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2018 Reading Challenge
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Wednesday 31st January, 2018
Book #5 | 2018 Reading Challenge!

Lee xox

Monday 29th January, 2018
Crochet Catch Up #10!

Lee xox

Sunday 28th January, 2018
Book #4 | 2018 Reading Challenge!

Lee xox

Monday 22nd January, 2018
Guess who's back!!

Ms. Ingrid Bergman @ 40%!

My goodness it has been TOO LONG!!!
I can't remember whether I mentioned it here on the blog, but about a week ago, as I went to print out some more pattern pages for Ingrid, our PC crashed completely crapped itself! So I thought, ho hum, no biggie, I've got her pattern backed up, i'll just print it from one of my copies...

I ALWAYS back up my stuff!! However, clearly this was the ONE TIME I FORGOT!! So it's been slightly stressful, waiting for our computer dude to come and work his magic! Happy to say that last night, we got everything back in working order !!!
I then got to work saving everything, including Ingrid's pattern, on to EVERY DEVICE WITHIN A 50 MILE RADIUS!!! Then printed those pages out and went to town last night to bump her up to 40%! !!
She is now the proud owner of a CHIN!!! Also, the GORGEOUS teals are starting to come in on the galaxy background now!!! Already i'm 500% happier with the background on this piece as opposed to the splodged mess on Cary's
I am so DELIRIOUSLY HAPPY to be back working on a portrait!!! I cannot wait to see these two together!! AAGGHH!!! !!!!

Lee xox

Sunday 21st January, 2018
Crochet Goals 2018 - C2C - TICK!!!!

Crochet goal 2018 - learn the 'C2C' or 'Corner to Corner' method - TICK!!!!
My first ever C2C square !!
Tons of mistakes made?! -
Did I fly off the handle multiple times when I couldn't figure out how in the heck to decrease?!? -
Is his nose a bit wonky?! -
Does he look like he has a bit of an eye lift/tuck thing going on?! -
Does that make him look like he has a bit of an Elvis 'thank you very much' sneer going on?! -
Did I have A WHOLE BUNCH OF FUN making him?!? - !!!!
I decided to opt for half-double crochets instead of the usual double-crochets, which meant my increase went from 6 to 5 on the edges and I only single-crocheted 2 instead of 3 for each block. If that made absolutely no sense to you whatsoever, don't fret, it was all gooble-di-gook to me too before I got into the swing of the lingo !
Now that I have my first panel under my belt, i'm a bit more confident in moving on with the rest now
I'm still not a fan of working with multiple bobbins !! My god the tangles I got myself into in and around his little face!!! However, I think with a little practice I should improve! Onwards and upwards!
To be honest, i'm just stoked that I got him finished!! IT HAS BEEN SO FLIPPING HOT here this week!!! Absolutely sizzling!! So sitting under the AC reading has been all I have been capable of !!
I do have a lot of yarny news to share though, so keep your eyes peeled for Crochet catch up #10!!
Lee xox

Monday 15th January, 2018
Book #3 | Reading Challenge 2018

Lee xox

Thursday 11th January, 2018
Why hello there Ms. Bergman

Back to work on the lovely Ms. Ingrid Bergman! Just passed row 50 !!

Lee xox

Wednesday 10th January, 2018
The Adventures of Mark Twain

Lee xox

Monday 8th January, 2018
Too Dang Hot

I don't mean to be 'that' guy but FAR OUT IT'S HOT!!! !!!!
Yesterday we peaked at 40+ degrees and today was in the mid-30s but with an insane amount of humidity and ugh... let's just say that sitting directly under the AC in one's underpants has become the unofficial uniform around my house
It's that dry, zapping heat that just seems to HANG in the air, which leaves you feeling incredibly listless, irritable and allows you to expel just enough energy to blink! Man I hate summer. I was not made for summer. Summer and I are oil + water... it just doesn't mix guys. Absolutely no mixing here.
As a consequence, I have been unable to go within 100 metres of a ball of yarn these past two days Just the look of it makes me break into a sweat
It's times like these when I really, really miss my old check-out-chick days at the supermarket! I would volunteer to do some 'stock-taking' of the ice creams and sit up in the freezer until I partially lost feeling in my toes and then i'd exit to thaw myself out, only to go right back in again
I wouldn't set a great example as a workplace safety inspector....
Anywayz! The temps are due to drop a few more degrees over the coming days, so hopefully that will bring some rain and sanity back to the folks of this town Which hopefully means some yarn will be able to grace my hands and I can get back to work on all my yarny projects !

Lee xox

Saturday 6th January, 2018

I'm not sure what's happened guys, but I have started 2018 Shia Labeouf style (motivationally speaking, not the whole ranting-and-raving-in-public thing..)
I don't know about you but I am STILL feeling the New Year buzz! It has NEVER lasted longer than a day or two in the past! I think after everything that has happened over the past 6 weeks or so, I've decided to make the best of things, look on the bright side and to dive headlong into the things that I have always said/thought I wanted to do and just flipping well do them!
For instance, one of my crochet-based goals for 2018 was to learn the C2C method and here I am, only 6 days into the year and BOOM BABY! I gotz me part of a Santa !

The lovely Terri of The Yarnjoy Podcast on youtube just announced that she is running a very relaxed and casual crochet-a-long centred around the 'Crocheted Christmas Character Afghan' put out by the fabulous Sarah of 'Repeat Crafter Me.' If you've not heard of the website and Facebook group, be sure to check it out, it is choc full of yarny inspiration ! Knowing that I wanted to try the method out this year, it was a complete no-brainer for me to jump right in on this!
I mean for goodness sake, look how UTTERLY ADORABLE the finished afghan is !!!!

Image Credit: Repeat Crafter Me

Are you having trouble absorbing the cuteness??! I know I did!!!
So when you add an adorable, free pattern like this and add the supportive community over at Terri's newly formed Facebook group Yarnjoy Podcast, I knew I had to give it a go!
So much for my 'I don't anticipate participating in any CALs' spiel in my 'Crochet Goals' video
If you would like to join in the fun over the course of the year, check out the information linked underneath Terri's latest video HERE! She has a link to the pattern, a link to a great C2C tutorial (for both left and right handers!) and a link to her Facebook group where we have already started posting pics of our progress !
I'll tell you something, after starting the Mickey and Minnie blanket on the 5th of December, it will be an absolute joy to get to Christmas this year WAY AHEAD of the game !!

Lee xox

Friday 5th January, 2018
Disney Magic!

I am super happy to report that Lesley LOVED the blanket guys
A big, big relief and a fantastic result ! Thank you all very much for your lovely comments and messages !
I've already had a few of you ask for a bit more detail regarding the pattern, so i'm hyped to see some more Mickeys and Minnies doing the rounds in 2018 !!
Now that I have had a little rest and have let some muscles relax, I'm ready to get stuck into my Ingrid portrait! However, the temps over the next 3 to 4 days are going to be hovering around 33, 36 and 38 degrees Absolute SCORCHERS!
So i'll have to hold off on Ingrid's portrait a little longer, as I don't want to melt under the weight and heat of it !!
However, in the spirit of the New Year and trying 'new things,' I thought I would try my hook at a simple cowl pattern I found on ravelry!

It's working up wonderfully and i'm super happy that i'll have something in my fave colours to wear as soon as the cooler weather rocks around It's just a real shame that that won't be for another 6 months or so
I hope your 2018 has kicked off with a yarny bang!!

Lee xox

Thursday 4th January, 2018

The links to all patterns and channels mentioned can be found in the description box underneath this video over on my youtube channel H E R E !
Lee xox

Wednesday 3rd January, 2018
Week 1 Book 1 !

Book #1 - 'Voyage of the Southern Sun | An Amazing Journey Around the World' by Michael Smith with Aaron Patrick.
Published by 'Black Inc. Books' 2017
338 pages.

(Yeah... I couldn't wait till Sunday to talk about it !)
Lee xox

Tuesday 2nd January, 2018
Reading Goal!!!!

The start of a new year, marks the reset of one's 'Goodreads' reading goal!
If you are a reader, you are no doubt familiar with the website 'Goodreads' It's a wonderful way to track your reading, get recommendations and also set yourself a yearly challenge!
The '2018 Goodreads Reading Challenge' officially kicked off on the 1st of January and i'm keen to triumph this year guys !
The challenge essentially just gets you to pick the number of books you would like to read in 2018. No categories, no genre-based challenges, no set lists of books, etc. It's just about setting yourself a target number of books you'd like to whiz through by the end of the year.
After setting my goal at '52 books' in 2015 and 2016, I proceeded to fail abysmally in trying to reach it
That's a little harsh, I did get to 41 books in 2015...
ANYWAY! In 2017, I decided not to set a goal, as I wanted to limit any pressure to do with reading, enjoy myself and pick books up when and if I felt like it. Turns out, I read a heck of a lot less without a goal! Not cool man!! Not cool !!!!
So yesterday, I made my way to my Goodreads page and popped my goal into the tracker thingy!

Yup! I'm going to try and get to 52 books again!! God willing I can pull it out of the bag this year !!!
As you can see, I've already made progress and we're only 2 days into the new year !
Aside from keeping track of my reading on Goodreads, I would like to either write a blogpost every Sunday, talking about the book I hope to have read that week (52 books, 52 weeks = 1 book a week. Doable?!) OR I could make a quick video speaking about the book I've read and post it to my youtube channel every Sunday instead?!
Not sure...
Either way, I would definitely like to keep a record of my thoughts on what I read throughout 2018 !
Are any of you guys participating in a reading challenge this year?! Or are you keen to read more in 2018?!
I'm going to try my hardest to FINALLY reach that 52 book goal!!! Therefore, I had better get cracking!

Lee xox

Monday 1st January, 2018

It's only 8am and already I've written the date incorrectly three times Judging by past years, I should remember to start dropping the 7 for the 8 by about March
I wish you all the best for a FABULOUS year ahead !!
I'm looking forward to getting my hook up and running this year! 2017 was an okay-ish year crochet-wise, however i'd like 2018 to be much more productive ! (Not the most tasteful emoticon to use there, but i'm digging his enthusiasm!)
I'd like to try a wider array of projects this year as I really think an injection of new techniques and ideas will really help elevate those motivation and excitement levels that, I admit, may have been dwindling throughout 2017
Speaking of jamming my hook into new projects, I am DYING to show you my 'secret Christmas present project'!!!! Unfortunately I didn't get the project finished until the 28th! It is also meant for someone who lives interstate and thanks to the post office being closed on the 29th, I couldn't send it off till the 30th! NOW today is a public holiday thanks to the New Year! So i'm guessing it won't get to its recipient till about Wednesday/Thursday possibly even Friday this week !
The good news is that I managed to film the next 'Crochet Catch Up' before sending it on its merry way! The bad news, it ended up being 27mins long !
However, i'm super hyped to share it with you just as soon as the parcel is delivered!!!
In the meantime, it is time to reflect on the happy things from 2017 and get super jumpy about the great stuff on the horizon !!!

Lee xox