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Thursday 31st May, 2018
Seeing Double!

I couldn't have said it better myself Minerva. Total mic drop moment guys !!
As you can see, I received a very exciting email this week!! The wonderfully talented CONNIE sent me this picture and... I just...
Yes, this is the FIRST completed Neville Longbottom piece that has been sent in and i'm flipping out just a tad!!!
This was Connie's first attempt at a portrait and guys.... FLIPPING BRILLIANT !!!
Connie then went on to complete a stunning portrait of her parents and it's clear to see that she is most definitely a natural and has a flare for portraits and aggghh!! AMAZING WORK CONNIE!!! !!!
If you have never tried this type of crochet before and are interested in checking out the technique or making a Neville of your very own, feel free to grab the pattern from the patterns section (located in the navigation bar at the top of this page) and head on over to check out the 3 part video tutorial (featuring Mr. Longbottom) over on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL !
Thank you so much for sharing your talent Connie!! Amazing!!!

Lee xox

Monday 28th May, 2018
Band Practice!

Guys!! Check it out!! The wonderfully talented EMILY has emailed in a picture of her FIRST ATTEMPT at this form of crochet and holy moly guys how blooming wonderful can you get!!? FIRST ATTEMPT!!!!!??
Emily, you certainly know your way around a hook my friend !!
The lettering is beautifully crisp and man, that yellow is electric!!! Eee I love it !!
This is the band logo of Tyler Junior College, a local school in Texas over in the States and my word you've done them proud Emily !! Just gorgeous and to finish a 200 x 250 piece in a month!! Hat's off to you !! So impressive!!
I LOVE seeing the projects you guys have made!! So much magic being wielded by so many hooks out there guys!! Flipping fantastic!!

Lee xox

Sunday 27th May, 2018
Crochet Catch Up #14!

Lee xox

Wednesday 23rd May, 2018
Books #17 + #18 | 2018 Reading Challenge!

Lee xox

Monday 21st May, 2018
Kate Hepburn @ 60%!

Ms. Hepburn has just hit 60%!
Looking resplendent against the polka dot bottoms of my pajamas don't you agree ?!?!
She certainly deserves better, but it's fricken cold, it's night time and who the hell doesn't love a bit of spotty pajama bottoms ?!
SUPER STOKED with this piece thus far!! It's kinda weird to be almost finished with her face by the 60% mark! Usually i'm impatiently sighing around the 80% or even 90% mark, WAITING to get to the eyes but wham, bam thank you ma'am, we're pretty much done there! Now there's just a WHOLE mess of hair to contend with !!
Kinda scary to contemplate all those subtle highlights aka. colour changes on the way, however I can't wait to place her next to Mr. Grant !!!
Doesn't he look thrilled!!

Lee xox

Wednesday 17th May, 2018
"The Bravest Man I Ever Knew"

I do believe it is safe to say that these pieces have been taken to an EXCITING LEVEL OF AWESOMENESS guys !!!!
The wonderfully talented VICTORIA absolutely nailed her Harry and Snape portraits but my god...the framing... the beautiful framing... I just...... !!!!!
SO crisp, SO clean, SO professional, SO PERFECT!
Unfortunately for me, Victoria lives in London, otherwise i'd be stacking my pieces under both arms and waddling over to ask for help in the framing department !
Honestly, is anyone else getting 'professional interior decorating' vibes from this shot?!? Simply beautiful Victoria!! OUTSTANDING WORK! !!

Lee xox

Wednesday 16th May, 2018
Book #16 | 2018 Reading Challenge!

Lee xox

Tuesday 8th May, 2018
Our Galaxy is expanding!

So I was going to be all boring and restrained and wait until I had some eyes to show you, but I had the urge to see where I was up to in relation to the stars that have gone before her and EEEE!!! How freaking wonderful are they looking together !!!!!
The crojo is STRONG in this one right now let me tell you!! Almost ready to forgo sleep to get her finished (almost...)
For the most part, I have really enjoyed working with this palette, but with 3 shades being worked with double strands, it hasn't been without its challenges. Namely that I really can only work on it in bed... which kinda sucks... but honestly, there are SO many balls, that it would be a H&S nightmare if I dared move it to the loungeroom to work on

Lee xox

Friday 4th May, 2018
Ravenclaw Pride!

Hello beautiful people!
I had to pop in and show you a couple of snaps that were sent in from gorgeous MANDY!!
Mandy has tried her hand (and hook) at the union jack swatch over in the patterns section and honestly... can you say "BORN READY!!!" !!!!
Mandy's first attempt is absolutely perfect and i'm stoked to report that she is now moving on to her first full portrait !!! Fantastic news!! The piece will feature her grandson... EXTRA FANTASTIC !!!
Mandy, please feel free to send through some progress pics when you are ready! We would love to see them !!

And guys I could not let this masterpiece go by without gushing about it on here because I swear to god this woman's skills are IMPECCABLE!!
If you are not following Joyce over on Ravelry then I hope you are keeping an eye on her posts over on Facebook!!
This of course is the first crest in a series of 3, which means we have 3 more on the way and eeeeee!! So hyped ! Awesome work as always Joyce!!
I'm excited to say that I have been able to balance my crocheting with my reading pretty well this week! Excited to show you guys what I've been hooking away on!!

Lee xox

Thursday 3rd May, 2018
Book #15 |Reading Challenge 2018

Lee xox