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Wednesday 25th July, 2018
Here Comes the sun!

Lookie who we have here Sir !!
The wonderfully talented Erna completed her portrait of the world's most loved house elf and turned it into a cushion of crocheted loveliness !!!
SMASHING job Erna !! Thank you so much for sending in a picture !!
Erna deserves major props for navigating her way to the end of this piece, as unfortunately the pattern did contain quite a few mistakes. I thought Belinda (the pattern's creator) and I had weeded them all out but thanks to Erna getting in touch, I was made aware that there were just too many still hiding away in there. So sadly, the pattern for this Dobby portrait has been taken down
Which I am aware, may stress-out the Dobby-lovers among us. However, I can offer a solution in the form of a cracking graph available over HERE!!
Along with Dobby, Candace has a STACK of Harry Potter character squares that will work brilliantly in this form of crochet ! However, do bare in mind, that Candace's charts are slightly smaller than the ones I provide. So if you wish to make a blanket, be aware that you may need to do some re-sizing on the go if you plan to mix her graphs with the patterns I provide !

Don't get me wrong, I love me some greys but ouuu boy I've been hanging out for some colour on this one!!! Exciting times !!

Lee xox

Tuesday 24th July, 2018
Bogie and Butler

We've hit 20%! on Bogie!! Hot diggity dog!
We have chin!! Which is always worth celebrating !
It's tricky to tell, however I believe the blazing, beautiful yellows and oranges start to come in with his bottom lip or perhaps at the top of his bottom lip... which would be the middle of his mouth Lee ... either way, it won't be long now !!
Providing I can keep my nose out of 'Gone With the Wind' long enough that is...

Yesterday afternoon, the sun was streaming through the window, I was curled up in a big fleecy blanket, cuppa in one hand, Scarlett and Rhett in the other (sounds weird, but you know what I mean) and ugh it was truly glorious. I think I'm close to half way through now and if you have read it, as I have, you know it only gets more and more intense and page-turn-er-ee
So it's hook versus book at the moment! Bogie versus Butler!!
Don't get me wrong, I ADORE Bogart but....

Lee xox

Saturday 21st July, 2018
F.A.Q. Crochet Portraits

Lee xox

Friday 20th July, 2018
Breezin' Through Bogie!

Bogie @ 15%!

Have a wonderful weekend folks!
Lee xox

Thursday 19th July, 2018
Bobbly Penguin!

Brrrrrrrrrr it's getting chilly in here!! My third square for the 'Christmas Character Blanket CAL' has been growing steadily! About a third of the way through it now and i'm absolutely LOVING IT!!
Very happy with my bright blue background as it allows his Christmas scarf to POP nicely. Penguins are so flipping cute on their own but I swear when this little guy gets his eyes and his little earmuffs on.... i'm not responsible for the level of 'squeeing' i'll be emitting !
I actually got through the bulk of this whilst watching Bogie and Bacall ignite the screen in..

Ugh! The chemistry between these two Just. So. Sexy! So obviously i'm itching to get back to my Bogart portrait ASAP !
It's fair to say that i'm spoiled for choice in the 'crochet department' right now !

Lee xox

Sunday 15th July, 2018
#16 Crochet Catch Up!

Lee xox

Saturday 14th July, 2018
Hip Cat Connie!

Is there a better feeling than waking up, checking your inbox and seeing an email FILLED WITH LOVELINESS SUCH AS THIS?!?!
The answer is no. No there isn't !!
The immensely talented CONNIE sent in these two pictures of perfection and oh my goodness...
The CUTEST Hello Kitty bobble stitch cushion in existence and an absolutely STUNNING cat portrait!! I mean look at those eyes !!!

To say that I am in with these pieces would be quite the understatement!! Thank you so much for sharing your pieces with us Connie !! They are both OUTSTANDING and show that you are a complete natural with the hook !! I can't wait to see what you make next!!!

In way less exciting news ..
Mr. Humphrey Bogart is @ 10%!

Thanks to a STACK of shadows, he is working up incredibly quickly which is A-ok by me !!
There is still quite a way to go before we start to see any vibrant yellows or oranges, but ouuuuu I can't wait guys!!! Have a fab weekend everyone !!

Lee xox

Monday 9th July, 2018
Malls aren't safe around me

BUZZING GUYS!!! After much back and forthing, I have FINALLY settled on the palette for my Humphrey Bogart galaxy panel Oh happy days!!
17 colours in all and here's hoping I've managed to pick some yellows that will work ! I figure the best way to conquer my issues with yellow is just to keep trying new combos out till I totally nail it ! With Bogey on my side, surely I've got it in the bag with this piece !

I'm also on a roll with my popcorn scarf !!

I've finished my buckets! I've finished my buttery popcorn! Now I have 7 more labels to crochet and then I get to go nuts with some felt and craft glue to get my 'Pop!'s stuck on and voila! It will be ready to wear !
At the shops today, I DID consider buying a hot glue gun to use for my lettering... but me + boiling hot glue = visions of a trip to the hospital. So I decided to play it safe and go with the hobby glue
While I was out, I did have to take a little stroll down the yarn aisle and can we all just take a moment for this GORGEOUS azure baby yarn I spotted?!?

Ugh. Isn't it precious!! It's so deliciously soft and shiny and the blues are just so pretty. 6 balls came home with me
Definitely fully stocked on 'crojo' this week my friends!!
Lee xox

Sunday 8th July, 2018

I don't think I've ever worked on a WIP that has made me salivate before ....

Lee xox

Wednesday 4th July, 2018
Book #21 | Book #2 #classicfilmreading

Lee xox

Sunday 1st July, 2018
Christmas in July!

Christmas in July has arrived!! What better way to celebrate than with a bobbly Chrissy tree ?!!
I know i'm starting to sound like a broken record, but honestly, bobbles are SO much fun!! If you haven't given them a go yet, I encourage you to get your hooks stuck into a tutorial ASAP !
This square is of course the second square in Repeat Crafter Me's amazing Christmas Character Afghan! So so happy I decided to carry on making this fabulous blanket and as suspected, the bobbles are taking no time to work up which is only getting me more and more excited to catch up to the others participating in the cal !
One thing i'm not so excited about.... I am yet to weave the ends in on either of these and uggghhhh not looking forward to it at all If only one had a little help...

Lee xox