Alive!

G'day gorgeous people! Just a quick note to say that I am still hovering about in a... 'limited' fashion
There is a crapton of infrastructure going on in my city at the moment, chiefly the construction of a light rail network and the 'upgrading' (the government went with a really crappy, cheap alternative) of our National Broadband Network. The great news is that the cables for the 'new' internet network had been put down in my area... the even greater news is that the folks digging up the road for the rail tracks CUT right through the frigging internet cabling.....
So a LARGE chunk of my city has been without broadband access for about a week now... you can guess that everyone is beyond delighted
They've said that we are scheduled to come back online at 4:30 this afternoon... it's Friday...I see ZERO chance of that happening
So I just thought i'd drop in and let you know that things should be back to normal soon and that updates are standing by
Lee xox

Monday 15th May, 2017
Quarter of the way!

Our little green ringbearer has (almost) hit 25%!!
I was going to film today to mark and celebrate this momentous occasion but sadly i'm still sneezing and coughing my head off and I don't think you guys would fully appreciate the visual that goes along with that
Very, very, VERY happy to get nearly 10% further along in the space of two days though !
I am LOVING the folds in his lil' shirt starting to show and am now confident that those lighter colours will blend well, so onwards and upwards my friends !!

Lee xox

Saturday 13th May, 2017
Deep Sea Frodo?!!
As previously stated, I finally settled on a lush, moss-and-forest inspired palette for our reluctant traveling hobbit and that hasn't changed! Don't worry! I haven't decided to toss it out at 15%, all good!!
However, i've just taken a progress snap and...

I dunno man... instead of 'forest-chic', it looks like he's emerging as a creature of the deep
Anyone else getting an 'algae' glow ?!?!
Luckily there is a big expanse of sky to come in later on which should lighten things up nicely.... or.... it could just make it look like a photograph that has recently been hauled from the depths of the Pacific...
Dearie me.... the joys of working with a colour you're not particularly familiar with eh?!
Either way, i'm happy with his progression so far! Algae-glow or not

Lee xox

Friday 12th May, 2017
Lil Frodo Update!

If you're new to the page, first of all, hey! How are ya?! ! and secondly, please feel free to check out my Youtube channel to view past videos and subscribe, so as not to miss any future updates
(Which should be a hell of a lot more exciting than this one !)
Lee xox

Wednesday 10th May, 2017
Melbourne Musings Part II!

If I had to sum up the second part of my trip it would be entitled "Penguins & Paperbacks."
Early Friday afternoon, Mum and I boarded a big penguin-bedazzled bus and made our way (with 56 others) to the gorgeous Port Philip Bay ( I highly encourage popping it into the 'ol Google search to have a quick squiz ugh, so pretty.)
Along the way we stopped at a farm, which sounds boring as bat sh- but actually it was so serene and well kept that I really didn't want to leave. We also stopped at a koala sanctuary and went on their 'boardwalk' which was very cool I have seen my fair share of these cute and cuddly critters, however seeing them in their natural habitat was extra special. Naturally they were snoring their lil ears off, but you did get the chance to get pretty close and their gift shop was one of the most adorable I have ever seen. No idea how my purse made it out of there without opening.... miracles do happen ladies and gentlemen .
After that we were off to see PENGUINS!!!!

The 'Penguin Parade' at Port Philip Bay has recently become one of those 'you gotta check this out if you're ever in Melbourne' bucket list items that i'm pleased to announce I can check off IT WAS PHENOMENAL!!!
Port Philip Bay is home to a colony (estimated to be around 32,000) of the world's SMALLEST penguins, also known as 'fairy penguins' (or 'little penguins' for the politically correct. They will always be fairy penguins to me ) They only grow to about 30cms in height and have beautiful slate-blue feathers. Every night these little guys come ashore just after sunset and make their way up the beach and waddle off to their respective burrows and that is the spectacle you get to see when you attend the 'Penguin Parade'!

Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu man! It was CHILLY!!!! BUT SO WORTH IT!!!!
I was lucky enough to plonk my butt down in the front row on that platform there and watch as raft after raft (little group after little group) made their way past!! Oh my gosh GUYS THEY WERE SO FLIPPING CUTE!!!! !!!!!!
I honestly have no idea how many I saw but it must have been over 200 at least! They were so tired! I mean jeez, after 24 hours in the water I would be as well, but seeing them falling over themselves and bumping into one another and helping to push each other along and being EXTRA waddly, oh man, it was just magical !
For such little penguins they were surprisingly loud! Calling out to each other and greeting one another as they made it back to their burrows... well it IS also mating season so... to be honest, we really should have let them have their privacy ...awkward...
If you are ever in the area though, be sure to check it out!! Such an epic experience!

Another highlight from the trip was checking out some bookshops !
'The Paperback Bookshop' located on the quiet end of Bourke Street was a must see based on recommendations, both personal and via 'must-see bookshop' lists. It was a heck of a lot smaller than I had imagined, however they did stock nearly every book title that came to my mind and the floor to ceiling stacks and narrow paths between them, made for a cosy yet unique experience
( Just be sure not to eat 3 donuts before going in like I did... I had to breathe in to the point of almost passing out to make my way in and around the shop)
I also scored another 'Somerset Maugham' to add to my collection !
Sadly I didn't get out to see any other indie shops, as my feet didn't carry me away from the inner city, however it remains a mission to hit up some more next time i'm down that way! That's if I don't just go and visit the penguins again !

Lee xox

Tuesday 9th May, 2017
Magnificent Melbourne!

Hello gorgeous people! I am back from my week away in magnificent Melbourne and man am I wrecked !
Physically, emotionally... actually no, just physically. Four days ago I was generously given a free head cold from a kind and considerate Melbournian.
Cheers very much MATE. So unfortunately the last two days of my trip were spent in and around my hotel bed, surrounded by a self-made Everest of tissues, whilst gasping for air in between rib-creaking coughing fits !
However! Let us rewind to the start of the trip, because up until I contracted the plague, it was bloody brilliant!

Allow me to start with the REASON for the trip, the 'Van Gogh and The Seasons' exhibition on at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne. As you can see, I was kitted out in my skirt and feeling a little more than giddy
Just before Mum and I headed to the gallery, I did a quick double-check to see if our booking had an allocated 'viewing time' (as I've been caught out with that in the past) and thankfully the ticket was good for the entire day. OMG THANK GOODNESS I PRE-PURCHASED TCKETS!! Whilst checking I stumbled across an article published that morning about the exhibition and it turns out that in the first 5 days, 21,000 PEOPLE had been through the exhibition
IT WAS PACKED!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sadly Mum and I didn't escape the crowds
Admission time. I'm okay with respectful, patient and courteous crowds, but let's be real, when was the last time you experienced a crowd like that?!? I'm not going to lie, the thought of ripping through that place with my fists going, did cross my mind more than 27 times, but luckily I made it out of there without a criminal record Big gold star achievement, let me tell you!
Anyway! Annoying people aside, the exhibition itself was spectacular
The flow of the work and the balance between presenting Van Gogh's work against his influences and back story was expertly done. I believe the audio tour went into even more depth, but as I didn't take that and just relied on the introductory film narrated by the wonderful David Wenham and the various notice boards and quotations around the walls, I feel they really captured the stages of his life and work well. After the introductory film, you walked through a corridor highlighting some of the art trends that were popular and emerging during Vincent's time, followed by a room highlighting a collection of the gallery's Japanese block prints, as that style was a wonderful influence on Vincent as an artist. Honestly, I was already blown away by this point and I hadn't yet laid eyes on a Van Gogh The simplicity and yet the copious amount of detail captured in these block prints....ugh...just stunning
Then came the moment of truth. Would Lee:
a) Faint
b) Swear out loud and gasp
c) Remember that she was in public and contain her emotions
If you chose option b, congratulations !!

Now , i'll save you from a step-by-step account of every piece on display because quite frankly i'd go on like a broken record, but I think it's important to share the first piece I came face to face with. "Avenue of poplars in autumn" Vincent Van Gogh. Painted late October 1884 Nuenen. Oil on canvas on wood pane. I swore at it . Threw an F-bomb right at it. My god, it was incredibly beautiful guys THE LIGHTING!! I just.... i'm not lying when I say that it took my breath away. As you can imagine, things only got worse for my breathing but my goodness. The first season on display was Autumn, so naturally the pieces chosen reflected those autumnal hues and feelings associated with days shortening and nature winding down for the approaching winter, but the colours were more vivid than I could ever have imagined. I won't dwell on every painting, but whilst there were many that dropped my jaw, these... words cannot do them justice...

'Snow-covered field with a harrow' (after Millet) January 1890 Saint-Remy oil on canvas.
'Nursery on Schenkweg' April - May 1882 The Hague black chalk, graphite, pen and brush and ink, heightened with white.
'Tree trunks in the grass' late April 1890 Saint-Remy oil on canvas
Now we come to the two that literally stopped time for me. I can't tell you how long I stood in front of these. I was an emotional mess....
Both are very famous, both are true masterpieces, but I swear to you, if you EVER get the chance to view either of these pieces, please please please get your eyes in front of them ASAP.

'The garden of the asylum at Saint-Remy' May 1889 Saint-Remy oil on canvas.
The vibrancy of this piece, in person, will do nothing short of ASTOUND you. Not just the mix of colours, but the way he has put them on the canvas, the way the strokes catch the light and POP....guys....i'm being reduced to monosyllabic grunts of disbelief as I try to type this
This shot may help to illustrate my point a little better. The paint literally appeared to be reaching out from the canvas (side note, I did not take any photos inside the exhibition, this was an image obtained from a Google search)

The final painting I need to gush about, is the only other painting I shamefully swore at. It was the fourth(ish) last painting of the exhibition and it was tucked away over to the side. Mum found me and said quite calmly, "there's one tucked away over there that you have to see."
Now Mum didn't know that this particular piece captivated me each and every time I opened the covers of the acclaimed biography on Vincent I read last year, as it was the piece featured on the inside front and back covers. I still find it difficult to put my finger on why it affects me the way it does, but in person....

'Trees and undergrowth' July 1887 Paris oil on canvas. The DEPTH, the serenity, the peace, the expertly placed complimentary dots of red in and amongst those leafy greens. Without a doubt, this was my clear favourite. I cannot possibly find words to convey my feelings but, again, if you're ever lucky enough to find yourself anywhere near this piece. Be sure to get your mind, body and soul infront of it
Dear god, I was going to make this a one-off post about Melbourne, but I appear to have waffled on for far too long already. In summing up this post, if you haven't guessed already, I had a number of 'moments' that I am still trying to come to terms with. I'm not an art critic (although aren't we all?), I have no clue about the 'finer points' of painting, art, ect... However, I know when my being is physically, emotionally and spiritually rocked and as far as brushwork and sketches go, Vincent Van Gogh is the master I shall forever tip my hat to

Lee xox