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Saturday 30th June, 2018
Happiness is a Hermione!

The lovely LEAN has been in touch and has sent in a picture of her FIRST attempt at a crocheted portrait !!!!!
She looks blooming BEAUTIFUL!! Congratulations Lean! Stunning job !!!
Your tension is SUPERB! Makes me well and truly embarrassed of my first few attempts My god they were terrible However, it makes me appreciate just how awesome and naturally talented a lot of folks are! To get it looking so neat right off the bat, is astounding!
Thank you for sharing her with us Lean!!

Lee xox

Friday 29th June, 2018
Crochet Catch up #15 | Coffee, Kate & a Cake!

Lee xox

Thursday 28th June, 2018
Book #20 | Book #1 #classicfilmreading

Lee xox

Thursday 21st June, 2018
Another Reading challenge? Sure! Why Not?!

Lee xox

Wednesday 20th June, 2018
Panel #3 - Ms. Katharine Hepburn!

Started: 23rd February, 2018
Completed: 20th June, 2018
No. of Stitches: 19,800
No. of colours: 16
Hook size 3mm

Actually, a more 'apt' statement would be, I MADE IT THROUGH ALL THAT HAIR GUYS!!! !!!!
By goodness, she certainly had a mane and a half on her didn't she!! Absolutely gorgeous but dear oh dear it was a strain on the old fingers let me tell you !!
It is safe to say that I am BEYOND thrilled with how she worked up!! I ADORE her eyes/expression and I really really love the background colours I chose. I was going to go a little more fiery red. Maybe throw some oranges in, but i'm so glad I went for the maroon side of things instead. I think it helps her to tie in with the others a little better. As opposed to having a BLAZING Kate stealing the blanket
Then again, me thinks she would have approved of that

I'm so thrilled with her!! Absolutely LOVING seeing the three of them together! Eeeee!! Already excited to start panel #4 !!!!

Lee xox

Monday 11th June, 2018
Crochet & Chill #2

Lee xox

Sunday 10th June, 2018
Get well soon Terri!!

Almost time to top up your glasses as Ms. Hepburn has just hit 75%! !!!!
Not going to lie.... the hair is doing my head in a little bit...
Kinda confirms why I haven't tackled many women when it comes to portraits
It's not the many single crochets that get me, I think it's the monotony of the greys Backgrounds are usually choc-full of single colour stitches however backgrounds are always exciting, but ughhhh when you're alternating between greys under a yellow bedroom light....

Honestly, you can't tell one shade from another and I constantly have to pull back and.... it's a nightmare man. A nightmare
Only 40 rows to go though!! Woop woop!! We shall soon have 3 glorious stars suspended in their galaxies !!!

Before signing off, I just want to send a MASSIVE amount of love and {{{ GET BETTER ASAP }}} vibes to my gorgeous friend Terri !!!

If you've seen my 'crochet catch up' videos, you'll no doubt be familiar with Terri as she is hosting the 'Christmas Character Pixel Blanket' CAL over on her FACEBOOK GROUP and I tend to mention her on most of my videos anyway because she is an absolute GEM and is an absolute inspiration when it comes to crochet! If you haven't checked out her weekly podcast, be sure to head on over, subscribe and get inspired each week with some stunning projects!
A few hours ago, Terri was rushed to hospital. Terri, tell your body to stop being silly ASAP!!! It is only supposed to work perfectly. I hope you get over this minor glitch super duper fast and home to recover!! Thoughts and love and healing vibes from me to you my friend !!!!

Lee xox

Saturday 9th June, 2018
Book #19 | 2018 Reading Challenge!

Lee xox

Saturday 2nd June, 2018
Crochet & Chill #1

Lee xox