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Friday 30th March, 2018
Backlog of Brilliance!

I hope you all have a wonderful, happy, semi-healthy, easter break!
Due to my dodgy kidneys, this will be my 3rd chocolate-free easter... can you believe I have not had an M&M in 3 years?!
God I miss those little choc-filled parcels of heaven!!
ANYWAY! No more sniffing and moaning because this blog post is full of awesome, so let's get on with highlighting some OUTSTANDING pieces !!!
Actually, firstly I want to apologise to the folks whose work i'm about to show, because two of these lovely ladies emailed me MONTHS ago!! So sorry it has taken me so long guys!!! Okay! On to the pieces!!

The insanely talented VICKI sent through this picture featuring the portrait she made of her grandparents Aside from the picture perfect quality of this piece, the greatest thing is that this was Vicki's SECOND ATTEMPT in creating, and working from, her own pattern Which if you ask me, is astounding! What a FABULOUS result!!! Palette, tension and the likeness to the original photograph there on the left, well there is quite simply no mistaking them Vicki !! PHENOMENAL WORK Vicki and thank you so much for sharing it with us!!! Best news is that Vicki is now moving on from an 8-colour palette to a staggering 14 colour palette for her next piece LOVE IT VICKI Welcome to the portrait crochet club!! I'd say you're well and truly 'hooked'!!!

Anyone feel like getting their Gryffindor pride on?!? Answer: HELL YES!
The incredibly talented SIDNEY whipped up the Gryffindor crest AND added some panels to stretch it out into a flipping fantastic blanket !!
LOOK at those reds and golds guys Absolutely SPOT ON!!! Congratulations Sidney on a PHENOMENAL piece!! I know I keep saying 'phenomenal' but honestly it's the only word that covers it!! Thank you so much for sending in the pic for everyone to have a squizz!! Beyond awesome !!!

Guys.... i'm a little in love right now !!
The ridiculously talented CHRISTIE has created a FLIPPING MASTERPIECE THAT IS OUT OF THIS WORLD!! !!!!
This amazing Spock portrait is a gift for her nephew and my god wouldn't it be amazing to see his face guys!!??
Truly INCREDIBLE work Christie!! Well done !!! I remember working on this piece really well, because A LOT of work went into him! I hope you're beyond stoked with the result Christie, because you most certainly deserve to be !! AMAZING!!!
To say that I am slightly overwhelmed with this incredible display of talent is quite the understatement!!! HOW FLIPPING AWESOME ARE THESE LADIES AND THEIR WORK!!! Thank you so much again guys for sending in pics of your work It's beyond inspiring and incredibly motivating to see other people's work and their take on a pattern that I have put out there! Eeeee!! Very happy chappy right now !!
I hope you all have a lovely easter and have an M&M or 200 for me!!!
I have a HUGE UPDATE on the way !! Stay tuned!!!
Lee xox

Wednesday 28th March, 2018
March Mystery Madness Book Tag 3.0!

Lee xox

Wednesday 21st March, 2018
Book #12 | 2018 Reading Challenge

Lee xox

Saturday 10th March, 2018
My ring collection!

My god it's been a while since I actually did some BLOGGING hasn't it?!?
It's been wall-to-wall videos of late and...well... today is no different i'm afraid !!
However, I promise I have some crochet updates on the horizon! I've actually been close to hooking my hand off these past few days! I've gotten back into it in a BIG way, however today i'm posting a slightly odd video
However, i'll let video Lee, explain it

Lee xox

Saturday 10th March, 2018
Book #11 | 2018 Reading Challenge

Lee xox

Sunday 4th March, 2018
Books #9 & #10! | 2018 Reading Challenge

Lee xox