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Thursday 30th August, 2018
Penguin bobbles!

Panel #3 in my Christmas character bobble stitch blanket is done !
This little guy isn't actually a part of the original blanket line-up over
on RepeatCrafterMe.com, however the graph for him can be found along with a bunch of others as 'alternate squares' over on the website and let's be honest, how on earth could I NOT crochet his cute little penguin face !!!
He had me with those cute little rosy cheeks, but throw in those earmuffs and it was clear that he HAD to be a part of my blanket!
I am of course making this as part of a 'crochet-along' being run by Terri of the Yarnjoy Podcast! If you haven't checked out Terri's podcast yet, stop what you're doing (breathing not included) and head on over! She has a fabulous weekly podcast and is on track to complete the Christmas blanket on time. Unlike me. Who is most definitely not
However! I have already chosen my colours for my fourth square! So providing I can focus, knuckle down and stay motivated, hopefully I can get this project back on track !

Lee xox

Monday 27th August, 2018
"Here's Looking At You Kid"

Started: 11th July, 2018
Completed: 27th August, 2018
No. of colours: 17
No. of stitches: 18,900
I am BEYOND thrilled with Bogie !!
I enjoyed working on him so so much. He worked up a hell of a lot faster than I was expecting! Those long stretches of black and white were more than welcome let me tell you !!
I especially love the clouds and burst of light over his shoulder there I also have a soft spot for his hat it's always strange to see which parts of a piece work out better than you had expected! Who'd have thought a mess of cloud and light and a hat would stand out in the end?!?
Thank you so much to everyone who came along on the ride! It's been so much fun watching him come to life and reading everyone's comments along the way !
On to panel #5!! However! Before I settle down to it, I have another piece to get cracking on! I have already made a start on the 'mystery gift' piece for Joyce! So keep your eyes peeled for updates soon !!
In the meantime, i'm going to let this gang of stunners chill out on my living room floor for a bit LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!!

Lee xox

Tuesday 21st August, 2018
1/3 to go!

Bogie hit 66%! last night!!
So so happy with him!! The swirling starry gas clouds are starting to enter the picture now and I them!! Those yellows and oranges set off the great contrast with those highlights and shadows on Bogie so so well !!
Love it when a plan comes together
Lee xox

Sunday 19th August, 2018
Book #4 #ClassicFilmReading | #24 Reading Challenge 2018

Lee xox

Tuesday 14th August, 2018
Project Joyce gets the green light!!

It's no secret that I have been TRYING to get a piece started for my buddy, the beautiful, amazingly talented wonder woman, known as JOYCE
If you are yet to be acquainted with her work, be sure to check out her project page on RAVELRY!!
Back in 2015, I was lucky enough to be sent a Joyce masterpiece as a thank you present and I flipped out !

Yes, Joyce crocheted me this absolutely PERFECT Jimmy Dean piece and honestly, I was so touched and over the moon that obviously I had to make her something in return!!
Fast forward 3 FRIGGING YEARS And I am FINALLY getting my act together!!!
The picture above is the palette I will be using to create a piece for this super talented and brilliant lady! I am SO ASHAMED at how long it has taken me, however, after much to-and-fro-ing, swatching and frogging, I have FINALLY settled on this palette of 22 colours and my pattern is 100% finalised, which means... WE ARE GREEN FOR GO PEOPLE!!! WOOOO!!! !!

SO EXCITED guys!!! It should work up BEAUTIFULLY!
Of course, I have not forgotten Mr. Bogart! I'll continue to work on him too !
Thankfully, he isn't looking as scary as he did at the 50% update anymore!

He now has most of BOTH eyes
He still doesn't look like Bogie to me yet... I need that second eyebrow THEN we'll be cooking with gas!!
So stay tuned for Bogie updates and 'Mystery Joyce piece' updates !

Lee xox

Saturday 11th August, 2018
Book #23 Reading Challenge 2018

Lee xox

Thursday 9th August, 2018
Here's [almost] looking at you kid!

Mr. Humphrey Bogart has hit the half way mark!!! 50%!!!
LOVING the harsh shadows and bright light so much right now! It's really coming into effect now and that, teamed with the clarity coming through on his face, ugh rolling in happiness right now!!
I do believe I may have a bit of a 'Cary Grant' happening with the background again though which is a little disheartening I will admit. A tad on the 'splotchy' side. I don't think it's a blending issue, maybe more of a 'I-picked-a-background-that-may-have-been-too-detailed-to-successfully-make-the-shift-to-yarn' issue...
OR yellows and I are just doomed to never get along
No matter what happens at least I feel totally confident with the man himself! I definitely didn't catch him at the most attractive angle for his half way picture, but ouuuu it's exciting to get at least PART of a peeper in there now !!!
Lee xox

Monday 6th August, 2018
Book #22 Reading Challenge 2018 | Book #3 #classicfilmreading

Lee xox

Saturday 4th August, 2018
Hello Cutie!!

Guys! The wonderfully talented CONNIE has been in touch again!
She has completed another RIDICULOSLY ADORABLE Hello Kitty piece which is just so CUTE!!!
I LOVE the colours and her little flower crown.... agghhh !! SO FLIPPING CUTE!!!
Thank you so much for sharing her with us Connie!! Absolutely beautiful work!

Lee xox

Friday 3rd August, 2018
I'll take a hotdog any day!

Bogie @ 35%!

Lee xox